Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 21

A Little Night Music

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2010 on ABC

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  • I'm shocked and appalled at the negative reviews this episode is getting. For me it was one of the Best episodes of this season- instant classic. What is wrong with members?

    Honestly, why the bad ratings?
    The episode was full of mystery, answering questions and raising a few. It also had classic comedic moments as well as a theme which followed the entire episode (I know all the eps usually do but this one was more sweet).
    For me this season has produced some outstanding stand alone episodes such as If, Lovely, Epiphany and now this. Just going back to Epiphany, usually mary alice only appears in the finale (100 ep was an exception) but this season she already appeared in Epiphany which to me is amazing. Its like they have so much more to give in the finale, I can't wait!

    Sorry, back to this episode:

    I laughed my ass off and also I was glued to my seat at the more serious moments.
    The fact that Angie and her mystery has been played so well the entire season has been great and its already getting resolved bit by bit. What I mean is usually the final episode of the season features the flashbacks and character resolution, you also see encounters (for e.g. Angie/Patrick) take place in the last ep, not this season!
    I'm loving this season, I did at first think this was my least favourite season but not too sure now. I still need to watch 2 more episodes and then I'll decide but I have to say that DH does it every year. That is, they surprise me every year with the level of creativity and the way Marc cherry and co execute them is always like no other (Lost being the exception). 2 more eps to go and the women of wisteria lane are still worth fighting for!
  • Patrick Gives Angie A Deadly Ultimatum. The Scavos Arrange For Eddie To See A Therapist. Meanwhile Gaby And Susan Try To Get The Truth Out Of Carlos And Mike.

    I'll start this review by saying that I can't understand all the negative reviews about this episode. It was filled with funny and great moments. The 6th season's last episodes have not been so good but this episode renewed my faith in the series. The suspense in this episode is a highlight. I found myself liking two scenes. The first scene was Mike's and Carlos' scene where they talk about the dept. It really shows that their friendship is unbreakable. The second was where Eddie attacked Porter for not doing his chores. Nowadays kids don't respect their mothers. A very good episode.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. The opening voice-over with Mary-Alice tells us basically the whole story behind Angie and Nick and the reason that they are on the run. Nick gets into an accident when a car knocks him down. At the hospital, we see that he is going to be ok. Angie sends her son away to protect him, and she plans on joining him a few days later. Only when she gets home, Patrick is there waiting for her. Gaby and Susan realise what their husbands are up to and set them up. They get them to confess about the money Carlos lent to Mike. Bree gets a shock when she learns that Sam's mother is not dead, she' alive and well and working in a shop. Lynette experiences Eddie's dark side when she sees him losing his temper, and so she arranges for him to go to therapy.
  • Angie reluctantly accomodates a houseguest. Susan and Gabi play a little game with their husbands. Bree and Lynette both begin to fear the new acquaintances in their lives.

    Good episode. The plots are really getting somewhere and Season 6 is probably my third favorite season so far! Susan/Gaby storyline didn't interest me much, and it frustrates me how they consistently continue to underestimate Angie. She only gets scenes at the beginning and end. I loved the Lynette/Eddie storyline but I hate how it ended right there in the middle of the episode. I wonder if Sam is going to try to hurt Andrew since he addressed his extreme hatred and jealousy for him. One of the many reasons as to why I love Season 6 is because Gabrielle and Lynette became a core part of the mysteries this season. Hopefully it can be like this next year, too. I don't want to see Bree or Susan get mysteries ever again. Mike either.
  • good, not great

    Was that really the best scheme Susan and Gaby could come up with to get back at Carlos and Mike? I think Susan is overreacting a bit (shock of the year!) but they could have devised something a little bit more elaborate than that.

    Recently I said that there were not a lot of big storylines going on right now that would lead to an explosive finale. Well, I have to take that back as there is a lot of crazy stuff going down with Eddie, Rex's son etc.

    My only problem is that there are too many vicious characters right now. Sam, "The Terrorist" and Eddie, it's too much violence right now. Desperate Housewives has been known to push the envelope, but it's not possible that three maniacal people of this nature would end up in a small Midwest town at the same time, now is it?
  • Another medicore episode of Desperate Housewives.

