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  • Desire

    It Is one of my favourite TV Show. any one tell me how to download all episode pls give me link for downloading this show all episode
  • Desire

    Desire is one of my favourite TV shows. Sure it's a soap but it still has a great story. Normally I hate soaps but Desire is an exception. Andrea & Louis: never ment for each other! The only reason they got toghether was because of the love letter - but Louis didn't write it, Alex was the one that wrote it.

    Andrea & Alex: ment for each other! The way Andrea & Alex think about each other is legendary. The words he uses in the love letter are SO romantic. If that's not love I don't know what is! :) Andrea & Alex FOREVER!!
  • It was a good show and could've been more successful if on in the daytime or on a mainstream channel like fox.

    It was a show about two brothers that dont really get a along. So then they go from New jersey where they our in heat with the mob and move to L.A. So then things get hot and heated between these two brothers in like every episode from everything from disagreements to sleeping with each others girls.
    Ok that was my summary heres my review
    The show had potential to be a huge hit maybe on fox. But they put it as a mini series and on a really lame just developing television station. So yeah the show didn't get much coverage and now sadly is gone.
  • A must watch show. Personal favorite since Titans. I havent missed a show of Desire.

    Desire is the best show ever. Was a family show for us- my hubby and i would sit up waiting for it. Every character has some significance. The story is real to most of us. The themes too- Corruption, money, loyalty, rivalry and competition etc. Oh, and food!
    Yes some actors did not do a very good job, but it wasnt that bad. I only wish it was a bit clear why some people did what they did, but that would mean another show before this one! For example, why Suzy was the way she was, and some more background on the Gamarra family etc etc but that;s not the way it works.
    Oh, i have to say that the music and the title are just perfect.
  • This show is highly underrated i mean how can people really think that prison break is better for example, they do the same thing over and over again but Desire really got me from the first moment i saw it and i must say it´s the best show i´ve seen..

    From the resturant of Zavattis to the concurrent Bella you can see that it´s not only the exclusive food the brings you to Zavattis is Andrea Zavatti and her crew.

    Later on after the mob taking action to find their opponent luis who interrupted their mobly peace, all hell breaks loose and lies mixed with deceit pulls the families apart

    All the bad things comes to an end and the good people wins

    I think it is the best Tv show i´ve ever seen too bad i missed the last episode...
  • i like it very much. Desire is a break through. Fast moving, doesn't drag things on. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love,Money, Sex the best combination.They push the shows they want. This show can grow so please have a second season.

    I like it..
    The first show of my life which i never MISS..
    Be truly i say that i saw the show because i like the role of ANDREA i.e played by {Michelle Belegrin}. She played very well. Also the concept of the story is to good.
    The casted played by both two brothers is also good.
    I want to say one thing also the story is to twisted and little bit suspened. I like your show very much.
    It's my humble request to you, to please re-start the telecast of your show in india.
    and finally i want to say that:

    i love you Michelle............
    i love you Michelle..............
    i love you Michelle.................
    i love you Michelle..................
    i love you Michelle.....................

    love you.........
  • well i think that desire is the most beautifull serious i have ever seen in all my life ilove all the cast andrea and alix and louis and gorg and cara

    well i think that desire is the most beautifull serious i have ever seen in all my life ilove all the cast andrea and alix and louis and gorg and cara and i want to see that serious again ( desire ) and i want to see it becouse the story is very interesting and i like it so mush there is no body in the world can heart his own brother but louis did and alix was agreat brother and andrea was loyality and rita was very good mother and peter wasn't good father at first but he shows his love to his sons when he employed them with him
  • A series that showcases more than sibling rivalry...two brothers face-off...willing to die for the girl they love.

    I really love this show. Alex and Louis are so handsome!!! I love Louis, if only he's much nicer. Of course, I'm rooting for Alex. I wish I could be Andrea. What could be better than sleeping with two handsome brothers. The story has now become fast-paced and thrilling. This is a great show!!! I definitely recommend it. I wish there'll be more lovemakin' between Alex and Andrea or more lip lock... bring back some of the romance that has been lost due to the pace of the story...
  • This show is about two brothers who fell in love with the same woman.

