Designers' Challenge - Season 9

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Tampa Bay Living Room and Sunroom
    With a $40,000 budget, a Tampa Bay couple seeks out some help in decorating their formal living room and adjoining sun room.
  • Candy-Coated Bedroom
    A couple that is into themed rooms decides to change their tranquil master bedroom into something as wacky as the rest of their home.
  • Functional and Beautiful Great Room
    An avid art collector has decorated every room in her home except for the living and dining room, which she wants some help to give a cozier feel.
  • Empty Above-Ground Basement
    A Baltimore couple wants to make their 2,000 square-foot basement more functional for multiple pursuits.
  • Family Room Facelift
    After seven years in their Phoenix home, a couple wants to tie in their family room to the rest of their home.
  • Lofty Living Space
    Lofty Living Space
    Episode 16
    A bachelor who owns a 6,000 square-foot loft needs a substantial portion of it designed for entertaining guests.
  • Family Room by the Ocean
    A couple with a gorgeous view of the Pacific need some help streamlining their family room.
  • Arts-and-Crafts-Style Master Suite
    High school sweethearts have lived in their home for 25 years, and are finally ready to transform their master suite.
  • A Culinary Paradise
    A couple with a fairytale romance seek help in renovating the kitchen in their 1940's bay-front cottage. They want something that is functional but also eye-catching.
  • Luxurious Master Bedroom
    After 22 years in the same house, a woman is finally ready to remake her master bedroom.
  • Living Room Retreat
    A couple who both work from home need a living room that will allow them to escape their confined space.
  • Hotel-Like Master Suite
    With a budget of $25,000, a couple wants to make the most of their spacious master bedroom.
  • Transportation-Themed Toddler Room
    A couple who have a home that is mostly French country need some help in designing a bedroom suitable for a growing little boy.
  • Spacious, Eclectic Kitchen
    A couple who loves their home, but have never been fond of their cluttered kitchen and breakfast nook, have called in the experts for some design advice.
  • The Fixer-Upper Bedroom
    A couple who moved into a fixer-upper one year ago is finally ready to make their master bedroom into a cozy retreat.
  • Large and Functional Kitchen
    Ten years after moving into a fixer-upper, a couple is finally ready to do something about their kitchen.
  • A Bath with Class
    A Bath with Class
    Episode 2
    Newlyweds with fantastic views of San Francisco need some help remastering their master bath.