Designing Women

Season 3 Episode 6

Hard Hats and Lovers

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 19, 1988 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This is the only time in the series that Suzanne talks about J. Benton Stonecipher, her 3rd husband.

  • Quotes

    • Julia: Suzanne and I once had a mutual friend named Robert. He was having marital difficulties. Suzanne became his coach. After a few months, he became Roberta.

    • Suzanne: My third husband, J. Benton Stonecipher, never dated anyone but me. Of course, in my case he never wondered if anyone could possibly be any better because, of course, that would be absurd. But now for me it was just no fun. I mean..., I like to hear about how other women fall short.

    • Charlene: Julia, what did he say to you?
      Julia: Charlene, why do you always want to know these things?
      Charlene: Oh I'm just curious. Come on, we all told.
      Julia: All right Charlene, if you must know he said, "Mmm-mmm. Lookin' good. I want it. I need it. Got to... got to... have it... now."

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