Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 7

A Humiliating Business

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2010 on ABC

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  • another good episode....

    A Humiliating business was another good episode of desperate housewives seventh season with some good storylines,
    Bree probably had the best storyline this week, with her going through menopause, i thought that bree would be abit young for menopause but then agian we dont really know hoe old the women actually are,
    Lynette and susan shared a really nice story this week it was nice to see theses two characters bond seems we dont see them together that oftern,
    Gaby had a filler story this week but it was funny non the less, and im glad to see that bob and lee are back together
    Overall a good episode
  • A Humiliating Business

    A Humiliating Business was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives. The housewives truly are desperate in this episode, in their own ways and it was interesting to watch their story's unfold. I really enjoyed this episode, there were some funny moments, some truly humiliating moments, and the actors made it all seem so real. This episode is a good example of how viewers can relate some how to some character in the show. The Paul story line only gets better, and the ending of this episode will be shocking! I am excited and can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!
  • humiliating business

    Another strong episode of Despeate Hosuewives here tonight, and more importantly the Susan storyline here tonight did not completely give me a headache. I am not sure how long they will have her as Lynette's nanny, but a few more weeks and some crazy hijinz are sure to ensue (can anyone say getting locked out of the house again?)

    Vanessa Williams is starting to fit in with the cast pretty well. While she is essentially Edie 2.0, the show has needed that almost villain since Marc Cherry unceremoniously killed off her character so as long as she fills that void I am okay.

    Good episode, lots of laughs here.
  • Beth turns out to be Felicia's daughter, but that's a no-brainer.

    Overall an entertaining episode as always. The thing is, the big revelation about Beth, well, kinda pretty obvious from the beginning, no? I can't guess though what plot Paul is trying to pull and I hope it will be something really BIG.

    Bree's got the worst story line for sometime, and this season's no better. The romance with Keith, euh, it's just not interesting from the very beginning. I have this feeling that the writers don't work hard enough for her and I really liked her character. One more thing: can't shake the feeling that Renee's character is somewhat the shadow of Edie ... ...
  • An average episode but with an interesting ending.

    I knew it from the beginning that there was something about Beth. All about her behaviour told me that, how she protected Paul in previous episode and her mysterious conversations with her mother. But that she was Felicia's daughter? I really didn't think of that. It was a shock. I totally forgot about Felicia Tilman and to see that she's Beth's mother... Like I said, shocking. Anyway, what I really wanna know out is what is Paul going to do with all that houses, his cellmates moving in, etc.
    What I also liked in this episode was Bree and Keith's relationship. It seems like Keith really loves Bree and wants to have a future with her. That conversation between them about children was so sad.
    But everything else, even Susan being Lynette's nanny was nothing special. If it wasn't for ending, this episode would be just average for me.
  • Strong Character Development

    There is lots of character development in this episode that pushes the story forwards more:

    Teri Hatcher is brilliant at the moment. Her Despair at being 'financially dependant' is well acted and the fact she feels pushed out by the other more successful housewives is upsetting.
    Thank Goodness there is plenty of interaction with Lynette and Susan - these two haven't really interacted much since season four.

    Beth starts to reveal herself in very interesting ways. The actress who plays her is great - not many people can manipulate the manipulator Paul Young. Speaking of which, what the heck is he up to?

    And finally the twist ending. I saw it coming, I knew it was coming and yet I was still shocked!
  • Not the best episode

    This episode is somewhat boring. Normally I enjoy Gaby's one liners and the general comedy through the episode. Was wondering when this one was going to end. Interestingly I thought the same about Brother's and Sisters this week - were the writers in a rut maybe? (Two shows I normally love to watch) Maybe it was me? I do like the Bree/Keith storyline and hope that he sticks around. I am very bored with the Paul storyline - I guess the producers think they always need a "badie" each season when really they do not!
    I am also bored with the poor Susan storyline and Lynette's whinging. Don't bother watching if you can stand to skip it.
  • Going from strength to strength!

    Desperate Housewives comntinues to impress, and this episode developed a few storylines.

    Bree's life takes a drastic turn, as biiology finally catches up to her. Can she keep this secret - definitely not...

    As for Gabby, that storyline is very sad to consider, and I also can't wait to see how things will develop from this points forth. It was a big shock a few episodes ago.

    The drama with Lynette and Susan and Renee is not too brilliant, but Paul Young continues to mystify. He is a very shady character!

    Keep it up, guys! This season is very interesting, and I can't wait to see what happens next!