Designing Women

Season 3 Episode 15

Full Moon

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 13, 1989 on CBS



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    • Charlene: Suzanne, don't you have a most humiliating story to tell?
      Suzanne: Yes, I do. My most humiliating moment.............was when Julia mooned 1200 people.

    • Julia: I can't believe that all my life, I've tried to create some semblance of grace and style. Now I'm going to be remembered as that woman ...
      Suzanne: Who mooned Atlanta.

    • Julia: Suzanne, I still cannot believe that you were dumb enough to hang out the second story of your house and fire a semi-automatic rifle into the dark Georgia night.

    • Julia: If I ever get out of this mess. I am going straight to Washington and I am going to take on the gun lobbies and all those wimpy slack-jawed politicians who are terrified of 'em and we are going to get a sane law passed in this country that makes these kind of semi-automatic rifles illegal. Because you and I and every deer hunter in America know in our hearts that these weapons are not used for hunting anything but people.

    • Mary Jo: Well, let me tell you something that happened to me, and I have never told this to anyone. You know, when Ted and I went on our honeymoon we got one of those bedrooms on the Amtrak, and the bed is right next to this huge picture window. Well, it being our honeymoon and all you can just imagine what we had on.
      Charlene: Matching pjs?
      Mary Jo: No, Charlene. Anyway, we fell asleep above the covers, you know..., me being the one who was like, ...pressed up against the window. Because it was pitch black out we didn't realize that the shades were up until the train came to a stop at dawn right in the middle of an intersection in downtown Tucumcari, New Mexico, where we were awakened by the sound of people honking their horns and hanging out the car window yelling things like, "Hey baby, looking good! All right!" My face still gets hot when I just think about it.

    • Mary Jo: You know, Anthony, how Charlene is always saying that she's not a person going down the big freeway of life with the back of her dress tucked in her pantyhose?
      Charlene: Now Julia has gone down the freeway of life with the back of her dress tucked in her pantyhose.
      Anthony: You mean down the ramp while she was modeling?
      Suzanne: You got it. And let me tell you - it was stunning. I mean, I was sitting about three seats away from the mayor when all of a sudden I look up and here comes Julia down the ramp, and then she turns away from us, and there's her backside completely uncovered. People were gasping. People were falling out of their chairs. And all the time Julia just kept turning and smiling. Mooned everybody within a 600 mile radius.

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