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  • Good main characters. Storyline keeps you interested. Writers need to pay more attention to detail Don't under estimate their audience. Flashbacks are all to time consuming and unnecessary. To many commercials.

    Way to many flashbacks on past events. Plese stop them altogether. Need more storyline per show. Commercials every 5 minutes. Commercials are 4 minutes long. I'd like to see the show make it. Have the writers pay more attention to detail. For example, you showed a new piano coming into the restaurant when it was going up for bid after Christoph ruined during one show and then Louis said on a later show we have to get a piano to the piano player.. I think you should have more decent characters and more real life situations. Some situations are so far out there, it's hard to believe some of this would happen. One guy was shot 8 times and didn't die?? The father of the bride was shot once and died?? I do like the fast pace.