Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 17

Could I Leave You?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on ABC

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  • good


    i liked this episode of desperate housewives the gaby storyline wa pretty funny with all the ugly women to fair that woman at the start was horried to looke at the stuff with bree was also great i thought her going to aa was a brilliant storyline, the susna stuff was fun but not very intresting as it is obvo that she will edn up with mike in the end the lynette stuff was pretty good but mostly just filler overall a pretty goood epsiode but nothing that spectactular

  • Muchas cosas ocurren, pocas de fondo.

    Bree y su problema de alcoholismo empieza a sentirse cada vez más fuerte. Lynette tiene que enfrentarse a una madre para poder hacer un poco más llevadero el ambiente laboral, lo raro es que pelea con argumentos que ella como madre ni siquiera se cree. Mike, Karl, Susan y el Dr una mezcla que no puede terminar para nada bien, nos damos cuenta que los sentimientos de karl siguen siendo fuertes, asi como su egoismo, como quien dice que susan sea feliz a su lado, o miserable al lado de los demas. Mientras que gabrielle sigue empeñada en su busqueda de un bebe.
  • Bree finaly admits she has a drinking problem. Susan is boring as always, Lynette lives on her work as usually, and Gabrielle is being as shallow as every time. Unafortunatly Edie is not in this episode.

    This episode is noting special, only interesting thing is Bree final admiting she has a problem. Peter is really sweat to her, and he helps her after she gets in one really shamefull trouble. Andrew is treatening Bree again, this time he say he remembers Bree sexually abusing him while he was a boy.
    Gabrielle is trying to adopt. And she finds a perfect shallow stripper girl to get a baby from.
    Lynette has some problem with woman who breastfeeding her 5 year old son. Very boring, actually.
    Susan is stupid again, she is hiding all the wrong things, and she is more boring and predictable in every new episode. I really hope some good lines for her soon... Seems like she wants to kill the audience.
  • One of the funniest episodes to date!

    This episode is a perfect example of Desperate Housewives at its best. It was genuinely funny, moving and exciting at various moments throughout.

    Gabrielle once again got some of the best lines in the episode, especially in regards to ugly mothers.
    Only Teri hatcher could pull of the wonderfully slapstick 'falling out fo a wheelchair' so well without making it crass. I was also jumping out of my seat cheering for Mike to punch Doctor Ron (Whom I think is a bit weird and creepy!)
    As for Lynette's story, I have been creeped out by seeing mothers breastfeed older childen, so I totally knew where she was coming from.

    Bree's story, once again, moved me. Marcia Cross's performance was simply outstanding and she seriously needs to be receiving some sort of award for her role in this series.

    All in all, a perfect example of a brilliant series.
  • Severing Ties Written by Scott Sanford Tobis Directed by Pam Thomas

    Mary Alice: “The choice to separate from what we love is painful. The only thing worse is when someone we trust makes the choice for us”.

    As you can guess by the above quote, here is an episode that is all about severing ties and with 80% of the plots dealing with children and the remaining 20% on boyfriends you want to love but don’t, this is quite an intense episode.

    The more I watch this season, the more compelled I am with Bree’s misery and let’s be honest the poor woman has had quite a lot of it this last few weeks. Desperate to beat Andrew in his savage pursuit of legal emancipation and his trust fund, Bree’s attempts of integrating at AA are a hoot but quite sad.

    Predictably enough she doesn’t see herself as someone who behaves in a compulsive manner despite all evidence to the contrary and she even dismisses her new friend Peter’s attempts of reaching out to her until another and more public confrontation with Andrew at a mall has her calling Peter to get her out of a dire and pretty hilarious predicament.

    Although I shouldn’t advocate child abuse in any way, I wish to God that Bree would actually hit Andrew, even if it is what he wants. I’d also like to think that the writer for this episode read my review for last week and decided to up the ante when it came to Andrew’s abuse claim but even I can’t take credit for what the evil little jerk decides to do next when he threatens to tell the courts the Bree abused him sexually as a child. Now I really wished she had slapped him!

    Even Justin looked disgusted with Andrew and Bree responded to this latest defeat by getting so wasted she passed out in a cocktail in the mall and got locked in, only for her escape attempts getting her caught in between the security gates in a scene that had me laughing out loud and thinking “ouch” at the same time. The cop taking a picture of him and a humiliated Bree was a riot.

    Fortunately for Bree, at least she had someone to confide in with Peter (nicely played by ex-Oz actor Lee Teguson). I quite liked Peter and this episode made it hard not to. He listened to Bree as she, in a rather surprising turn of events opened up about all the pain she’s going through and he told her that she had a problem in a caring but matter of fact way. It also looked like Bree paid attention given that she herself emptied all her wine bottles out of the house. At least I hope she is.