    Ok well season 6 is starting to come to a end and all the storylines are starting to come together. The Bolen story is starting to pick up pace as patrick logan apears on the lane. Bree starts to release that sam may have a darker side and the same can be said for lynette regarding eddie. Susan begins to releise the amount of debt that her a mike are really in and Gabrielle well all she wants is a ski house.

    A little night music was a decent episode of Desperate Housewives that did have a few laughs and some drmatic moments but Desperate Housewievs just dosnt feel orignal anymore it uses the same repetive storylines and executes them terribly i hope the closing two episodes of season 6 are better becuase at the moment i have no more faith in this show
  • More tramedy ...

    Desperate Housewives is always listed and competing basically as a comedy. Geez ... what a laugh riot these days.
    This group of neighbours has encountered more disaster, criminals and demented crackpots than hopefully any street in North America could possibly ever encounter. The latest of the later suddenly turns out to be the friend of one of Lynette's sons? It is a tried and true sitcom staple for sure to have a wacky abused serial strangler wandering around. And what is with his rundown dilapidated house in the midst of an upscale street? How realistic! It is another staple to have a wanted terrorist out and about strangling snitches, running down rivals and blackmailing and threatening death and destruction. Even the opening sequence had all in possible danger from all directions.
    The comic relief in this episode was with Gaby yet again jumping to conclusions and Susan on another emasculation exercise. That part was kind of funny though if you ignored the more annoying aspect of the whole thing.
    I do hold out hope for Gaby though because she probably does have a lot of layers to her. The same goes for Bree who always seems to melt or figure things out the right way just in the nick of time.

    So just a typical episode probably building to a typical season ending cliffhanger.
  • Gabby and Susan play a little game with their husbands, while Bree, Angie, & Lynette deal with other issues.

    Alright, all shows tend to fade after a while, but this is a little much. Most just get boring, but DH is getting beyond repetitive. Another hit and run, another hostage by gun point, another lie about a mother, another secret about money... Enough is enough, something new has to happen. All we really need is another house to burn down, which I thought was going to happen with all those candles in Angie's house. I can't say this episode was actually all that bad, it got its laughs and had its dramatic parts, but something about it wasn't too believable for me.
  • the irresistible charm of desperate housewives deja vus, or isn't it?

    This show is like a nice daily routine, it is the same thing but you still enjoy it.
    Actually since season 1 I think I am watching the same stories with a slightly different wrapping.

    Still maybe it is the direction and mostly the good actors that make me keep watching this loop.
    Till recently.

    Cause there is a problem with DH that is getting bigger and bigger with each episode:
    Almost every character who dares to invade-annoy - threat the lives of our wives and their families ends up dead or in the best case in a comma or in a mental institute. I understand that watching a happy ending it is satisfying for the viewer. After all we mostly watch shows to escape from reality. But each happy ending comes with the final elimination of the "threat".
    The Russian bride and the alcoholic mother some of the latest examples. Or even poor Carl, who was found guilty for Bree's adultery and got the end he deserved (??).
    I am really surprised Katherine is still alive and out of the asylum!

    This ideology of getting rid "permenantly" whoever dares to disturbs our lives is dangerous and can lead to dark paths.

    If you get a good look at DH, beyond its excellent cast and its entertaining stories you will realize it is simplistic, conservative, has a false sense of justice and well it is even a tad fascistic.

    Now, does anyone really wonder about the faith of Patrick, Sam and Eddie?
  • Gabby giving her family E-coli!

    Gabby was handling raw beef/meat and then touched the bowl of salad, and the pepper grinder and then carried the bowl to another counter and was putting other spices on the salad, but NOT once did she wash her hands after touching the raw uncooked meat, How many people die or get seriously ill from e-coli every year and this episode just gave the impression it is totally OK to do such a thing! NO Wrong, note to directors, get a in touch with Reality when it comes to food preperation! How many people watched this and will now contaminate their own families... Disgusted and appalled by seeing this on a show in the 21st century!