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  • Sorry, but I like it. It's a novela, it's not supposed to be 'best in show.'

    Sure it's corny, soapy, and over the top. But it's a soap for god sakes! Come on, who watches a soap for the serious plots and gripping dialouge? They're an escape that make your life look normal and nothing to swear by. I think it's cute with typical soap themes. Two brothers want the same woman one for one thing and the other for the right things. A jealous and plotting boyfriend, paternity secrets, what more do you want? Oh yeah, a HOT cast. If anything you should be able to just watch Alex push the fly-aways behind his ear and smile. And the ladies aren't hard to look at either(my husband can sit though it for this very reason). To try to compare this new line up with Novelas is not fair to either side. Any one who's ever watched novelas know this show is tame, America is just not ready for some of the things they cover. I like the way it's going so far and I'm looking forward to the next 12 weeks.