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  • I started watching this and Fashion I only watch Fashion House.

    On September 5th 2006 when Desire and Fashion House premired on the new My Network TV I thought "Oh goody two primetime soaps my fav!" but no. This one sucked and Fashion House rocked. For about 3 days I watched both and then for the reason I wanted to watch Dancing With The Stars at 8 I quit this one for good. I still watch and love Fashion House but this one isn't good. I didn't like the plot I liked the 2 boys chasing a girl but then there's mob and I said forget it. Thing is I gave it a fair chance 3 days about and it didn't click with me. Maybe you need to warm up to it but i'm stone cold with Desire. Fashion House I love but this...not good. I didn't click with the plot and it may be your kind of plot but it's definitly not mine. Fashion House is more popular and it seems to me to have more famous actors than Desire. The acting isn't as good as Fashion House plus I just can't juggle 2 deep plot lines no matter how many flashbacks the series have. I think that will happen on December 5 2006 as well as the new 2 shows Wicked Wicked Games and Watch Over Me Wicked Wicked Games seems MUCH better but I will give both a fair swing. Plus my fav actress Tatum O'Neal comes back on TV as someone crazy.
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