Designing Women

Season 7 Episode 9

The Vision Thing

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 1992 on CBS



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    • Etienne: Bon jour, everybody! Hi, Tony! Feast your eyes; it's me! (Kisses Anthony) Don't you just love the way he lights up when I'm in the room?
      Mary Jo: We were just commenting on that.
      Etienne: Well I have had the most productive morning. I was in the drug store, and I had the most wonderful vision standing at the feminine hygiene counter. All my life I've seen these visions in my head, and then I make them happen. I know what I want. When I was five years old and had buck teeth and my hair in braids, I knew that someday I was going to grow up to be one of the most beautiful women in the whole world.
      Mary Jo: Excuse me, I'm intrigued. Can we get back to the "feminine hygiene vision"?
      Etienne: Of course. Ooh I like you, Mary Jo. You're so focused. Anyway, I was standing there at the counter and thinking to myself. "What can I do as the perfect wife for my darling husband, Tony?" And then it came to me. We need to make a baby.
      (Anthony looks around in panic)
      Etienne: Yes, a little boy first, followed by a little girl -- and then we'll have you snipped because any more than two babies and you just never can get your figure back.

    • Anthony: I've always looked at my life as a logical sequence of events, but somehow the events have been shuffled out of order. I mean, we got married before we had our first date!
      Julia: Etienne seems very happy.
      Anthony: I know. That's why I feel so bad. She has decided that she is going to be Mrs. Anthony Bouvier with a vengeance. And while she may not exactly be Donna Reed, what she does do; she does well.
      Julia: We don't need the personal details.
      B.J.: No, go ahead, Anthony. Describe your sex life and get real graphic. I love to watch the blood drain from Julia's face.
      Julia: It's so refreshing, B.J., with all your money it's still the simple pleasures that amuse you.

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