Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 18

A Spark. To Pierce the Dark. (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2009 on ABC
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Bree learns that she is indirectly responsible for her husband's kleptomania, as he feels emmasculated by her and acts out that way. Bree considers selling her business in order to make Orson happy again, but Andrew makes her come to her senses. In the meantime, Lynette tries to please her new boss, Lucy Blackburn (guest star Lesley Boone), who has a new policy that says employees must work through the nights at the office during an important account they're working on. Susan is yet again reunited with her first husband Karl (former series regular Richard Burgi), whose son has just enrolled in her school, and Gabrielle becomes worried that her sex life is going downhill. Dave has some deadly plans for his camping trip with Mike and Katherine, and Edie stumbles upon the horrifying truth, which has even deadlier consequences.moreless

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  • Where do we go from here now?

    I wasn't ready for Edie to go and the way she went out was such a shock! The hiking trip for Mike and Katherine was a bit disappointing in that our eyes feast on the beautiful American suburb home so I naturally expect a scene shot of trees, ridges, and greenery. Instead t was just a second into the woods seen from Dave's rifle's finder. I was also disappointed that no reviewers mentioned about how Edie is dead and how the episode would be from here on out without her. Even though she was kind of a minor character, she is not Huber either.moreless
  • will she survive...

    this was an ok week on wisteria lane the dave storyline picked up a bit of pace this week im glad that he didnt kill katherine because i still really like her but instead it seems that edie has fell victim Susan had a pretty funny week it was nice to see karl agian and to see her son

    Lynette had an ok week but nothing special her scenes with lucy were pretty funny

    bree had a ok week im glad that she didnt sell her business for orson seems that he seems to have crazy

    overall a ok week, next week shoudl be better thoughmoreless
  • Poor Eddie!

    Oh my god...Orson is such a jerk, I never thought it could be possible to hat a character so much, he´s such an egotistical brat, how does he dare blame Bree for his unhappiness, he´s so weak and manipulative, if he really did love her he wouldn´t b doing all that crazy stuff, he´s really sick!. Ok my rant about Orson is over, let´s move on...

    Finally Eddie discovers Dave´s plan and how he intends to hurt Mike, poor Eddie, disaster after disaster in her life.

    Susan is really worried about van (Karl´s son) and tries to help him out which infuriates Karl, who thinks Susan only wants to get revenge (Filler plot) Katherine, Mike and Dave finally go camping but Dave gets thwarted and does not fulfill his plan to kill Katherine (too bad!, she´s starting to annoy me)

    Thank God Bree didn´t sell her company only to fulfill Orson´s very hurt ego...Go Bree! after everything she´s been through she doesn´t desrve this kind of thing now, no more scums in her life.

    Carlos is working harder and Gabby is not happy with his lack of loving. I though that Gabby´s and Tom´s conversation was a little funny.

    Lynette is also fighting at work with Lucy (God that woman is feisty and obnoxious) and Gabby´s daughters help her get her way. I love Lynnete´s plans...she can be really funny without wanting to be.

    Waiting for next episode!moreless
  • things get serious on Wisteria Lane

    Orson sinks to a new low. Dave continues along his twisted path. Bree catches herself in time before selling her soul down the river in the interest of traditional family values. Luckily her son gave her a good give your head a shake type nudge just in the nick of time. Orson Orson Orson. Why are you being like this? And then there is Dave. Funny - Orson tried to kill Mike and now here is Dave trying to essentially kill Mike by destroying those he loves. It's all, as other reviewers have said, pretty dark. But well done and a solid episode.moreless
  • And so Dave, Mike and Katherine finally go on that camping trip that we've been promised for about four weeks and, frankly, it's a bit of a damp squib.

