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  • Weak American "telenovela"

    I was really hoping that Desire and Fashion House (see my review there) were going to be good shows. So far, I'm not optimistic. I missed the first episode of Desire which I was very mad about since I was eager to watch it. Some of the acting is bad but I'll have to chalk that up to new actors with little or no experience. This is the first show for a few of the actors and hopefully in time they will get better. After all, you have to start from somewhere right? All great actors at one time had a first show or movie. That being said, the writers of Desire need to write better lines for these actors.
    The mobster storyline is stupid, to say the least. I can't believe the writers couldn't come up with a more plausible explanation for Louis and Alex running away to Los Angeles. I hope that in future episodes it becomes apparent why this was the way to go with that part of the story.
    The storyline with the brothers liking the same girl is good because I can see that happening in a telenovela. The only problem with it on Desire is that all 3 have just met. One brother has to have history with the girl. There has to be a reason why the brother and the girl can't be together. Is it her parents? Why is it that they love each other and they cannot be together??? While they are apart, the girl meets another guy not knowing that it is her love's brother. This brother can be wicked. He's got an agenda and he's led the girl to believe he loves her. Further into the story, the brother that really loves the girl finds out what his brother is doing and tries to get the girl to realize it but she won't listen. In the end, when the telenovela is finished, the original lovers end up together. The last show can be the lovers wedding. Or, half the episode the wedding and the other half is the future 5 years later and they have a child or two and they are happy. THAT is a telenovela. The road that leads two people in love to "happily ever after"....
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