Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 21

A Little Night Music

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2010 on ABC

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  • I'm shocked and appalled at the negative reviews this episode is getting. For me it was one of the Best episodes of this season- instant classic. What is wrong with members?

    Honestly, why the bad ratings?
    The episode was full of mystery, answering questions and raising a few. It also had classic comedic moments as well as a theme which followed the entire episode (I know all the eps usually do but this one was more sweet).
    For me this season has produced some outstanding stand alone episodes such as If, Lovely, Epiphany and now this. Just going back to Epiphany, usually mary alice only appears in the finale (100 ep was an exception) but this season she already appeared in Epiphany which to me is amazing. Its like they have so much more to give in the finale, I can't wait!

    Sorry, back to this episode:

    I laughed my ass off and also I was glued to my seat at the more serious moments.
    The fact that Angie and her mystery has been played so well the entire season has been great and its already getting resolved bit by bit. What I mean is usually the final episode of the season features the flashbacks and character resolution, you also see encounters (for e.g. Angie/Patrick) take place in the last ep, not this season!
    I'm loving this season, I did at first think this was my least favourite season but not too sure now. I still need to watch 2 more episodes and then I'll decide but I have to say that DH does it every year. That is, they surprise me every year with the level of creativity and the way Marc cherry and co execute them is always like no other (Lost being the exception). 2 more eps to go and the women of wisteria lane are still worth fighting for!