Designing Women

Season 2 Episode 7

Heart Attacks

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 09, 1987 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Julia: I want to be with Reese.
      Suzanne: I know, but you can't. He wouldn't even know you were there.
      Julia: But I would. I can't stand to think about him dying with strangers. That's the way it happened with Hayden. (sobbing) They wouldn't let me be with him, and he was calling for me!
      Suzanne: Julia, listen to me. I know how you feel about that. That's why I told the doctor that if at any time it looks like Reese isn't gonna make it, they're to come out here and get you.
      Julia: You did?
      Charlene and Mary Jo: You did?!
      Suzanne: Yes, I did. And you know what? They haven't come for you, have they?
      Julia: No, they haven't.
      Suzanne: See, that's a good sign.
      Julia: Yes, it is. Thank you for doing that.(Hugging Suzanne)
      Suzanne: We're just gonna sit down here together, and you rest your head on my shoulder okay?
      Charlene(to Mary Jo): It's amazing, isn't it? Most of the time she goes around without the sense God gave a goose. Look at her. I mean, one crisis, and she's Scarlett O'Hara.