    Advocating advice seems to be another common denominator in this episode as after a two week absence the Applewhites are back and the hostility between Matthew and Betty is cranking up. I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a point to this whole mystery at all because even with them back, very little actually happens with them.

    I’m also finding it easier to side with Matthew a little too much as well. He has a right to want to work and to be able to buy his girlfriend jewellery, even if she is a bumbling airhead like Danielle and he’s right about Caleb too.

    I like Caleb like most people but the guy needs professional help that either Betty or Matthew can offer and if Betty doesn’t get off her high horse and acknowledge that sooner than later then Caleb is likely to be a danger to someone again if his scenes with Danielle are anything to go by.

    He sneaks into her bedroom to offer her a gift which naturally freaks her out a bit. Caleb has a problem handling rejecting and Danielle has a problem with subtlety and when they both freak out, you’re unsure of the consequences. Danielle may have been safe now but what about if Caleb gets violent again. I’m still not even sure if she handled the situation with Caleb bravely or stupidly. Oh wait, I am – it was the latter. At least she wasn’t hurt – for now.

    Unlike Susan, who being the 20% boyfriend trouble ratio of this hour as her doomed relationship with Ron finally hits the skids and we can thanks both Karl and Mike for that when Susan’s meddling sham husband busts a pipe in Susan’s kitchen and conveniently makes sure that Mike and Ron up with one another.

    When Mike starts talking about himself, Ron figures that he’s the love of Susan’s life and then argues with a wheelchair bound Mayer before scrapping with Mike in the streets and then dumping Susan, who vents her anger at Mike. The attraction between Mike and Susan is greatly explored as while both of them are still in love with the other neither of them can get past their anger and fear to admit.

    Then again, there’s also Karl’s long standing attraction to Susan as well which even Gabrielle and Bree pick up on when he starts acting nice to his ex-wife. There are some things in this world that should not be spoke and I want Karl gagged when it comes to admitting he loves Susan. Seriously don’t do it pal, you two are a lot more fun as enemies than lovers. This week also saw Karl continue to act like a child while Susan was surprisingly adult about things.

    Like Lynette, who really is an example to us all in many a way. These mainly being the only person who actually seems to do any work in Parcher And Murphy and who is also forced into telling her new co-worker Veronica not to breast feed her five year old son because Ed and her other co-workers are a complete set of wimps.

    Now I have nothing against breastfeeding but when it’s a five year old child and the only other reason you’re doing it is to keep off the fat, then you’re being silly. Lynette did a reasonable thing by talking to Veronica and although offering Donovan chocolate milk as a way to stop him wanting to be fed by his mother was underhanded, I think I would’ve done something similar.

    I could make many a smutty joke about this and even throw in the obvious Little Britain comparison but I’ll contain myself. Needless to say this silly plot was heightened by the serious issue it raised.

    Last but by no means least, Gabrielle and Carlos’ quest to obtain their dream baby this week has them fighting off a lot of Plain Jane (and even a Scary Mary type) type of women before the superficial duo meet pole dancer Libby, who’s happy to give them her baby as long as they financially make it worth her while. Of course when the Solis’ are hesitant with this, Libby has no qualms with using racism to get what she wants.

    Not that Gaby would let a thing like that get in her way and let’s just say that Libby is easily bought. Just like Gabrielle, she’s a manipulative, compulsive liar as it transpires that she’s more than in contact with the father of her baby. I would like to feel bad for the Solis’ but given the attitude they have towards becoming parents, it’s kind of fair that they’re getting a bit screwed over.

    Also in “Could I Leave You”

    Housewife of the week: Gabrielle and her various shopping exploits such as perfume from Paris, a gown from Milan and designer shoes from Manhattan and well as getting rid of a particularly unattractive mother.

    Carlos: “For all you know her kid could end up winning beauty contests”
    Gabrielle: “With her DNA? The only thing that kid’s going to winning is best in show”.

    The ugly woman in question was Deanna and she gave birth to a boy. I also thought it was cool how Libby mispronounced the Solis’ as “soulless”. Well, it’s not entirely inaccurate when you think about it.

    Bree (to Peter): “I’m not like you people. I don’t have a compulsive personality”.

    Bree (re Susan/Karl): “Did he just call her baby?”
    Gabrielle: “Yeah. When did they stop hating each other?”

    Minor bits: Matthew’s 19 years old, Susan lied about who Mike was to Ron (I know at least seven or eight Mikes/Michaels), Libby wants to be a choreographer and invented a move called the serpent’s tongue.