    And so Dave, Mike and Katherine finally go on that camping trip that we've been promised for about four weeks and, frankly, it's a bit of a damp squib. The story takes up around 1/6th of the episode's total airtime and what we do get is pretty laughable. There's very little build up and no increase in the dramatic tension as they set up camp, wake up in the morning and Dave misfires when Edie calls him. I don't know about you but I was expecting a solid concentration on this narrative, featuring something a little more elaborate than snipering from on high. Still, with the long-awaited marriage of this story and Edie's, we do get some sparkling dialogue between the two characters and a confrontation scene to die for... quite literally, actually, as the poor woman appears to snuff it at hour's end. Of course, one does wonder why, upon learning the truth about her husband, Edie would simply call him up and invite the psychopath back to her home rather than, you know, getting the hell out of there and calling the police. Don't try to weasel an explanation out of the loon you fool, RUN! And hit a tree. And get electrocuted. Call me cynical but isn't that a little much, guys? Would it have been so bad if she'd simply died from the mangled car? Did she really need to get an almost comedic electrocution? Sigh. And, of course, this also involves Orson who, regrettably, learns nothing from his wife's sage words and proceeds to rob a house in the middle of the night. This story is escalating out of control, leaving no room for sympathy with his character, and unless it results in Kyle MacLachlan being written out of the show, I don't really see the point. A bit of a mixed bag, although Lynette and Carlos's storyline is rather enjoyable, if only because Lucy is a self-righteous, manipulative cow and it's good to see her put in her place.moreless
David Grant Wright

David Grant Wright

Mr. Dinsmore

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Lesley Boone

Lesley Boone

Lucy Blackburn

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Ken Lerner

Ken Lerner

Dr. Bernstein

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Richard Burgi

Richard Burgi

Karl Mayer

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John Rubinstein

John Rubinstein

Principal Hobson

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Kathryn Joosten

Kathryn Joosten

Karen McCluskey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Ken asked his employee Charlie if he faxed the papers Edie asked for, he placed them in the fax machine face up, when he should've placed them face down. Otherwise, Edie would had gotten a blank page.

    • This is the second (non finale) episode (the first was "I Remember That" in season 3) to use of a title card that says "To Be Continued" at the end of the episode. Both cliffhangers were added to keep the viewers guessing wether a character will or not survive a dangerous circumstance.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Susan: This is nothing, Mr. Hobson. We're just having a... difference of opinion.
      Karl: Yeah! And my opinion is that your teacher doesn't know the difference between emotional problems and creativity!
      Susan: Shut up, Karl!!
      Principal Hobson: Excuse me, but did you just tell him to shut up?!
      Karl: You know, this is typical Susan behavior. And you wonder why no man can stay with you!

    • Karl: Let's cut to what this is really about: You! You hate me and you don't want my son in your class!
      Susan: That is not true!
      Karl: It is, too! You're still punishing me for what happened between us. You're stuck in the past, blaming me for your screwed-up life!
      Susan: Okay, will someone call Guinness? Because you just set the world record for the biggest load of crap in one sentence!

    • Lynette: (to Lucy) Don't forget your little animals...

    • Dave: Edie?
      Edie: I always wondered why you were so determined to live on Wisteria Lane. You said you thought we'd be happy here, and I wanted to believe you. But it turned out that you just wanted to be close to Mike Delfino. (shows Dave a news article on Mike Delfino's acquittal)
      Dave: Who gave you that?
      Edie: Nobody gave it to me. I did research. You think I'm too stupid to do research?!
      Dave: Edie, listen, this doesn't mean anything.
      Edie: It's all there. The accident, Mike's acquittal and even a little mention of how..."David Dash"...couldn't make it to the funeral because he had a nervous breakdown.
      Dave: Honey, look, just give me a chance to explain. All right?
      Edie: Oh, so now you want to explain. OK. Why don't you start by explaining why you married me?
      Dave: I married you because I love you.
      Edie: No! You married me because you needed a cover story so you could get close to the man who killed your family.
      Dave: That's ridiculous.
      Edie: Yeah! It's insane! But that's why you did it. So what are you gonna do now? You gonna hurt him? I mean, that's the only logical explanation. And my only question is...what the hell have you been waiting for?
      Dave: Honey, you're not feeling well. So let's get you upstairs and into bed.
      Edie: Tell me the truth, you freak! Did you move us here to hurt Mike Delfino?
      Dave: He destroyed everything I ever loved, and he was never punished. I need to make things right.
      Edie: Why?! Why did you have to do this?! We could've been so happy!!

