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  • Two brothers ones an adorable ladies man and the other is a hot mess. Alex is that dream date guy, handsome, kind and a great cook. Louis is that guy you wish you could erase from you little black book.

    The hype was so big around this show I had to watch it. It started off with all the makings of a night time As The World Turn or All My Children or a good lifetime story. Then it made a mad dash to the "What Where They Thing" exit.

    Whats with all the recaps and build up commercials. Desire is quickly becoming undesirable. The story line is pretty decent except for it seems to just drag on forever. I would rather what a show once a week instead of 5 times of week with 5 times the recaps.

    Okay I sometimes forget to by milk or let the dog out before I go to work, but I am not so forgetful that I have to what a 60 minute show with most of it revolving around recaps.

    If your going to recap 5 times a day them what purpose does the recap show on Saturday serve.
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