    Lynette: “The team’s made up of wimps”
    Ed: “The team’s aware of that and accepts your loathing”.

    Mike (re Ron): “I thought he was hurting you”
    Susan: “Well you were wrong and now he’s gone”.

    The full opening credits are back. Is this going to permanent? Have ABC realised the error of his ways?

    Gabrielle: “You’re a lot smarter than I thought”
    Libby: “I’m a lot smarter than most people think”.

    No Paul, Zach, Tom, Edie or Penny this week.

    Bree: “You sound impressed”
    Peter: “I kinda am. It sounds like you’re raising an Alpha male”
    Bree: “I’m raising a monster. No wonder I drink”.

    The chronology is according to Mike, a year and a half since the “Pilot”, so that’s six months since “Next”?

    Veronica: “I’m gonna have to join a gym”
    Lynette: “That’s a bummer”.

    Standout music: “Don’t Cha” by **** Dolls. Seeing as Smallville used the same song this season during a strip club scene, couldn’t the producers have used something a little more original and sexier? Series like The L Word and The Sopranos would have no problem on this scope.

    Three episodes in a row with new staff writers and we’ve had some of the sharpest writing to date. “Could I Leave You” continues this trend wonderfully while introducing three potentially fascinating characters and getting rid of one who won’t be dramatically missed. However, I’m still thinking that the Applewhite plot is losing steam and the sooner it’s dealt with, the better for all our sakes. Still though, this was another goodie.

  • You Can't Always Get What You Want... Or Can You? Written by Scott Sanford Tobis Directed by Pam Thomas

    "If there's one thing [Bree] knows, its presentation"... --Lawyer

    In my book, another well done episode. This week on Desperate Housewives the theme is a give and take. For example everyone always says give me this, give me that...let me have this...I don't want this. This episode is a perfect example of this notion.

    Gabrielle Solis knows this very well as she declares that she wants a pretty baby. When the lawyer brings over a woman who is far from attractive over to the Solis house, Gabrielle flat out refuses and tells the lawyer to go back to the drawing board. At the lawyer's office the following day, Gabrielle gets no results in her favor until her dream mother walks in. Enter Libby, a pretty stripper who does not know who the father is and is not ready. Gabrielle happily agrees to let Libby be their mother because she fulfills Gabby's standards. I didn't know Gabrielle was so shallow, I can recall last week she didn't care what it looked like. I guess people will never change. Libby then finds out they are rich and Mexican. Therefore Libby decides to take the Solises to the cleaners and wants a showering of gifts in order for her to give away the baby. Gabby gives in but is definitely on to her. Later, at the strip club Libby is greeted by a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Uh-oh Solises...let's see what happens next week.

    Susan is released from the hospital but not without controversy on the part of Dr. Ron. You'll recall from last week that Susan confessed on the operating table with Dr. Ron present that she loved Mike. Now she knew she was on anesthetics but still that's pretty f**ked up. Dr. Ron tries to get it out of her but she quickly makes excuses for herself. Susan then asks Ron to meet Karl and they all have dinner together. However after dinner Karl instigates and makes a pipe leak. Karl then asks that Ron go to Delfino who is the local plumber for help. Ron soon finds out that Delfino's name is Mike which causes a fight between Ron and Susan. Mike comes late in the fight when Susan accidentally falls and is believed that Ron had something to do with it. Ron and Mike then fight but it ends shortly after. Later, Mike tries to rekindle their relationship but Susan is still not ready to take him back. She then receives a phone call from Dr. Ron breaking it off with her. Poor Susan!

    Bree is still being blackmailed by Andrew who this time threatens to add molestation to the list of complaints in order to be emancipated and use her credit card. Bree begins to drink again just as she's doing well in AA and manages to get herself locked in a department store which is pretty hilarious and highly original for the show. Bree is then forced to call her sponsor who comes right over to rescue her. How sweet!

    This week on The Office: Parcher and Murphy: Lynette is forced to hire a new employee however the employee Veronica who has one quirk, she likes to breast feed her 5 year old child. Lynette and the other partners become very disgusted yet insconsed in her practice but force Lynette to be the one to tell her that it has to stop. Veronica plays a guilt trip on Lynette and the only way she'll stop is when he is ready. Lynette then secretly gives the child a milk jug which he loves and no longer wants breast milk. This devastates Veronica who claims that breast feeding helps her lose weight. Poor dear, join a gym or diet like everyone else!

