Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Laurie Metcalf portrayed a character in "Scream 2" who was also killed by being shot in the head.

    • Where did Carlos get the sledgehammer to bash in the walls with? It's not like people have them lying around.

    • Laurie Metcalf and Felicity Huffman would later co-star in the 2007 film Georgia Rule

    • In this episode, we find out that Lynette was the last of the housewives to see Mary Alice alive.

    • This episode marks the point that all 4 housewives have been held at gunpoint. Susan - Zach Young, Bree - Matthew Applewhite, Gaby - stalker at the courtroom, Lynette - Carolyn Bigsby.

    • In the scene when Carolyn shoots Lynette, Lynette is wearing high heels when she is originally shot. In the next scene when Lynette falls into Art's arms she is wearing shoes without heels.

    • When Nora dies Lynette stands up and strokes with her hand over her a little blood stays on her chin. During the yelling scene of Lynette towards Carolyn the blood on her chin changes constantly.

    • The shot that killed Carolyn was the sixth and final shot from the revolver she brought to the store. The first two missed Harvey; #3 hit the escaped hostage in the shoulder; #4 killed Nora; and #5 hit Lynette.

    • The scene which has Bree and Carolyn together you can see when Carolyn walks toward Bree asking her to tell her what she knows, Bree was holding a basket without the handle, the next shot she's holding the handle with her right hand facing upward, the shot after her hand moved slightly facing the left side. This last shot was obviously the same shot from the beginning of the episode to remind us what got Carolyn angry.

    • Matt Roth (Art Shephard) and Laurie Metcalf (Carolyn Bigsby) are married in real life.

    • Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young) is seen in this episode, for the first and last time in season 3.

    • Laurie Metcalf, Matt Roth, and Brian Kerwin all previously played characters on the popular, long-running sitcom, Roseanne. Laurie played Jackie, Roseanne's sister. Roth and Kerwin played Jackie's boyfriends, Fisher and Gary, respectively.

  • Quotes

    • Susan: Hey, is that the new neighbor?
      Gabrielle: He's cute!
      Lynette: Edie said he's a bachelor.
      Gabrielle: Keep talking.
      Lynette: Who lives with his invalid sister.
      Gabrielle: You can stop now.

    • Susan: I can't leave Julie right now.
      Ian: We'll take her with us.
      Susan: Oh, that's responsible parenting. "Stealing whiskey? That's it young lady. I'm taking you to Paris"!

    • Ida: Bree, have you heard?
      Bree: Awful, just awful. Deviled egg?
      Ida: (after Bree lets them in and walks away.) I told you she'd have food.

    • (door bell rings at Gabrielle's house)
      Gabrielle: Yeah?
      Mrs. McCluskey: Quick, turn on the TV.
      Gabrielle: (all dirty and holding out a bat) It's kinda on the fritz.
      Mrs. McCluskey: Well, turn on your radio!
      Gabrielle: If only, you'd come ten minutes earlier.
      Mrs. McCluskey: Some woman is shooting at field's market. She's got hostages!
      Gabrielle: Oh, my God!
      Mrs. McCluskey: Yeah, we're all watching it over at Bree's house and.... (peaks inside Gabrielle's house and see everything is destroyed)
      Mrs. McCluskey: Uh, is everything okay here?
      Gabrielle: Yeah, everything is fine. We're just having a little squabble.
      (Carlos is coming with a chainsaw.)
      Gabrielle: Would you just give us a minute? Carlos, where do you think you're going with that?

    • (Lynette and Nora are held hostage at the supermarket but managed to hide from Carolyn and were trying to talk to Tom on Lynette's cellphone when Parker answers the phone.)
      Parker: Hello?
      Lynette: Hello! Sweetie, it's mommy, I need to talk to daddy.
      Parker: Porter is hogging all the legos.
      Lynette: Tell him I said to share, now put daddy on!
      Parker: I did tell them! He says he needs them all for his robots!
      Lynette: Put daddy on and I will buy you a real robot!
      Parker: (pops his eyes up in excitement) You will?
      Lynette: A big one with laser beam eyes, now go get daddy!
      (Parker drops the phone on the couch and walks away)
      Parker: (to his brothers) I'm getting a real robot!
      (Carolyn comes from behind with a gun and takes the phone before she can talk to Tom)

    • (Talking about Carlos after she found out she only gets the house from the divorce and no money.)
      Gabrielle: Come on, just give me one clean shot at him! I'm willing to do the time!