    This was one of the most interesting shows on my network tv. It put the guilty in guilty pleasure. This was probably one of the hottest new shows out there. Not only was it dramatic, but it also had the quality of a soap opera. Next to fashion House this show is the hottest shows that aired on my network tv. It gave a new meaning to sexy and it prove that payback really is a **** It shows how greed can turn turn a person against their own family. It\\\\\\\'s shows that when love is involved everything goes out the window. This was a great show.
  • Desire is a break through. Fast moving, doesn\\\'t drag things on. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love, Money, Sex the best combination. Not advertised by TVGuide. They push the shows they want. This show can grow so please have a second season.

    Desire is a break through. This is an original show about two brothers and it is believable. Fast moving, doesn\\\'t drag things on. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    Love, Money, Sex the best combination. Not advertised by TVGuide. They push the shows they want. This show can grow so please have a second season.
    Second season - different installation - Alex and Andrea getting married having a family.
    Louis and Cully going into a legimate business together.
    One restaurant and selling the other and opening Louis and Cully\\\'s business (where Bella\\\'s was).
  • Love it!!

    I\'ve grown to love this show! Alex is THE MAN, not \"Louis the wannabe\" in more ways than you can count. I\'m glad that Louis will get what he deserves before the end of the show. Love George\'s character although deep down he\'s grimey. Love how suave Cara can be as a mobster & I love Asher\'s suave voice although the Gamaarra mob family is not worth their weight at all. You\'d think that with a machine gun like the one Asher had and being within such close range to Louis in the Zavatti mansion it should\'ve been easy for Asher to blow Louis to smithereens! I wish Desire could go on forever!
  • A show whose unique appeal grows on you

    I had personal reasons for beginning to watch the show, as I know one of the cast members. I\'ve never been much of a soap fan, except for Peyton Place years ago. But after a couple of weeks, I found myself looking forward to it and needing to know what happened that night. I was hooked! I think people in general need a little time to get used to the telenovela idea, with the campy, over-the-top dialog, and the \"every night\" commitment. Towards the middle of the show, the episodes were filled with way too many flashbacks. Now I understand that was done after the edits and cuts made them end up short, and they needed to fill in. If this problem is eliminated in future shows it will be a major improvement. I think the acting is good, in most cases, especially when you realize that 65 hours of television were shot in 13 weeks, on a very limited budget, on a brand new network that nobody ever heard of, and with little or no chance to do something over on the set. Combine that with a cast where the majority of the members are inexperienced, in many cases this is the first thing they\'ve done, and I\'d say DAMN GOOD JOB! I don\'t think it\'s fair to see one episode of a show like this and write a fair review. You need to get into not only the particular story, but the unique way in which it\'s delivered. At this point with two weeks left before the finale, I am sorry that it\'s ending. But my enthusiasm has grown leaps and bounds for the next shows following!
  • I started watching this and Fashion I only watch Fashion House.

    On September 5th 2006 when Desire and Fashion House premired on the new My Network TV I thought "Oh goody two primetime soaps my fav!" but no. This one sucked and Fashion House rocked. For about 3 days I watched both and then for the reason I wanted to watch Dancing With The Stars at 8 I quit this one for good. I still watch and love Fashion House but this one isn't good. I didn't like the plot I liked the 2 boys chasing a girl but then there's mob and I said forget it. Thing is I gave it a fair chance 3 days about and it didn't click with me. Maybe you need to warm up to it but i'm stone cold with Desire. Fashion House I love but this...not good. I didn't click with the plot and it may be your kind of plot but it's definitly not mine. Fashion House is more popular and it seems to me to have more famous actors than Desire. The acting isn't as good as Fashion House plus I just can't juggle 2 deep plot lines no matter how many flashbacks the series have. I think that will happen on December 5 2006 as well as the new 2 shows Wicked Wicked Games and Watch Over Me Wicked Wicked Games seems MUCH better but I will give both a fair swing. Plus my fav actress Tatum O'Neal comes back on TV as someone crazy.
  • Tuned in for eye candy #1 (aka Alex Thomas). Staying for eye candy #2 (aka Louis Thomas). Louis is the man—everyone else should either join Camp Louis or go home. Louis with much needed help from Cully are Desire's SAVIORS.

