Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 7

Always in Control

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on ABC

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  • Always in Control

    This was the show at its best. While its not in its glory days anymore, it featured light-hearted comedy, some border-pushing jokes and genuine family humor. That's why the show worked for so long.
  • 8.07 "Always in Control"

    Written & directed by: Jeff Greenstein


    This was an interesting little episode featuring Chuck Vance digging deeper into this mysterious thing and let me tell ya he has a great memory because he remembers a guy he saw at night 6 months ago for like 3 seconds! A detective job well deserved here. Susan was a little better this week, but she was wrong to paint that crime-scene. Bree was trying to cover her past shortcomings, Gaby was desperate to land gays as a guardians to her children if they get caught and sent to jail - good that she thought about it, Lynette lies to Penny about Jane ... and gets burned by it. Biotch. 8,5/10
  • One of the best installments of the season so far!


    This was one of the best episodes season 8 has dealt us, mostly because it managed to surprise the most out of all the episodes that have aired so far. The fact is, I didn't know much going into this episode, regarding what would happen. I'm a spoiler-junkie, but I had no idea what would be going on in general with each of the storylines, except maybe Gabrielle's guardian-themed deal. And therefore I was surprised to know that the cover-up mystery made for so many juicy twists and turns in this one hour of DH. I loved all the build-up, and I loved the follow-up to the previous episode. Everything about it was great, and the ladies breaking up was as juicy as juicy gets. It's always so much more interesting when these great friends aren't necessarily on each other's sides. It might not seem like much, but we're so invested in these characters that it kind of hits us hard when their friendships hit the rocks. Which doesn't mean we don't enjoy it, of course. I love it! :D I'm all for the juice.

    Anyway, the overlapping of the multiple plotlines was great, particularly Susan's art class ordeal, which finally takes on wings. That painting was creepy! And Andre was finally amusing in this episode, I never found him anywhere near funny or interesting in the previous chapters. Amy is awesome, too! I look forward to her one-liners next week.

    Lynette's story was heartbreaking in this episode. Her scene in the car was one of the best dramatic scenes of recent years, too bad it was cut short, it could've been on par (at least to some extent) with some of the scenes from earlier seasons. Too bad Andrea Parker's been a bit underused, but that's only to be expected. She's not hooked up to a main character, she's with Tom, who's a supporting player in Lynette's story. So, really, she's the sidekick of a sidekick. I hope to see more of her in the next episode, though.

    Juanita and Celia were funny, but unfortunately most of that funny material had already been given away in the sneak peeks (I've tried to keep from watching those, but can't). Chuck confronting Bree made for an awesome scene. Boy, is he creepy, I love what they did with his character, they just made him a hell of a lot more interesting, and it's really something they haven't done before, make a good guy go bad. Victor Lang was always kinda mean.

    Anyway, it's episodes like this that make me frustrated that this is the last season of my beloved show. I don't know how I will live without looking forward to new episodes of DH. Oh, well... all good things must come to an end. And I'll always have these eight seasons and approximately 180 episodes to cherish forever.

  • Amazing stuff@! So Intriguing!

    Hard to find any faults with this episode! It was just so good! I was stunned as some of the scenes unfolded, and aside from th ebrilliant and suspenseful storyline of Alejandro's boyd, the episode was also hilarious! Gaby calling Susan a 'racist' and Bree 'an alcoholic with a house full of guns' was epic!

    Also, the scenes with Juanita and Celia were hilarious! Such an a)wesome episode! Great work!

    Meanwhile, Susan's art storyline got REALLY interesting finally! I actually am stunned that she just painted the scene of the burial! This is going to be really interesting next week!!! Can't wait!!!
  • Always in Control


    Always in Control was a perfect episode of Desperate Housewives and I must say one of the best of the series. I really enjoyed watching this episode because of the character and plot development. It was tough to say who sent the note and who dug up the body, but this episode makes every thing pretty clear. I thought Lynette's story line was spectacular and her last scene with Penny at the ball field was so emotional and touching. I also liked Susan's story of having an artistic block after being degraded by her Art Instructor. In the end she really came up with a surprising piece and I wonder what will come of it. Gaby and Carlos trying to impress Bob and Lee with the girls so they would become their guardians was fun and comical with a few serious tones. Most all the cards are laid on the table in this episode and I really look forward to watching the next one!!!!!!!!!