Designing Women

Season 3 Episode 7

But They're Really Great Curtains

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 02, 1989 on CBS



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    • Julia: I myself have been distinctly pro-labor all my life; except for a brief period this morning when a cabbage hit my windshield.

    • Anthony: Excuse me, ladies. I know it's none of my business, but there are two little old vietnamese ladies laying in your driveway.
      Suzanne: Oh, they been there all morning. Y'know, they look frail, but when I pulled my Mercedes in at 30 miles an hour, they hopped up right quick.

    • Suzanne: (on her aversion to motels along the interstate) Well, it's okay if you're a bunch of hillbillies travelin' to Rock City with a bunch of screamin' kids in the back seat playin' license plate bingo and eatin' cold biscuits out of waxed paper and stoppin' at Stuckey's every five minutes for taffy.
      Charlene: Sounds good to me!

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