Designing Women - Season 7

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Of Human Bondage
    Of Human Bondage
    Episode 1
    After cousin Allison leaves Sugarbaker's, Julia needs cash but is refused a bank loan. To cheer themselves up, the women play poker with a wealthy client who wins the business from them. Sugarbaker's could use an infusion of cash, and at a rowdy party given by potential new client B.J., the gals kick up their heels in wild abandon.moreless
  • Sex and the Single Woman
    Carlene allows herself to be seduced by her ex-husband, then admits she was just using him for sex.
  • Mary Jo vs. the Terminator
    After Julia completely rewrites a letter Mary Jo asked her to proofread, Mary Jo comes unraveled on a fashion-show runway, where she just plain has her fill of know-it-all Julia. Meanwhile, back at the office, B.J. has her hands full with angry vegetarians.
  • On the Road Again
    On the Road Again
    Episode 4
    In an attempt at spontaneity, a carefree Mary Jo takes off for Nashville for "a hen party on wheels" with Julia and Bernice, but they become terrified when a trucker that Bernice flirted with at a diner pursues them. Meanwhile, back at the office, Carlene and Anthony put their noses to the grindstone studying for midterms.moreless
  • Screaming Passages
    Screaming Passages
    Episode 5
    Julia fears the emotional roller coaster of menopause just as her affair with Phillip heats up and is upset when she discovers a Sugerbaker's "Change of Life" surprise party.
  • Viva Las Vegas (1)
    Viva Las Vegas (1)
    Episode 6
    After Vanessa calls off their wedding, Anthony joins the gang on a getaway to Las Vegas, where he nurses his broken heart in the company of a show stopping showgirl he impulsively weds.
  • Fools Rush In (2)
    Fools Rush In (2)
    Episode 7
    BJ offers to help a desperate Anthony, who invents various schemes to extricate himself from his hasty marriage to a Las Vegas showgirl.
  • Love Letters
    Love Letters
    Episode 8
    A steamy love letter from another woman is found in James' safe-deposit box and shatters B.J.'s image of her late husband as a faithful companion worthy of her trust. Meanwhile, reveling in the destruction of her old car, a symbol of her days as a suburban housewife, Mary Jo goes wild in a new red convertible.moreless
  • The Vision Thing
    The Vision Thing
    Episode 9
    Etienne drives Anthony crazy trying to be the perfect wife, and the Sugarbaker's crew throws a Las Vegas style wedding shower for them.
  • Trial and Error
    Trial and Error
    Episode 10
    B.J. goes overboard showering everyone with gifts, and law student Anthony gets carried away trying to help Mary Jo win a small-claims case involving her defective freezer.
  • Too Dumb to Date
    Too Dumb to Date
    Episode 11
    Mary Jo dates a handsome idiot, a to-die-for toyboy male model who seems to have few toys in the attic and little in common with her.
  • The Odyssey
    The Odyssey
    Episode 12
    B.J.'s contribution to the Democratic Party gets the Sugarbaker crew invited to the Inaugural Ball, but the trip proves to be a party for no one, even Julia, who struggles to maintain a cheery disposition in the face of disaster as bad weather forces a change in plans.
  • Oh Dog, Poor Dog
    Oh Dog, Poor Dog
    Episode 13
    After eye surgery, Bernice overhears the gals talk of putting Mary Jo's dog out of its misery and figures they're planning her own mercy killing, so she barricades herself inside the storeroom. Meanwhile, Julia gets caught listening to a London phone line which plays tapes of Princess Diana's private conversations with her boyfriend.moreless
  • Wedding Redux
    Wedding Redux
    Episode 14
    Anthony and Etienne renew their vows for Etienne's visiting parents and Anthony's grandmother at a ceremony at B.J.'s, where anything that could go wrong does.
  • Nude Julia, New York Morning
    Julia's old mentor from her Bohemian art school days in New York unveils his nude portrait of Julia.
  • Sex, Lies and Bad Hair Days
    B.J.'s dating adventures take a turn for the worse on her birthday, when a bad-hair day and two miserable blind dates have her vowing to give up men, so Julia tries to cheer her up by getting her a date with a really nice fellow.
  • Shovel Off to Buffalo
    Worshipping hordes gather outside Sugarbaker's after the face of Elvis mysteriously appears on a snow shovel belonging to Mary Jo, who attracts the attention of a "paraspectacular" expert - especially when she apparently restores her neighbor's damaged hearing.
  • It's Not So Easy Being Green
    Anthony is jealous of Etienne's successful writer friend, who shares a vivid past with her, but tries to be gracious by throwing a signing party for him.
  • The Woman Who Came to Sugarbakers
    A visit from Julia's meddlesome former school mistress is extended - on ghostly instructions from her deceased husband, it turns out - until the desperate Sugarbaker women hold a seance to try to force her to leave.
  • The Lying Game
    The Lying Game
    Episode 20
    There's no skirting the fact that Carlene is confused by her new beau Eric's unusual habit of cross-dressing. She begins to understand only by tapping into her own masculine side.
  • Gone With a Whim (1)
    With Sugarbaker's in such bad financial shape, the ladies are grateful when B.J. gets them a job redecorating a house that resembles the great home from Gone With The Wind - until they find out that the new lady of the house plans to rip out the grand staircase and replace it with an elevator. To make matters worse, B.J. finds out that their client is trying to take over Poteet Industries and plans to give Sugarbaker's to his young bride Kiki - renaming it "Kikibaker's".moreless
  • Gone With a Whim (2)
    With Julia continuing to fight to save the antebellum Kearney mansion, B.J. struggles to save Sugarbaker's and Poteet Industries from a takeover from the Kearneys. However, despite their efforts, Kiki Kearney announces her new plans for "Kikibaker's", Lester Kearney announces that the purchase of Poteet Industries is complete, and the modernizing of the mansion gets underway. Anthony and the women are fired for insubordination, but when Craig, a friend of Mary Jo's, stumbles on some embarrassing news about the Kearneys' illegal financial activities, Poteet Industries and Sugarbaker's are saved from the takeover.moreless
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