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  • This show is a clasic tv show that was truely hilarious then and even now. I can remember watching this show and loving it in the 80's when I was a little girl.

    Designing Women details the comedic ups and downs of an Atlanta interior design firm. Run by strong-willed Julia Sugarbaker (Dixie Carter), the firm is the setting for the squabbles and personal struggles experienced by her, her shallow, former beauty queen sister (Delta Burke), divorced Mary Jo (Annie Potts), simple country girl Charlene (Jean Smart), and ex-con delivery man Anthony (Meshach Taylor).

    Delta Burke made this show as well as Meshach Taylor. All the ladies were wonderful but they're characters are what I believe made the show so popular. What would it be without Dixie Carter's getting fired up on a subject as well, or Annie Potts drinking a few drinks and getting macho talking. Jean Smart and all her beau's that never seemed to work out except her husband Bill and all her crazy thoughts. These ladies worked and clicked well together. This is Classic TV at it's best.

    One episode for example, details the whole gang going to the beach weekend with the boys and Ursula, a beautiful; well endowed woman as the baby sitter. While the woman become jealous, they can not honestly see anything wrong with her work and the guys continue on drooling. There’s also an episode where Julia runs her car into the billboard that is on the street 3 times because she despises what it stands for. The woman displayed on the billboard was dressed in very little other then a snake and was advertising for a strip club opening.
    One episode depicts the girls designing the governors mansion and Suzanne gets her head stuck in a banister rail, and after some time they eventually had to saw her out. Anthony dresses up like Suzanne's maid Consuela and has to pass through INS and take a test dressed up like her so that she could stay in this country. Who could forget his hilarious laugh when he gets nervous.

    For a while, Designing Women captured some of the spirit of Hollywood's silkiest and smartest, Golden Age sophistication. Debuting in the fall of 1986, this half-hour sitcom about four Atlanta belles who either owned or worked for an upscale interior design firm. The show seamlessly blended an understated glamour with razor-sharp dialogue, polished Southern grace, and a ripened female perspective--a sort of perfumed but unequivocal feminism for college-educated women over 30.
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