Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 02, 2011 on ABC

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  • Abit disopointing!

    Unfortunatly i found this installment of Desperate Housewives to be abit boring and abit of a disopointment. The storylines in this episode had potential but Desperate Housewives just didnt take advantage of them. Lynettes storyline this week was pretty bland I thought the whole Renee/Tom storyline was boring and unorignal anyway but i am glad that the secret is out and we can move on and hopefully give renee something more intresting to do. I was hoping that in this epsode lynette would be abit more sympathtic to the neighbours and her friends considering it was her fault the riots escalated the way they did and the fact that she didnt even apoligies to susan or anything i felt that was pretty lazy!

    Gaby's boring baby swap story continued this week and once agian i wasnt excited by it i think that Desperate Housewives could have really made this storyline intresting now that Juanita knows the truth but instead it felt boring and unorignal, However it is nice to see Eva longoria get some more dramatic scenes other then just physical comedy. Bree's storyline was probably the most enjoyable this week only because it was nice to have orson back i thought the food fight between Orson and Keith was pretty funny, I like that Bree explianed that keith has changed her because she is definitly not as uptight as she used to be, however the unfortunate thing about this story was that it reminded me of how well Orson and Bree worked together they are a much better relationship then boring old keith but oh well im still hooping bree and keith will br over by season's end. Susan's storyline was ok this week it was nice to have Teri hatcher playing something more serious and im intriged to see what happens next for susan and her kidneys. The mystery this week was probably the biggest let down of the episode, Know one even seemed to care that Paul had been shot, there was no talks about the halfway house which caused all the riots i felt that was agian very lazy writing, however i was suprised by the revelation that mike is talking to felica, and i am looking forward to see what paul is going to do with Beth,

    Overall a pretty unimpresive episode of Desperate housewives i hope this isnt a sign of things to come.
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