    Andrea’s and Alex’s so-called mourning of Louis

    Yes, while it is true that from the very beginning it was apparent that Andrea and Alex belong together, I’ve mourned the missing of a Macy’s white sale longer than the two of them mourned Louis’ “death”.

    Let’s do the math: Joey Gamarra tortured Louis for 2 months and once Louis agreed to marry Cara, Joey announced the two of them would be married in 2 weeks. Andrea went to Italy for two months after her father’s death, which was shortly after Louis’ disappearance. Once she got back to California, her and Alex used any excuse to be together and according to my math they started doing the horizontal mambo within 2 weeks of her return.

    I find myself, like Rita, joining Camp Louis. Louis is hurting, he’s been gone for under 3 months and too much has changed in that time. When Alex says to him, “Louis don’t be like this” in defense of him and Andrea being together and Louis replies, “I just came back from the dead brother, I can be any damn way I feel like” I was in agreement with him. I find myself tolerant of his behavior, but I do not and will not support him speaking to or treating his mother disrespectfully—she never gave up on him.

    To the writers / directors / producers: At the end of the 13 weeks I will be very upset if LOUIS is not around. In the two mid-week highlight shows there was a scene with (standing to the side) Cully whispering in some woman’s ear, Andrea and Alex and Rita and Peter dancing together—NO LOUIS in that scene.

    It would be unforgivable not to acknowledge Gregg Stouse’s (Cully) major contribution to the salvation of Desire. Nate Haden (Louis) could not have done it without you. He gives an excellent performance as Cully and I love his character. According to his biography he was born in Long Branch, NJ which may have helped that east coast energy that he brings to his Cully character.

    Cully is loyal and knows how to disagree without being disagreeable. Because he has no family, true friends or love interest of his own, he does not take those relationships lightly.

    When Joey Gamarra goes to burn down the Thomas restaurant/home he says to him, “Boss, are you sure you want to do this, his mother lives here too.” He stops Vincent from killing Peter Evans when the two of them interrogate Peter as to Louis’ whereabouts. And, when Louis comments on how much of a parasite George is because he was after Andrea’s fortune long before he came on the scene, Cully facetiously remarks how she (Andrea) is lucky to have him (Louis) show up (Louis outbids Andrea at the auction for her restaurant and home).

    To the women on the show: Cully is my #1 pick for Boyfriend / Husband material.
  • Good main characters. Storyline keeps you interested. Writers need to pay more attention to detail Don't under estimate their audience. Flashbacks are all to time consuming and unnecessary. To many commercials.

    Way to many flashbacks on past events. Plese stop them altogether. Need more storyline per show. Commercials every 5 minutes. Commercials are 4 minutes long. I'd like to see the show make it. Have the writers pay more attention to detail. For example, you showed a new piano coming into the restaurant when it was going up for bid after Christoph ruined during one show and then Louis said on a later show we have to get a piano to the piano player.. I think you should have more decent characters and more real life situations. Some situations are so far out there, it's hard to believe some of this would happen. One guy was shot 8 times and didn't die?? The father of the bride was shot once and died?? I do like the fast pace.
  • Stop the flash backs and rewrite the script to remove Cara from the head of the family.

    This review is for Desire
    Love all the actors and actress\\\'s. George and his sister couldn\\\'t be any more coniveing. I think it is a little unbelievabe that Cara is taking over the family.
    Please stop all the flash backs. The show would be so much better with all the flash backs. We already know all that.
    Love the show and never miss an episode.
  • In Los Angeles and Bayonne,NJ paths cross and get tangled as emotion, greed, and love work into things. The focus is on Alex and Louis, brothers, one good-hearted and honest, the other only looking out for himself. Andrea is the love interest of the two.

    I am in love with this show. The best cliffhangers. I never want this show to go off the air. I am completely hooked! If you are not watching this show, they have a lot of flash backs during the show to catch you up, so jump in now. You will not be sorry. It's on 5 nights a week Mon-Fri. at 8pm on My Network TV. You end up not wanting to miss a second of it.

