Designing Women

Season 3 Episode 1

Reservations for 12, Plus Ursula

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 14, 1988 on CBS



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    • Suzanne: I'm saying, I want you to take your big knockers and hit the road, if you wouldn't mind.
      Ursula: Well, I guess there's only room for one queen bee around here.
      Suzanne: That's right. And I'm afraid I'm it.
      Ursula: Well, I'll just be getting my things.
      Suzanne: I'll write you a check. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone about our little talk. I'll just say that you were called home to Denmark.
      Ursula: Right. (As she leaves the room)
      Suzanne (putting her tiara on her head and toasts toward the bedrooms.....) Well, girls . . . happy vacation!!

    • (Suzanne is giving last minute instructions to Anthony on how to care for her pig.)
      Anthony: I'll feed her, I'll bathe her, I'll even walk her -- but I'm not taking a pig to the Dairy Queen!!

    • (The girls are discussing the au pair, Ursula)
      Mary Jo: Well, I don't know if we could compete with her even if we wanted to.
      Suzanne: Speak for yourself.
      Mary Jo: Suzanne, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I saw her bra hanging on the towel rack in the bathroom.
      Suzanne: So?
      Mary Jo: So you are not top dog anymore.
      Suzanne: How do you know?
      Mary Jo: Because I can get my whole head in one side of hers.
      Charlene: Mary Jo!! You put her bra on your head?
      Mary Jo: I couldn't help it! You know how that fascinates me. Suzanne's cup fits me like a beanie, but Ursula's covered my whole face.
      Suzanne: Well, Mary Jo. This just helps to point out the main problem that you people have that I've been talking about. You are not competitive! I mean, here you have this gorgeous girl who gets up at 5:30, cooks your boyfriend's breakfast, then goes jogging with him. And what do you do? You're in the bathroom trying her brassiere on your head! I mean, you're as impressed with her as he is!

    • Mary Jo: (referring to Ursula's well-endowed chest) I guess we know where they get the name 'au pair'.

  • Notes

    • There was a change in the opening credits. Georgia on My Mind was still used, but a jazzy instrumental replaced the original version.

    • This is the only time where Quinton Shively is played by an actor other than Brian Lando.

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