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Designing For The Sexes

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Designing For The Sexes is a fast-paced, light-hearted and informative series that captures a couple in the throes of a design disagreement. Whether it's a simple decision of paint color, or a complicated matter like remodeling the kitchen---no two people see eye to eye! "Designing for the Sexes" is the He Said/She Said of home décor. Each episode follows a different couple that can't agree on how to remodel a specific room in their home. After getting acquainted with the couple, we'll meet Susan Hunt, the host who will help interpret each design dilemma. Susan will mediate the couple's conflicting ideas, giving us insight into the situation at hand. Each episode also highlights a different interior designer, who can bring some professional experience to the table. With a little ingenuity and a lot of creative compromises, our interior designers will find a way to make both partners happy. "Designing for the Sexes" takes you behind the scenes with Susan, the couple, and the designer as they negotiate what he wants, what she wants, and how they learn to compromise to create the room of both their dreams.

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