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  • My Husband and I Love Desire

    Since Desire first aired on our local tv station we have watch it.We(My Husband and I)both love the show and we do enjoy most of the characters also.This show is great!!! We try not to miss a single episode.We have also mentioned your show to my mother telling her how great it is and now she also watches desire and loves it too she thinks its great also.The story is good and the cast is also.The clothing is pretty tasteful and is'nt all that revealing which allows for young adults to watch.We hve told an aunt in California about the show she would like to watch it but cant get it there.Is there other states we can watch your show in that are on the west coast?? Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!
  • At first, I didn\'t think I\'d like the show, but I have become addicted. I can\'t wait until Louis\' dirty tricks are revealed to all concerned.

    I love the hunky men on this show and the women are gorgeous but I would love to see Louis end up with Cara. After all his dirty tricks, he deserves to end up in the mob! This telenovela is just what it should be. As indicated by other reviewers who like it, it is a soap opera not reality.
  • Two brothers ones an adorable ladies man and the other is a hot mess. Alex is that dream date guy, handsome, kind and a great cook. Louis is that guy you wish you could erase from you little black book.

    The hype was so big around this show I had to watch it. It started off with all the makings of a night time As The World Turn or All My Children or a good lifetime story. Then it made a mad dash to the "What Where They Thing" exit.

    Whats with all the recaps and build up commercials. Desire is quickly becoming undesirable. The story line is pretty decent except for it seems to just drag on forever. I would rather what a show once a week instead of 5 times of week with 5 times the recaps.

    Okay I sometimes forget to by milk or let the dog out before I go to work, but I am not so forgetful that I have to what a 60 minute show with most of it revolving around recaps.

    If your going to recap 5 times a day them what purpose does the recap show on Saturday serve.
  • This is one of the worst pieces of garbage I've ever come across on tv.

    What the heck happened to this station? I can't imagine that this piece of garbage will get any feet.
    It's over the top and ridiculous. Unbelievable that this station would choose to put this on and pre-empt showing a movie that was on the schedule in every tvguide (hard copy and online).
    Daytime soaps during the week are at least interesting. That's why the big ones have lasted for so many years.
    Desire and that other piece of junk will never make it and save this station.
    Turn it off!!!
  • What is with the flashbacks.

    Ok now I like flashbacks when the show is a few years old and I need my memory refreshed, but this show makes me feel like I am dumb and that I shouldn't remember what happened 10 mins. ago. It's not bad for what it is (a soap opra) but the flash backs killed it for me, there are far to many. The actors are all new and I like that, they need work on it but are good for newbies. But sorry the flash backs are killing the show, it is a waste of time to show so many flashbacks.
  • A satire of a soap opera.

    I only watched a small portion of it, but from what I saw, this has some amusing elements. The foreboding music, the over-dramatizing of the actors seem to say this is more a satire than a drama to be taken seriously. I found it entertaining but not enough to stay with it. I don't think I can get involved in the characters, although one of the male leads is very charistmatically goodlooking. Every now and then I'll probably stop in to see what's going on and perhaps one day I'll get hooked.

    I think the directing and overall voice of the show is good, but there needs to be something compelling to hook a viewer as it comes across as a superficial fun piece that loses its appeal after a while.
  • Takes me back to the Melrose Place days!

    I really like this show! I\'m totally hooked. I watch it faithfully every night! I\'m also glad that they give it twice a day so it won\'t interfere with some of my reality shows I watch a few times a week. My favorite is Alex. He is such a sweetie. I\'m hoping andrea wakes up and smells the sweetness! His brother Louis isn\'t that bad, but he did do his brother wrong. He knows ALex is in love with her. But thats the drama and I love it. I like that there are sooo many characters to hate. You just gotta love this show! I hope it continues after the 13 weeks are up. That would be awesome.
  • Life is too Short Stay away.

