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  • Life is too Short Stay away.

    I make it a point to have Tivo record all new shows in addition to the ones I always watch. So tonight I get around to checking out Desire. There have been shows that weren't that great on the pilot that turned out better later but after three shows I wonder if on my death bed I will look back and regret the three hours of my life wasted giving this show a chance. I can honestly say this is the worst show I have ever seen in Prime Time. I have spent a lot of time here on but never needed to get a sign on until now. How did this get on TV? At first I thought it was just a Bad show that was poorly written. But a couple of the actresses can barely speak clearly. And that a shame a couple actors and actress seam that if put in the rights shows may do well. The season pass is deleted from the Tivo and hope never to see or hear about this show again.