Designing Women

Season 4 Episode 13

The First Day of the Last Decade of the Entire Twentieth Century

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 01, 1990 on CBS

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  • Ugh...

    Bernice is hilarious, Suzanne Sugarbaker is unbearable (self-absorbed people aren't funny) and they're layering the schmaltz on with a trowel. And did Anthony pick up a prostitute for New Year's Eve? "Great sofa! You want to have sex on it?" The things the writers of this show think are funny just astound me. And why in the world do we need a Dolly Parton cameo?
  • A touching ending

    I like the ending scene where Miss Minnie talks to the younger cast about her gives the youngsters her words of then passes is followed by a song sung first by two singers,and then by Dolly I watched this episode for the first time,I was truly know because I continue feeling the scenes,and listening to the song for hours afterwards.
  • This is my favorite episode of “Designing Women.” It makes me cry every time I see it. My daughter knows this and she always makes a point to tell me when it’s on.

    Charlene, who is a very sentimental gal, goes into labour on New Year\'s Eve, 1989. She has a dream beforehand; in it, Dolly Parton appears to her as her \"Guardian Moviestar.\" She tells Charlene about the daughter she is about to give birth to. She also utters the most memorable line from the show; \"On this, the first day of the last decade of the entire twentieth century, when you meet your daughter, you\'ll be meeting the person who will be holding your hand when it\'s your time to go.\"
    Suzanne is convinced that Charlene will give birth to the first baby of the New Year, hoping that by doing so, she will win a car that Suzanne can give to her maid, Consuela. She is hysterical, stalking the maternity ward, trying to find out how many centimeters the other patients are dilated.
    Bernice shows up at Sugarbaker\'s wearing the Christmas tree skirt that Mary Jo gave her for Christmas. It was too funny watching Mary Jo explain to her that it was a skirt to go around the Christmas tree. Bernice exclaims that she \"liked to never got the thing on.\"
    Anthony is stuck with the date from hell. Mary Jo and Julia are the usual calm in the eye of the storm. As Charlene is giving birth, they visit with Miss Minnie, a 102-year-old patient in the hospital who likes to be on the maternity floor so she can be near all the babies. She tells them about her life and they are all with her when she quietly passes away.
    This is, by far, my favorite episode of this show.