    • (Carlos and Gabrielle are in front of a judge getting divorced when Carlos' lawyer brings up the fact that Gabrielle only seduced him to get in on the money and Carlos played the tape.)
      Gabrielle: (Upset) You recorded our love making?!
      Carlos: It's all right here, Your Honor. When she climaxes, she actually starts screaming out dollar amounts.

    • Lynette: Oh, oh.. You have stepped on to my property, and you've talked to Tom. That's two rules you broke, and I'm not sure that top doesn't make it three.
      Nora: Would you tell your lunatic wife I am not talking to her.
      Lynette: I'm only lunatic if you think I'm letting you anywhere near my husband.

    • (Orson is explaining to Bree that it was an accident what it said about Alma on the police report)
      Bree: By the way, to remove a red wine stain, you sprinkle salt to absorb it.
      Orson: That's just what I was saying to Alma when she clocked me!

    • Bree: Orson, if you have a moment, there is something I would like your thoughts on.
      Orson: Certainly. What is it? The menu for our Holiday open house?
      Bree: No, it's a police report from the night you beat your first wife. I'm still working on the menu.

    • Austin: Mouthwash, toothpaste. Did someone get an anonymous e-mail?
      Julie: Said the boy with the economy-size acne cream.

    • Mary Alice: It was supposed to be an ordinary day for Carolyn Bigsby. She had planned to bake her husband a strudel, give her dog a bath, and water her African violets. Yes, Carolyn had planned to do all sorts of things she thought mattered. But earlier that day, a woman who wasn't her friend told Carolyn something she wasn't supposed to hear. From that moment on, Carolyn felt nothing really mattered anymore.

    • (Nora is whispering to Lynette.)
      Nora: I hope all this is giving you a little perspective on our situation.
      Lynette: Shh! She told us not to talk.
      Nora: You're thinking about your kids, right? How awful it'd be to never see them again. Well, that's what you're asking me to feel, but for the rest of my life!
      Lynette: Nora, please!
      Carolyn: Hey, what'd I say?
      Lynette: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We'll, we'll be quiet.
      Carolyn: You and your friend are really starting to bug me.
      Lynette: She's not my friend.
      Nora: She's trying to steal my kid.
      Lynette: Nora, shut up!
      Carolyn: Is that true?
      Lynette: No! I, we're, we have, we're sharing custody, and then, she tried to seduce my husband, so...
      Carolyn: She put the moves on your husband? Why didn't you say so?
      (She turns the gun on Nora and shoots her coldly. The other customers gasp and shriek.)

    • Carolyn: (to hostage) Do I know you?
      Hostage: My son Jordan's in your Sunday School class.
      Carolyn: Oh yes he's a great little boy. So don't do anything that will make him wake up tommorow without a mommy.

    • (Susan is trying to close her suitcase.)
      Ian: I have an expense account.
      Susan: And you're just telling me this now? (unzips her suitcase and starts taking stuff out.)

    • (Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle are talking in front of Susan's house, then the new resident of the Youngs' old house gets out)
      Susan: Hey is that the new neighbor?
      Gabrielle: He's cute.
      Lynette: Edie said he's a bachelor.
      Gabrielle: Keep talking.
      Lynette: Who lives with his invalid sister.
      Gabrielle: You can stop now.
      (The women keep looking at him)
      Susan: Should we go and introduce ourselves?
      Gabrielle: Yeah, let's give him the scoop on the neighborhood.
      They start walking towards him.
      Lynette: Do you think he knows Mary Alice shot herself in his living room?
      Susan stretches out her hand and stops them.
      Susan: Then again, he probably needs some time to unpack.
      The women nod and turn around.

    • Nora: (on the verge of death, to Lynette) I don't have later, you stupid bitch...

    • Harvey: Carolyn, honey, it's me. Harvey. Look, I'm really sorry, what I did was wrong, but I still love you a lot.
      Carolyn (eating cookies): Cut the crap. I had my hair done this morning, did you notice, huh, you even notice?
      Harvey: I was distracted... you were shooting at me.
      Edie: Tell her to let the kids go.
      Carolyn: Who the hell was that?! You got a woman in there?
      Harvey: She's a customer!
      Carolyn: Don't lie to me, Harvey, she is another one of your whores, isn't she?!
      Edie: Oh, fantastic!
      Harvey: Carolyn, I swear...
      Carolyn: I hope you're having a good time in there whore, because I got a bullet for you too!

