Designing Women

Season 7 Episode 22

Gone With a Whim (2)

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 24, 1993 on CBS

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  • The only way at this point to end the show!

    Seeing as a lot of fans hated this episode I decided to defend it. Considering the original cast was gone two years before, they use what they had to work with. The twist with adding Gone With the Wind in to their theme saved this episode and the season from a complete downfall. I really did love this episode and it was more so because I knew that this would be the last one and once it was over we would never have another. So this episode made for some good laughs to take everyones mind off the fact that it is indeed the finale episode!
  • What a horrible way to end a series!

    The show had already jumped the shark when Dixie Carter and Jean Smart, two principle actresses, left the series, so this last episode seemed thrown together as a last-minute show. The actors on the series didn't even know that the show had been cancelled until AFTER this episode was recorded, so the ending was a bit absurd to say the least. Even the appearance of Alice Ghostley, playing the immutable Bernice, couldn't save this episode. What's frightening is that Bernice seems the most sane in all of the chaos, ending the episode with a reprise of the song "Black man, black man" that she so humorously sung to Anthony in a previous, funnier episode. It's a shame that a proper farewell episode was not filmed for this series until the reunion episode ten years later.