Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 18

Any Moment

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on ABC

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  • Any Moment

    For the first time in awhile this show had good storylines for all of the main stars. Gaby's rise and fall up the economic ladder was comedic gold and the Susan/MJ bits felt very real and powerful, something Ms. Mayer has not always brought to this program.
  • 8.18 "Any Moment"

    3 words: perfect classic episode ... almost like it was taken out from some of the earlier seasons of the show :) which was nice for a change, one of my fav eps of the season along with 8.10 & 8.16. Some of my random observations: Mary Beth (what a name lol) was a cooler, funnier & weed smoking version of the late Ms. Beth Young, she even looked like Emily Bergl in a black short wig LMAO, Susan had a beautiful "jam jars throwing" scene at the end and thank God for Teri Hatcher's acting because that child actor Mason Van Cotton who plays MJ is not very good in this, he was not even bothered to pretend he was at least trying to cry! Nice seeing Ms. Butters back though. And big YAY for some much needed Julie/MJ interaction. Gaby had a funny storyline, that scene at the work center was fun!! And she most certainly did a lot of shopping lol. Good for her that they hired her, it will be nice to see her provide for the family for a change. Renee had some funny scenes at the beginning, loved that funny intro with "moments of expectations" and I laughed when she took the ring herself from Ben and practically pronounced herself engaged. World needs more ladies like this one. Seriously. Unfortuantely, Vanessa Williams is away shooting a new ABC pilot, so I guess we won't be seeing much of Renee in those last few episodes. And there will be also nothing left to do for the character except planning a huge kick-ass wedding that will probably take place somewhere in the first part of the series finale. Lynette is desperate to land her good old man Tom back and Penny is actually a smart girl, she had me fooled with the angry teenager mood, so when Jane offered to go to that concert with her I had no idea that Penny was only manipulating her & was in cahoots with her mam so she could have an entire evening with Tom. And she played the "I am home alone in the dark & I am scared" card and put these giant candles everywhere to get him in the mood, plus cooked his fav meal and left an old photo album on the table so they could remind themselves how much interesting they used to be, btw I praise Tom for having the guts to admit that they are not interesting anymore. Unfortunately, they looked like they were about to kiss, Tom's hand was on fire and Lynette turned on the light to see how badly was the skin burnt and it suddenly hit him - this was a scheme. It probably worked well for him because when Jane took care of the injury at their apartment (he lied and told her he was having a bath and did light up a few candles in the bathroom) he even refused her sex offer with an excuse that he still has some work to do, so now Jane smells something fishy and no, it is not Lynette's desperate vagina ;) and yeah, almost forgot that after Bree took care of Andrew and his new creppy "Ms. Bride-to-Be" she called Ben to thank him for keeping it quiet about the dead body the police dug up on his former construction site (he did not have a problem with it because the police thinks Alejandro has been dead for about 8 months, Ben started his project like 5-6 months ago). But she had no idea Det. Dempsey was listening to the conversation in the mini-van. Damn t!! 9,5/10
  • Very interesting! Lots of funny moments for sure!

    I can't believe how much I'm gonna miss Gaby's craziness when DH is over for good! :( Today she was at her insane best, with some absolutely hilarious scnes, particularly at the shop1 She's just so funny!!! <333

    Another hilarious moment was Susan throwing jars of jam at the wall. :P

    The Lynette storyline got semi-interesting for the first time in like three years.

    Interesting storyline for Bree also! Some funny scenes there, and there could be something huge about to happen!

    Can't wait to see what is next! Always exciting to see what's next to come! Another congrats to Rennee & Ben for their engagement! <3 Keep it up, DH!!! :)
  • I am loving season eight!

    So full of life. That energy that made me fall inlove with the show in the first place. The plots and hilarious situations that makes it feel like a sketches drama. This episode was full of schemes and it kept them hot and spicy.

    Gabrielle shops her troubles away, only to have to take everything back, but she gained alot more than what she lost.; a job. Lynette with the help of Penny and Taylor Swift gets Jane out of the way so she could have Tom to herself. Bree disagrees with Andrew's new decision to marry a woman, for her money, and cleverly shows Mary Beth why Andrew just isn't for her, and Renee finally gets her proposal only to have it followed by a police interrogation.

    Susan and M.J deal with losing Mike.