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Lynette Scavo had a dream that night. It was one she had many times before...
      Lynette: Hey, Mary Alice! Are you okay?
      Mary Alice: (reading the blackmail note) Yes, thank you. I'm fine.
      Lynette: OK! I'll see you later.
      Mary Alice: (voiceover)... but this night something changed.
      Lynette: (walks towards her) No, you're not. I can tell. Please, tell me what's wrong. Let me save you.
      Mary Alice: You can't.
      Lynette: Why not?
      Mary Alice: Sweetie, we can't prevent what we can't predict.
      Lynette: Isn't there anything I can do?
      Mary Alice: Yes, you can enjoy this beautiful day. We get so few of them.
      (Lynette looks at the sky and smiles. But when she turns around, Mary Alice is gone.)
      Mary Alice: (voiceover) This was the last time Lynette would ever dream of me. And for her sake, I'm grateful.

    • Carolyn: First he cheated on me with a stewardess named Monique. How cliché is that? And then he told people about it. Now there are news trucks out there... Judy Pope's husband has an affair, nobody finds out. Mine cheats and they break into programming!

    • Edie: (to Harvey Bigsby about the shoplifting) Look, make him work it off. You get a free stock boy for a month!
      Austin: A month? It's a 10 dollar bottle of whiskey!
      Edie: Exactly! You weren't even smart enought to steal the good stuff!

    • (Susan confronts Julie with a can of beer.)
      Julie: Oh, it was Austin's, okay? I was tutoring him, he brought beer, I told him to throw it out and he did, end of story.
      Susan: Did you have any?
      Julie doesn't answer and turns around.
      Susan: I cannot believe this.
      Julie: That's it! Go to your room and finish packing. This conversation is over!
      Susan: The last time I checked, I was the parent.
      Julie: The last time I checked, I was the daughter who never gave you any reason to doubt her. And don't play the parent card with me! I just finished packing your suitcase, doing your laundry and balancing your checkbook! And now I'm going to the store to buy your toothpaste.

    • Lynette: (refers to Carolyn killing Nora) Everyone in here has pain, but we deal with it. We swallow it and get going with our lives, but what we don't do is go around shooting strangers!
      Carolyn: She deserved it!
      Lynette: Well maybe you deserved to be cheated on!

    • Carolyn: I've been thinking Harvey, that if you love Monique so much maybe you should be with her.
      Harvey: For gods sake Carolyn, she's dead.
      Carolyn: I know.
      (Carolyn pulls out her gun and starts shooting at Harvey.)

    • Edie: Oh my god! Austin's there. And Julie. Get your ass out there before someone gets hurt!
      Harvey: What am I, a moron? She'll shoot me.
      Edie: She has got 10 innocent people out there. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team.

    • Susan: Carolyn, open up, my daughter's inside!
      Carolyn: Sorry, store's closed.
      Susan: But there's a crazy woman in there!
      Carolyn: Yeah, I know. (she waves the gun in front of Susan)

    • Carolyn: There's never a good reason for hitting a woman.
      Bree: I used to think that too. Then I met you. Good day.

    • (Lynette offers to go for custody of Kayla.)
      Tom: I never thought you'd want a fifth kid.
      Lynette: I don't, and I didn't want the first four, but they're starting to grow on me.

    • Carolyn: (to the shoppers she is holding hostage) Attention, shoppers, we're having a special today on not getting shot, but it's only available at the back of the store.

    • Carolyn: (to Lynette, after shooting Nora) I believe the phrase you're looking for is "Thank you".

    • Carolyn: For the rest of you, hi, I'm Carolyn. I'm sorry for putting a crimp in your day, but I'm pretty sure my cheating husband is in here right now phoning the police so I'm counting on all you folks to help me keep them outside 'til Harvey and I have a chance to (showing her gun) talk things over...

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Prásk! (Bang)
      Slovakia: Bum (Wham)

    • Matt Roth chose this episode for consideration in the category of "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series". Brenda Strong also submitted this episode for consideration of her work in the category of "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" for the 2007 Emmy Awards. Felicity Huffman also submitted this episode for consideration on her own behalf in the category of "Outstanding Lead Actress - Comedy Series" for the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • "Bang" aired in Austria on April 16, 2007 which happened to be the day of the Virginia Tech massacre. Regarding the content of this episode, this might be seen as risky and controversial. German television channel ProSieben showed the episode the next day keeping Desperate Housewives's usual weekly slot.

    • Felicity Huffman submitted this episode in consideration for her work in the category of Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards.

    • A special encore of this episode was shown after Grey's Anatomy in lieu of the regular show in the time slot Six Degrees.

    • Due to time constraints and the network tradition of omitting title sequences during "controversial" episodes in TV programming, the opening credits sequence was completely cut.

    • Although credited, James Denton (Mike Delfino) does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "Bang!" is from a song written for the 1973 Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music. It was cut from the show before opening night, but has been included in several musical revues.

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