Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 10

Come Back to Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2004 on ABC

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  • Who Can We Confide In? Written by Patty Lin Directed by Fred Gerber

    "But her afternoons? Well, they were spent in the company...of men. Frustrated, misunderstood, lonely men, willing to pay money to feel a little less lonely. And Maisy Gibbons? Was willing to help them?"--Mary Alice

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot. It had everything you can expect from a Desperate Housewives--that sense of mystery, comedy, drama and of course soapy plot lines. I think its safe to say soap opera in this show since it is a primetime soap. If I was saying this about say The West Wing, it wouldn't go over as well with others. But I love The West Wing and I love this show so everyone can have their cake and it.

    I was wondering myself what's Maisy Gibbons' deal the last time she appeared in Episode 6. I said "Who the hell does she think she is?" Being Lynette's enemy and all when she is probably the weaker of the two. In a society where being a lady of the evening... or in Maisy's case: afternoon is really a pun. Not so much in Amsterdam which is the capital of prostitution but still Maisy needs to put food on the table and since his husband lost his job and when they could not renew their country club membership that was a serious blow for the Gibbons family. Maisy decided to start her little hobby and guess who became one of her most loyal customers... Rex Van De Kamp. This is the part of the review where I say that I really don't care for Rex anymore. Bree is a beautiful woman, a wonderful wife and someone who has always been there (and probably will stay) and he's going to Maisy Gibbons for a little help. Jeez, maybe he's the one whose actually desperate.

    Elsewhere, the women meet up at the courthouse where Carlos' hearing is being heard. The FBI is asking the judge to deny bail unless he provide a passport which has failed to turn up. If it is provided Carlos will be freed on bail and able to see his mother. Carlos is sent back to jail leading Gabrielle to go on a chase for the passport. She asks the lawyer on advice on what to do and that the FBI will be conducting random search raids and that she should hide anything of value. This leads her to bring a truckload of her mementos and things that she bought when she was paid for "lying on a rock in a bikini" to Bree's where she tells her that is alright but soon regrets when she sees all the things. She gives an awkward smile when she sees the end result. The next time the FBI visits they find an empty Solis house where Gabrielle explains that they are not into clutter. Gabrielle then visits Carlos in jail where he tells her where all of his secret items are: the passport is in a secret wall in the house. He advises her to take the papers and BURN them and leave the passport. Gabrielle finds the passport and burns the papers but instead of leaving the passport out she throws it into the fire knowing that maybe he needs a little time to think before he is released. Uh-oh!

    Susan and Mike have Chinese food together as Julie takes a meal fit for two people. Susan asks "if she is stocking up for winter?" and Julie tells her that she is just really hungry knowing Zach is still hiding upstairs. Julie then tells Susan that Karl may be breaking up with Brandi and that he might not be able to take her during the upcoming weekend. Susan lets out a big sigh when she was planning on spending the weekend alone with Mike. Mike tells her that she can still have their special weekend but at his house. Susan objects since she likes to be in control of her surroundings. The following day, Susan has the oppourtunity when she is finally alone she calls up Mike and gets ready for sex. Zach tries to sneak out but Susan thinks Mike's already inside and tells him to come up. Susan jumps into bed and lies there however when "Mike" fails to come up, Susan thinks there is an intruder and Zach runs into Julie's room. Mike then comes up and Susan accidentally clubs Mike. As Susan comforts Mike, Zach pops up from Julie's room and asks them not to be mad.

    When Julie gets home she finds Zach sitting at the table with Susan and Mike next to him. Julie asks what is going on and Susan tells Julie the jig is up. Mike then takes Zach back to Paul and Susan and Julie argue. Julie argues that she has been more of a mother to Susan over the past few months and that she had no right to even say anything. Susan gets angered at this since "she" is the mother not Julie. Susan had to make the right decision to send Zach back to Paul since they could get in trouble. Julie still does not think it is fair and goes upstairs. Meanwhile Mike brings Zach back and gives him his business card telling him if things ever get out of control he could call Mike to talk to. Mike rings the bell causing a reunion between the two. Later during dinner Paul reminds Zach to eat some potatoes and tells him how ecstatic he is about him being home. Zach begins to ask questions about when he was a child and how this one event he sees keeps replaying in his head. Paul tells him not to worry about the past and asks him to have more potatoes. Hmmm... are those potatoes medicated? Possibly...

    Lynette is finding that Claire is probably the best thing to happen to her. However when the children begin to go more to Claire instead of herself, Lynette worries that Claire may be replacing her as the mother. Lynette tries to not let this happen and also to see how Claire is doing her job by installing a series of cameras throughout the house. Secretly at night, Lynette watches the tapes and finds that Claire is doing her job too perfect. When Lynette tries to get the kids back on her side, she asks Claire to give them their daily vegetable. When Lynette re-watches the scene she is happy to know that even when Claire gives htme vegetables they still react the same as if Lynette was to do it. Lynette is happy when she sees no one is perfect and the children seem to be happy but wonders if she really wanted a nanny since she's not happy.

    Finally, Bree discovers Rex is having an affair when she smells a fragrance on Rex's clothing. She asks him why since he has a wife at home and has a pretty good life with Bree. Rex does not answer but instead goes to bed. The following day, Rex goes on another of his visits to Maisy and the two proceed to have rough S&M sex involving whips, handcuffs and Maisy in control and in stilettos. The two have sex until Rex has a heart attack. [And this is the part where I begin to feel sorry for Rex.] Maisy panics and calls the police. When Bree receives her phone call, she rushes over to the hospital where she finds that someone has accompanied him to the hospital and signed in for him: Maisy Gibbons. Bree looks shocked and after leaving goes to pay a visit to Mrs. Gibbons. Maisy happily lets Bree in and the two talk about how Rex just needed Maisy to help him through a difficult time. Bree is completely angered at all of this and leaves. Bree then goes back to the hospital where she tells Rex that from now on they are no longer a couple and that she is going to take him for everything he's got for what he's done. Bree leaves and goes to an attorney's office.

    Other important events in "Come Back to Me"...
    *Title Reference: I think the title refers to all of the housewives. Bree wants Rex to come back but in the end knows he's not going to, Gabby wants Carlos to also come back but that he needs to time to think about what he's done. Lynette wants her kids to come back since they are going more to Claire and Susan wants Julie to not hate her for the choice she made.
    *Carlos was indicted on being involved in the manufacturing of goods by slave labor. Who would know?
    *I really enjoyed Gabrielle's plot this week and how at the end she just didn't care and threw everything into the fire. I thought that was just awesome...not for Carlos but still wow!
    *Lynette reading the story and doing accents was hilarious. In the DVD outtakes, Felicity Huffman does a Scottish accent which is pretty funny.
    *Marcia Cross was really superb in her scene at the end with Rex (Steven Culp). You could really hear in the tone of her voice she was serious. She really is a fabulous actress.
    *Did Julie really think she could hide Zach up there forever? I think Susan made the right decision and Julie will get over it since in time she'll know that Susan made the right choice.

    "Come Back to Me" is simply a great episode full of surprises, suspense and great writing. Kudos to Patty Lin (the writer) and Fred Gerber (the director). Its really too bad that neither are still associated with the show since this episode is a fine example of why it is #1.