Designing Women

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Designing Women
      Designing Women
      Episode 1
      Suzanne visits a new gynecologist, Mary Jo's ex-husband Ted, and a maelstrom of emotions is unleashed when she announces she is dating him.
    • The Beauty Contest
      Charlene sponsors Mary Jo's daughter in the Miss Pre-Teen Atlanta contest, and despite her depression over her own upcoming 30th birthday, Suzanne coaches Claudia on how to walk and smile.
    • A Big Affair
      A Big Affair
      Episode 3
      Suzanne's intimate dinner party, planned to impress an important client, goes awry before it begins when she arranges a date between a more-than-hefty man and a reluctant Charlene.
    • Julia's Son
      Julia's Son
      Episode 4
      Julia's nineteen-year-old son, Payne, is bringing his girlfriend home from college for a visit, and Julia wants everything to be perfect for her "baby". Payne then presents his girl, Primmie, who is tall, attractive, and forty years old!
    • Mary Jo's First Date
      Concerned that Mary Jo hasn't dated since she and Ted broke up, Suzanne arranges a bind date for her with an old acquaintance, J.D. Shackelford, head scout for the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Meanwhile, Julia struggles through an I.R.S. audit conducted by the same Ray Don Simpson who tried to pick up the women at a restaurant and suffered a tonguelashing from Julia.moreless
    • Design House
      Design House
      Episode 6
      Since Suzanne has money invested in Sugarbaker's and is tired of her image as a front bimbo for the firm, Julia assigns her to do the decorating of their next project. Unfortunately, the house burns to the ground while Suzanne is working on it.
    • Perky's Visit
      Perky's Visit
      Episode 7
      Perky Sugarbaker, Julia and Suzanne's mother, and her friend Bernice hope to escape the dull routine of their lives in the retirement home by joining the girls and their ex-con handyman Anthony for the holidays. However, when a would-be business competitor that Anthony had disliked turns up dead, the holiday becomes more lively than anyone had expected.moreless
    • I Do, I Don't
      I Do, I Don't
      Episode 8
      When Julia's boyfriend, Reese, told her he would give her something "gold" that "fits on one finger," she certainly didn't expect a canary! When he realizes what she wanted, Reese has a new suggestion ...
    • The IT Men
      The IT Men
      Episode 9
      When her boyfriend Mason takes a job in Japan, Charlene finds she has chemistry with another man, a man who happens to be married to one of the Sugarbaker clients.
    • The Slumber Party
      The Slumber Party
      Episode 10
      Arriving at work one morning, Suzanne tells Julia, Mary Jo, and Charlene that when she tried to fire her maid, the maid put a voodoo death curse on her and proclaimed that Suzanne would be gone by midnight. Meanwhile, Mary Jo invites Charlene, Julia, and Suzanne to help her with Claudia's slumber party.moreless
    • New Year's Daze
      New Year's Daze
      Episode 11
      It is New Year's Eve, and everyone is dressed in their finery, anticipating a fun-filled night on the town. The identity of Charlene's date is kept secret until a news flash reports that the infamous "Shadow" is the subject of a massive manhunt.
    • Old Spouses Never Die
      Charlene gets some very disturbing news and Julia distrusts Charlene's doctor's cavalier attitude over her medical issues. Mary Jo is brooding about her ex-husband's interference in her life. Anthony owes money to some very scary people.
    • Old Spouses Never Die
      Charlene discovers a lump in her breast; Mary Jo's ex interferes with her romantic life. Part 1 of two. Ted: Scott Bakula. J.D.: Richard Gilliland. Janet: Julie Cobb. Julia: Dixie Carter.
    • Old Spouses Never Die
      Conclusion. Charlene undergoes surgery to have the lump removed from her breast. Ted: Scott Bakula. Janet: Julia Cobb. J.D. Richard Gilliland. Marie Jo: Annie Potts.
    • Monette
      Episode 13
      When an old school chum of Charlene's, Monette, buys the old Chadwick mansion and asks Sugarbaker's to redecorate, the women are excited at the prospect of a most lucrative assignment - until they find out what the assignment REALLY is.
    • And Justice For Paul
      Suzanne picks up a client who wants period furniture on a shoestring budget, and the Sugarbaker women, with the help of Charlene's new beau, find that antique furniture at bargain prices is no bargain when the furniture is stolen.
    • Reese's Friend
      Reese's Friend
      Episode 15
      A disagreement over the theme for the annual country club fund-raiser has Julia and Suzanne at odds, but the quibbling is forgotten when Reese appears with a gorgeous young woman on his arm, explaining that she is a new attorney in his law firm.
    • Nashville Bound
      Nashville Bound
      Episode 16
      The news that Charlene's family, including all ten brothers and sisters, will be in town at the same time is overshadowed by the news that she is going to become a recording star after being discovered by a Nashville producer.
    • Oh, Suzannah
      Oh, Suzannah
      Episode 17
      While in Reese's office to sign legal papers, Suzanne off-handedly volunteers to keep a Vietnamese boat child, Li Sing, who is being adopted but needs an interim home for the next four weeks while final papers are being completed. Suzanne becomes attached to Li Sing quickly and doesn't want to give her over to her new family.moreless
    • Mary Jo's Dad Dates Charlene
      When Mary Jo's divorced father arrives in Atlanta for a four-day visit and dances cheek to cheek with Charlene, Mary Jo becomes very protective.
    • Seams From a Marriage
      When Anthony saunters into the shop wearing an enormous cowboy hat, he is followed by a breathless Mary Jo, who has obviously been out all night as she is wearing the same clothes she had on when she left the day before. This leaves everyone clamoring for an explanation. It seems their appointment with Sugarbaker's newest client turned into an all-night bash, complete with Cajun buffet and country-western band.moreless
    • Grand Slam, Thank You Ma'am
      Suzanne's baseball player ex-husband, Jack Dent, writes in his autobiography that he had more groupie action than all the rock-n-roll bands in North America, and Suzanne vows revenge.
    • Bachelor Suite
      Bachelor Suite
      Episode 21
      When Mary Jo undertakes the decoration of Hence Winchester's new home, she finds herself the object of sexual harassment by her wealthy client.
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