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  • A show whose unique appeal grows on you

    I had personal reasons for beginning to watch the show, as I know one of the cast members. I\'ve never been much of a soap fan, except for Peyton Place years ago. But after a couple of weeks, I found myself looking forward to it and needing to know what happened that night. I was hooked! I think people in general need a little time to get used to the telenovela idea, with the campy, over-the-top dialog, and the \"every night\" commitment. Towards the middle of the show, the episodes were filled with way too many flashbacks. Now I understand that was done after the edits and cuts made them end up short, and they needed to fill in. If this problem is eliminated in future shows it will be a major improvement. I think the acting is good, in most cases, especially when you realize that 65 hours of television were shot in 13 weeks, on a very limited budget, on a brand new network that nobody ever heard of, and with little or no chance to do something over on the set. Combine that with a cast where the majority of the members are inexperienced, in many cases this is the first thing they\'ve done, and I\'d say DAMN GOOD JOB! I don\'t think it\'s fair to see one episode of a show like this and write a fair review. You need to get into not only the particular story, but the unique way in which it\'s delivered. At this point with two weeks left before the finale, I am sorry that it\'s ending. But my enthusiasm has grown leaps and bounds for the next shows following!
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