    • Lucy: Damn it! Lynette, don't, don't touch my figurines! These are worth more than the house that you live in.
      Lynette: (whispering) Big deal... so is this coffee mug.

    • Karl: What are you doing here?
      Susan: I'm an art teacher.
      Karl: Really? Do they know that?
      Susan: And now I'm ignoring you, and moving on to Evan.

    • Katherine: Are you happy?
      Dave: I'm getting there.

    • Carlos: We never did it on the table.
      Gabrielle: Yeah, we did! Years ago, don't you remember?
      Carlos: I don't think that was me...
      Gabrielle: Oh, right...

    • Bree: Orson, think about how I built this company from nothing... how it brings me joy and pride and a sense of accomplishment. Is that really something you want me to give up?
      Orson: Yes!

    • Edie: (Giving the bag from the supermarket to Mrs. McCluskey) Here you go. the rest is yours.
      Mrs. McCluskey: Thanks, I don't know what it is but everytime I go to the market there's stuff I forget.
      Edie: I know what it is... You're old!

    • Mary Alice: (closing voiceover) Yes, life is full of nasty shocks. And they always seem to occur when we least expect them. And once our system has been jolted, the question becomes... will we survive?

    • Orson: Bree. What about my problem? I might start stealing again.
      Bree: Steal what you must, my love, but it won't be my company.

    • Lucy: (to Lynette) Next time you have an issue with me, you know where my office is. Oh, and as far as Friday nights are concerned, consider that a permanent work night. Don't worry. If you're as bad at coaching as you are at office politics, your daughter won't be missing much.

    • Gabrielle: We'll start with something easier. Bitching.
      Tom: I can handle that, bitch away.
      Gabrielle: Well. I am so pissed at Carlos. He is never home. And when he is he's too tired to do anything. And by anything I mean sex. Are you uncomfortable?
      Tom: A little. Go on.
      Gabrielle: Well we've never had a drought like this. It's been almost two weeks.
      Tom: Two weeks? That's a drought for you?

    • Gabrielle: Hey, how about a quickie?
      Carlos: I don't have time.
      Gabrielle: Right, that's why I didn't suggest a longie.

    • Carlos: By the way, you and Tom are coming over for cocktails on Saturday?
      Lynette: Oh yeah. I plan to get drunk and bitch about my boss.

    • Karl: Can I bang your erasers after class?
      Susan: Karl, I'm serious. Don't mess with me. I have a yardstick and I'm not afraid to use it.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Life is full of nasty shocks. Unpleasant surprises that jolt our systems and cause our hearts to skip a beat. And these shocks always occur when they least expect them.

    • Mary Alice: (opening voiceover) Dave Williams had been planning the murder for years. And like all the best plans, it was a simple one. First he would guide Mike Delfino and Katherine Mayfair to a remote cabin. The next morning, he'd pretend to be asleep as the two lovers left to go hiking. Dave would then grab the gun he'd carefully hidden and start to follow his quarry. He'd wait until the two had paused for a moment to catch their breaths and then he'd pull the trigger breaking the heart of the man who killed his wife. When the Rangers arrived they would mention the reports of illegal hunters in the area and Dave would drive Mike back home, all the while enjoying his pain. Yes, Dave Williams had come up with a very simple plan. But as he was about to discover, there is nothing simple about murder.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Edie's revelation that Dave married her only to achieve his own dark goals is very similar to Charlotte Haze's revelation of Humbert's paedophilic intentions in Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita". Edie's subsequent death by car accident verifies this comparison, with Charlotte Haze also dying immediately after the revelation, after being hit by a car.

    • Episode title: The title of the episode is taken from the song "Broadway Baby", from Stephen Sondheim's musical Follies.