    Quite enjoyed this episode. So fabulous. Bree's lines were certainley a highlight : "Your queer, your here and I'm used to it."
  • Decent Filler

    Although I found the previous 4 or 5 episodes heartbreaking and emotionally intense, this one felt a bit like a deflated balloon in comparison. It wasn't awful, It just unfortunately follows a great couple of episodes, which is probably why I was a bit underwhelmed.

    I did enjoy Lynette in this one, was great to see her and Penny getting screentime together, along with Taylor Swift (Who I LOVE!). I like how I'm in two minds about this storyline, I'd like to see Tom and Lynette get back together, they have issues to work through (Lynette's Control issues mainly) but they're still the love of each others lives. I feel a little sorry for Jane though, she's just been caught in the drama and I can see her being hurt, even if she is slightly manipulative. Was interesting to see how Lynette once again manipulated Tom into coming round, which just pushed him further away when he realised what she had done.

    Gaby doesn't usually annoy me but the story in this one seemed a little ridiculous. I mean, a round of applause for shopping? It just doesn't happen! :P I always have a soft spot for her though, but I'd like to see her apply herself for once so hopefully we see some of Gaby really working hard at this job.

    Bree and Andrew was alright, was great to see the ever gorgeous Shawn Pyfrom back, and I'm thrilled that Bree said "Homosexuality isn't a choice". Being Gay, that's the one thing I wish everyone understood more. Although I was really put off at how stereotypical all the gays were at the engagement party. We're not all like that, how many stereotypical traits did they need to cram into that scene? Was a bit annoyed with that. They should have used Bob & Lee in some way for this, we don';t get to see them very often as it is!

    Didn't think I would find Susan's story interesting when it started, but once again at the end I was beginning to tear up, her scene with MJ was lovely. In the run up to the finale, it seems that the main focus will be Bree's inevitable arrest and her court battle, but I'm desperately hoping for some sort of twist. I don't like how the mystery has been solved, and we're just dealing with the aftermath. Since it's the last series I really want something revealed in the finale that will shock us, I think Season 4's finale was the perfect example of this in terms of the mystery.

    Decent episode, but definitely filler.
  • Any Moment

    Any Moment was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was interesting to see how MJ and Susan were dealing with Mike's death. Gaby was impressive in her spending spree which helped her land a job while Lynette schemed to get Tom back with the help of Penny. Ben and Renee are finally engaged and it was fun to watch it happen. Andrew is marrying a girl who happens to be an heiress who recently lost lots of weight so Bree throws an engagement party inviting Andrew's friends from the past which makes for an awkward time. The police are closing in on Bree leaving me in suspense. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Another Great Episode

    - SPOILERS -

    Another great instalment this week, slowly pushing towards the conclusion of the Alejandro story. It doesn't feel as though it's been going on forever either (personally), though I really don't see how Bree is going to get out of this one.

    Nice to see that Andrew is back and MJ has more screen time. I was concerned these characters won't have their own conclusions when the show ends, so I hope that's what they're doing. Maybe Andrew can help Bree somehow when she finally gets into trouble.

    The Susan/MJ jam scene at the end had me in tears and gave me chills for about the third time this season. DH hasn't properly moved me this year the way it used to (with the exception of Mikes funeral), but that last scene with MJ and Susan was heartbreaking and so well acted by Teri Hatcher. She's done an amazing job since Mike was killed off.
  • An incredible episode of Housewives

    This episode was fantastic. Unlike many of the series flashback episodes this one still allowed the overall season plot to progress nicely, especially in terms of the mystery.

    Each character came to understand something pivotal about themselves with the help of not only Mike but also other influential people in their lives who we have seen die throughout the series. Bree's flashbacks probably were the most fun as they took us away from Mike briefly to talk about a major plot point for her characters development into who she has always been, aka. the woman with the cold exterior and beaming smile. Discovering her mother taught her that is brilliant.

    A key flashback with Lynette, Tom and Mike was also a nice touch in which the writers chose to take a scene we saw transpiring at the end of the first or second episode final narration and turning it into an unseen sequence in which Mike advises Lynette. It was wonderful idea that was so effective. The only draw back of the Lynette section were inconsistencies with another Lynette flashback seen in Season 2. But I wont let that spoil what otherwise was a fantastic episode of the series.

    The finale act was incredibly moving and a wonderful send off for Mike. The fact this episode ended with the women reunited and all surrounding Susan with love was fantastic and we were left with a sense of where the series is going in the lead up to its finale, as well as a hint that Bree may have gotten herself in more trouble then she anticipated.... :D
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