Designing Women

Season 3 Episode 20

Stand and Fight

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 08, 1989 on CBS



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    • Mary Jo: You know how they always show some young blonde thing in high heels with her bosom popping out of the dress, running away from some monster or killer or something. And she's doing pretty good, she's making pretty good time until Snap she twists that ankle. And then she just lies there til the monster polishes her off. I mean, I guess that's what you get for having big breasts and running around on three inch stilts.
      Suzanne: Well what do you want her to do, Mary Jo? Stand up and beat the tar out of Frankenstein?
      Mary Jo: I want a movie where a woman with a gun knows how to use it and doesn\\\'t let some man wrench it out of her wimpy little wrist. I want a movie where the hero is Charlene, not Charles Bronson.

    • Julia: You know, I think that women are just about ready to say, if you come up to us with a gun or a knife, you better be prepared to use it right then and there, because we are not going anywhere with you. And we are not going to be dug up, raped and mutilated months later on some rural road. We are going to be prepared to stand and fight with dignity in the parking lots and the shopping centers and the driveways of America. But buddy, you better be prepared to do the same, because even at the very least, one of us is going to be walking funny.

    • Suzanne wants to practice her self-defense course lessons
      Charlene: Suzanne, why are you so interested in this course now? I mean, you didn't even want to go the first time. Now every time I see you it's, 'Charlene threaten me, Charlene come at me with a knife, Charlene mug me at the Ready Teller'.
      Suzanne: Okay, Julia, come on. Come at me with a knife. I dare you.
      Julia: Suzanne, I appreciate your enthusiasm for our anti-mugging course and I must admit that occasionally this week I have enjoyed choking you, but this is a place of business.

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