Designing Women - Season 6

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Julia and Mary Jo Get Stuck Under a Bed
    Mary Jo and Julia are trapped under anchorman Chuck Tremain's bed when a Christmas design contest inspires them to examine a competitor's handiwork for evidence of plagiarism.
  • Julia and Rusty, Sittin' in a Tree
    Julia is pressured into a second date with Rusty and ends up setting up Mary Jo with one of Rusty's friends. Carlene and Allison go out with some junior-college guys. Anthony tags along to the drive-in with Bernice to keep an eye on things.
  • Carlene's Apartment
    Carlene's Apartment
    Episode 15
    Carlene moves into her own apartment on the wrong side of town, where space is at a minimum and burglars roam free, so the Sugarbakers staff visit to try to persuade her to find a better home.
  • The Big Desk
    The Big Desk
    Episode 1
    Sugarbaker cousin Allison buys out Suzanne's share of the business and then moves in, complete with an enormous desk and a take-charge attitude. Also, Charlene's younger sister Carlene arrives and reveals she's divorcing her husband.
  • Last Tango in Atlanta
    When the Sugarbaker women are persuaded by Anthony to help with an outreach program at his former prison, they find themselves in the middle of a prison break and are held hostage by Anthony's old cellmate T. Tommy Reed -- who takes a liking to Allison.
  • A Little Night Music
    Julia strolls down memory lane while awaiting the results of hysterectomy tests at a hospital whose workers are on strike, and a surgeon turns out to be her prescription for romance.
  • Marriage Most Foul
    Marriage Most Foul
    Episode 4
    When Allison's ex-convict former flame (whom she turned in for insider trading) is released, she fears he is plotting revenge, instead, he proposes to her.
  • Real, Scary Men
    Real, Scary Men
    Episode 11
    When their van breaks down the women become unwelcome guests at a men's club retreat Wildman Sanctuary, where Anthony is trying to land a new account.
  • Picking a Winner
    Picking a Winner
    Episode 5
    Mary Jo turns to a sperm bank to get pregnant, prompting mixed reactions at work. Meanwhile, Julia threatens to rip the draperies from the windows of the home of a wealthy client whose payment is overdue.
  • Dwayne's World
    Dwayne's World
    Episode 3
    Mary Jo protectively takes divorcee Carlene under her wing -- going overboard with a lie about Carlene's latest flame -- when ex-hubby Dwayne shows up to sweep Carlene off her feet again.
  • The Strange Case of Clarence and Anita
    The Sugarbaker women take sides on the controversial confirmation hearings of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill's accusation of sexual harassment: Mary Jo and Julia side with Hill and Allison with Thomas. Conflict spills over into Allison's birthday party, where Mary Jo and Julia turn up in costume just in time to hear a television interview about the hearings with Allison.
  • All About Odes to Atlanta
    Songwriter Carlene gains notoriety (and her first groupie) by entering her ditty in the semi-finals of Atlanta's theme-song contest where she performs with Mary Jo and Julia, all decked out in "big hair" and costumes.
  • A Scene From a Mall
    A Scene From a Mall
    Episode 17
    Julia stages a sit-in at the mall to protest racial mistreatment of Anthony by brutish cops who accosted him for window shopping near a jewelry store, and television coverage links Anthony romantically with Allison.
  • Mamed
    Episode 16
    A tough-talking, hard-drinking, temperamental Broadway has-been promises to make Julia rue the day that she stole the role of Mame from her in Anthony's community-theater production. But on opening night she is too drunk to perform and Anthony is pressed into taking on the role.
  • Tales Out of School
    Tales Out of School
    Episode 12
    Anthony sees opportunity when his normally unfriendly law professor is attracted to Carlene and invites the two of them to his annual Christmas party.
  • Driving My Mama Back Home
    Julia accompanies Mary Jo and her mother Darla on an overnight bus trip back to South Carolina; meanwhile, the other employees get locked into the storage room while doing inventory.
  • A Toe in the Water
    A Toe in the Water
    Episode 2
    Julia thinks she's ready to resume dating, but Alison disagrees, questioning the manliness of Julia's new beau. Meanwhile, Allison and Anthony continue to bicker about who owns Suzanne's house, until Anthony obtains an affidavit asserting his right to occupy the house -- and allows Allison to stay on only as her personal servant.moreless
  • I Enjoy Being a Girl
    On an overnight Girl Scout outing, Carlene's leadership abilities take a beating, while Allison's methods seem to charm the spoiled troopers, and Mary Jo and Julia advocate roughing it.
  • Just Say Doe
    Just Say Doe
    Episode 8
    When Mary Jo's womanizing brother visits, falls for Allison, and takes her and Quinton on a deer-hunting trip, the women secretly tag along.
  • L.A. Story
    L.A. Story
    Episode 20
    Allison thinks she's invited to stay at Charles Nelson Reilly's home, so the decorators do Hollywood and get flimflammed on an expenses-paid trip accompanying investor Allison to the set of her movie.
  • Payne Comes Home
    Payne Comes Home
    Episode 14
    Julia delights in the opportunity to dote on son Payne when he returns for a visit -- which Julia learns will be permanent.
  • Shades of Vanessa
    Shades of Vanessa
    Episode 22
    The Sugarbaker women use Anthony as "date bait" to reel in a big account involving a hotelier's flamboyant debutante daughter who's angling for a whopper of a deal, then Anthony announces he is marrying Vanessa who intends to become a partner in Sugarbaker's.