Designing Women

CBS (ended 1993)





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  • It was a classic show.

    I loved Designing Women. It lost some of it's appeal when Suzanne and Charlene lefet, but it was still funny. My favorite character was Julia. She was this polite, sophiticated woman, but when you got on her bad side, she'd go Terminator on you, which I found to be funny, but also true about whoever her anger was aimed at. My favorite episode with Julia was Full Moon, or the name of it was close to that. I loved the fact that she was always sticking up for what she thought was right. That episode where she kept crashing her car into a stand that had posters she spoke of as degrading to women. Mary Jo was my second favorite. Especially in the Big Hass episode, when she was talking about how big breast could get you anything. Mary Jo, i think would be in everyones top two, of the funniest ones of them all. I wasn't to happy when Suzanne ans Charlene left, but that epsidoe when they all spent the night at Charlene's (or is it Carlene's? I think both her and charlene's names were spelt the same) new apartment, had me laughing hard. I love old classic shows like these.