Designers' Challenge - Season 8

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • A Medieval Master Bedroom
    A couple enamored with the Middle Ages decides to redo their master bedroom in medieval style.
  • Baby Boy Nursery
    Baby Boy Nursery
    Episode 10
    A couple expecting their second little boy wants to turn a catch-all storage space into an inviting nursery.
  • Painter's Studio
    Painter's Studio
    Episode 11
    An artist and teacher wants to transform a spare bedroom that she and her husband have into a functional space for her artistry.
  • Modern Formal Living Room
    Empty nesters with an 8,000 square foot home are looking for some help in updating their 1980's-style living room.
  • This Kitchen Cooks
    This Kitchen Cooks
    Episode 13
    A man who loves to cook and who loves his dogs wants some help transforming his cramped kitchen into something homey and usable.
  • Five-Star Hotel Master Bedroom
    A couple who purchased a 6,000 square foot home is finished putting the touches on some of the common areas of the house and now faces tackling their master suite.
  • Asian-Inspired Bathroom
    A woman wants some help transforming her bathroom and attached atrium into something tranquil and inspiring.
  • Chef's Dream Kitchen
    An embarassing kitchen awaits transformation into a dream space for two culinary artists.
  • Asian Living Room and Office
    When a couple married, their styles meshed beautifully, with the exception of their living room and office, in which some help is needed.
  • Boring Basement
    Boring Basement
    Episode 26
    A Spanish Colonial has plenty of charm, but needs some expertise when it comes to handling the unfinished basement.
  • Fabulous Formal Living Room
    A couple loves their 4,400 square foot home, but needs some assistance in making the formal living room into something both elegant and kid-friendly.
  • Marvelous Master Bath
    A couple who recently moved into their dream home need some ideas for their master bathroom.
  • Uncomfortable Living Room
    A couple that has been away from home for years on business now returns to tackle their spacious but uncomfortable living room.
  • Seaside Home Office
    Seaside Home Office
    Episode 15
    After rebuilding his 1,800 square foot seaside cottage, a man looks for some expertise in designing his office.
  • Mundane Master Bathroom
    A couple is stumped on how to make the most of their master bedroom, which is broken into three awkward sections.
  • Impractical Family Room
    A custom-built home constructed 22 years ago needs some help in the family room, now that the children are grown and gone.
  • One Living Room, Three Areas
    Designers answer the challenge of a long, narrow living room that needs some cohesive space.
  • Disjointed Living and Dining Room
    A couple bought their dream home three years ago, but they're nonplussed as to what to do with their living room and dining room decor.
  • A Kitchen Stuck in the '70s
    A bachelor wants to update his kitchen, which hasn't had an upgrade since it was built in the 1970's.
  • Unused Living Room/Overused Dining Room
    A couple recently remodeled their kitchen and family room. Now, they're ready to take on the living room and dining room.
  • Den to Child/Guest Bedroom
    With a toddler and one on the way, a couple wants to transform the den in their contemporary home into a room that will serve as both a child's bedroom and a guest room when company visits.
  • A Drab Dining Room
    A Drab Dining Room
    Episode 4
    A bachelor who recently bought his first home once to make it his own by adding some personality to the dining room.
  • Brothers' Beach House
    Two brothers bought a 1917 beach cottage that they completely rebuilt. However, designing the inside is more of a challenge to them than they imagined, and so they're asking for some expertise.
  • A Charmless Kitchen
    Two men wish to give their Spanish Revival home a kitchen it deserves.
  • A-Frame Living/Dining Room
    A couple decide to turn a former bachelor pad's living room and dining room into something more family-friendly.
  • A Kitchen Dream Come True
    Six months ago, newlyweds purchased their first home together. They love everything about their 3,300 square foot home except for the kitchen, which they've asked for help in redesigning.