    I make it a point to have Tivo record all new shows in addition to the ones I always watch. So tonight I get around to checking out Desire. There have been shows that weren't that great on the pilot that turned out better later but after three shows I wonder if on my death bed I will look back and regret the three hours of my life wasted giving this show a chance. I can honestly say this is the worst show I have ever seen in Prime Time. I have spent a lot of time here on but never needed to get a sign on until now. How did this get on TV? At first I thought it was just a Bad show that was poorly written. But a couple of the actresses can barely speak clearly. And that a shame a couple actors and actress seam that if put in the rights shows may do well. The season pass is deleted from the Tivo and hope never to see or hear about this show again.
  • Sorry, but I like it. It's a novela, it's not supposed to be 'best in show.'

    Sure it's corny, soapy, and over the top. But it's a soap for god sakes! Come on, who watches a soap for the serious plots and gripping dialouge? They're an escape that make your life look normal and nothing to swear by. I think it's cute with typical soap themes. Two brothers want the same woman one for one thing and the other for the right things. A jealous and plotting boyfriend, paternity secrets, what more do you want? Oh yeah, a HOT cast. If anything you should be able to just watch Alex push the fly-aways behind his ear and smile. And the ladies aren't hard to look at either(my husband can sit though it for this very reason). To try to compare this new line up with Novelas is not fair to either side. Any one who's ever watched novelas know this show is tame, America is just not ready for some of the things they cover. I like the way it's going so far and I'm looking forward to the next 12 weeks.
  • What the hell was that?!

    Even though I'm not a big fan of FOX, I set my DVR to record this show, to see what it would like, I mean it's been so long since we can watch a show every night. But when I finally had the time to watch it, I couldn't remember why I recorded it. This show is boring, more so than a day time soap. The actors are not very hot to watch, but more importantly, they don't know how to act, I haven't seen that much of bad acting since I got a new TV(and believe me, my new TV is pretty old.). The writing isn't great either, there's nothing in the story than can keep me from getting up and leaving the room or switching channel. I still can see how this show come from a FOX affiliate, they still use too much sound and visual effect trying to put a modern spin on it, I don't it would ever work, at least not to me. Actually, I'm kind of relieved, because now I can concentrate on NBC's new shows.
  • Weak American "telenovela"

    I was really hoping that Desire and Fashion House (see my review there) were going to be good shows. So far, I'm not optimistic. I missed the first episode of Desire which I was very mad about since I was eager to watch it. Some of the acting is bad but I'll have to chalk that up to new actors with little or no experience. This is the first show for a few of the actors and hopefully in time they will get better. After all, you have to start from somewhere right? All great actors at one time had a first show or movie. That being said, the writers of Desire need to write better lines for these actors.
    The mobster storyline is stupid, to say the least. I can't believe the writers couldn't come up with a more plausible explanation for Louis and Alex running away to Los Angeles. I hope that in future episodes it becomes apparent why this was the way to go with that part of the story.
    The storyline with the brothers liking the same girl is good because I can see that happening in a telenovela. The only problem with it on Desire is that all 3 have just met. One brother has to have history with the girl. There has to be a reason why the brother and the girl can't be together. Is it her parents? Why is it that they love each other and they cannot be together??? While they are apart, the girl meets another guy not knowing that it is her love's brother. This brother can be wicked. He's got an agenda and he's led the girl to believe he loves her. Further into the story, the brother that really loves the girl finds out what his brother is doing and tries to get the girl to realize it but she won't listen. In the end, when the telenovela is finished, the original lovers end up together. The last show can be the lovers wedding. Or, half the episode the wedding and the other half is the future 5 years later and they have a child or two and they are happy. THAT is a telenovela. The road that leads two people in love to "happily ever after"....
  • Hard to say what will happen.

    Although the premise shows promise bad acting and bad writing collide in a train wreck called Desire. I found it ridiculous when what's her name breaks up with George. they act like they have always hated each other. and then she goes to her car and cries like it was some great love. The girl who the cries in her cry's only real talent is in her bra. Whoever plays George is quite possibly the only person who gave a believable performance. The whole mob story is ridiculous the dad should realize she can take care of her self if he wasn't so stupid she never would have lied about being raped and this show wouldn't happen. How will the writers write themselves out of this ditch.