Designing Women

Season 4 Episode 9

Julia and Suzanne's Big Adventure

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 27, 1989 on CBS

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  • This episode reminds me of the movie "The Out-of-Towners" w/Jack Lemmon. They encounter an Asian man from Texas, named Sam, and with one hilarious event after another it is, by far, Designing Women's best episode ever!

    This was my all time favorite episode of Designing Women. It was so hilarious. The girls are on an airplane with Sam (an Asian man from Texas) sitting between them. Suzanne used him for a pillar and a number of aggravating things, but he was so sweet. They thought he couldn't speak or understand English, but when he spoke he had this long southern drawl. He bunked with the girls in a train berth which was so funny. I have to find this episode to watch again and purchase. I hope all episodes become available on DVDs.