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  • Tuned in for eye candy #1 (aka Alex Thomas). Staying for eye candy #2 (aka Louis Thomas). Louis is the man—everyone else should either join Camp Louis or go home. Louis with much needed help from Cully are Desire's SAVIORS.

    Andrea’s and Alex’s so-called mourning of Louis

    Yes, while it is true that from the very beginning it was apparent that Andrea and Alex belong together, I’ve mourned the missing of a Macy’s white sale longer than the two of them mourned Louis’ “death”.

    Let’s do the math: Joey Gamarra tortured Louis for 2 months and once Louis agreed to marry Cara, Joey announced the two of them would be married in 2 weeks. Andrea went to Italy for two months after her father’s death, which was shortly after Louis’ disappearance. Once she got back to California, her and Alex used any excuse to be together and according to my math they started doing the horizontal mambo within 2 weeks of her return.

    I find myself, like Rita, joining Camp Louis. Louis is hurting, he’s been gone for under 3 months and too much has changed in that time. When Alex says to him, “Louis don’t be like this” in defense of him and Andrea being together and Louis replies, “I just came back from the dead brother, I can be any damn way I feel like” I was in agreement with him. I find myself tolerant of his behavior, but I do not and will not support him speaking to or treating his mother disrespectfully—she never gave up on him.

    To the writers / directors / producers: At the end of the 13 weeks I will be very upset if LOUIS is not around. In the two mid-week highlight shows there was a scene with (standing to the side) Cully whispering in some woman’s ear, Andrea and Alex and Rita and Peter dancing together—NO LOUIS in that scene.

    It would be unforgivable not to acknowledge Gregg Stouse’s (Cully) major contribution to the salvation of Desire. Nate Haden (Louis) could not have done it without you. He gives an excellent performance as Cully and I love his character. According to his biography he was born in Long Branch, NJ which may have helped that east coast energy that he brings to his Cully character.

    Cully is loyal and knows how to disagree without being disagreeable. Because he has no family, true friends or love interest of his own, he does not take those relationships lightly.

    When Joey Gamarra goes to burn down the Thomas restaurant/home he says to him, “Boss, are you sure you want to do this, his mother lives here too.” He stops Vincent from killing Peter Evans when the two of them interrogate Peter as to Louis’ whereabouts. And, when Louis comments on how much of a parasite George is because he was after Andrea’s fortune long before he came on the scene, Cully facetiously remarks how she (Andrea) is lucky to have him (Louis) show up (Louis outbids Andrea at the auction for her restaurant and home).

    To the women on the show: Cully is my #1 pick for Boyfriend / Husband material.