    Other important events in "Could I Leave You?"...
    *Is it me or do the writers keep switching the Lynette storyline: one week she's a housewife, the other she's the big boss lady. Its nice to have a little diversity but where is her story going? Give Lynette a mystery, writers! Because I already enjoy The Office, both versions actually US & UK.
    *Betty Applewhite actually appears in the episode. After a 3 week absence she appears for about 2 minutes when Matthew asks for money for Danielle's birthday gift. She refuses to give him a lot but also tells him that he cannot get a job because of Caleb. This angers him and asks if they should put Caleb away. Betty is offended by this saying that this is the family's burden. Caleb then visits Danielle the following evening and tries to pull the same thing as he did on Melanie. Danielle better watch out, Bree has enough grief for right now.
    *I never knew that Gabrielle was so shallow. I mean she's a fabulous character but I recall last week she would take any baby. I'm happy she's getting what she wants but sometimes what you think you see is actually what you get.
    *The title sequence is back at long last. Don't expect it next week though... (I've already seen next week's so that's why!)

    "Could I Leave You?" was a great episode in my opinion reminscent of a Season 1 episode and very original in terms of Bree's storyline. Bravo!

  • An improvment from the last episodes, however some annoying flaws still remain.

    Good episode, in short. Nothing too terribly exciting happened. Gabrielle's story was hilarious, I liked her dialouge. Bree's was interesting... I mean the passing out in a department store was weird. I mean, I know that there's alot of people that just want to get out of there after their shift is over, but would they honestly leave someone in a dressing room? The AA guy is suppose to have some sort of a 'dark' secret, so I guess we'll see how that turns out. Lynette's story was a little strange... I don't think that the whole breast feeding thing is the right direction. Susan's was pretty funny. Karl is starting to be an interesting addition to the season.

    In short, keep up the good work! Hopefully the remaining 6 episodes will be good, or else Season three is going to have an empty audience.

    BTW, Where's my Edie?
  • Ohh Susan !!!

    This was a great episode. We see that Dr. Ron has finally had it with Susan when she invites him to meet her ex-husband, and he is beaten up by Susan’s ex-boyfriend. What I did like was that Mike still has feelings for Susan and maybe we will see something interesting developing there. As far as Bree is concerned, she finally discovers that she has a drinking problem, but the way she discovers it is hilarious. She wakes up on the floor inside the change room of a store, and it is like night time and the store is closed. She tries very hard to get out but ends up getting stuck in the middle of the doors. She finally calls her AA meeting leader and he gets her out. Lynette his concerned about her new co-worker since the new co-corker is still breast feeding her 5 year old son. Carlos and Gabrielle finally find am attractive mother of an unborn child whose child they will adopt as soon as it is born. However, the mother is asking for money and other compensations since she knows that Carlos and Gabrielle are desperate. And finally, after what seemed like a long time, we see the Applewhite’s.
  • FUnny

    I had forgotten about Desperate Housewives for the longest time. I always loved the show despite how ridiculous it seems to get. But the last episode was absolutely hilarious. There are not many neighborhoods where you see a lady in a wheelchair chasing people down, and I wish my neighborhood was like that (except for the crazy guy, mom adopting/ "buying" a stripper's baby, and that sort of thing).
  • Susan invites Dr. Ron to meet Karl after he finds out about their arranged marriage. Lynette is surprised that a woman at work is still breastfeeding her child of five. Gabrielle becomes very picky when choosing a birth mother, and a beautiful baby.

    Finally I got to watch a good episode, probably for the first time in Season 2. I guess I have lost all the pity I had on Bree. Since she just can't rid of her drinking habit, I think she deserves what Andrew is doing to her. Will have to wait and watch the mystery about the pregnant girl. Hope she doesn't mess up the lives of Carlos and Gabrielle. I guess they didn't have any storyline for Lynette. That's why they gave her The stupid story about the mother still breast-feeding her child. And, why the didn't the child tell her mother that how he got to drink chocolate milk in the first place itself.
  • A nice episode again. Nothing special though.

    I liked this episode, although I don’t think that it was great, I just think that it was good.
    Bree is still having trouble with her drinking. I mean to go to the AA and drink along couldn’t go well. That was for sure. But her son is just going too far with the abuse claims! I mean that is just a thing you don’t joke about it. And then I simply don’t understand, why he acclaims her and not his dead father. I mean he could say he did it, but she new it always and was even hold him or something like that. That would be much more believable and way easier to prove. I mean abuse of a mother to a son is really hard to find evidence. The way I described, the thing would be much more successful, even I think that it’s disgusting to make such false acclaims.
    Then the thing with Lynette and her new co worker: Well I don’t know what to say. It wasn’t something that was neither interesting nor funny or something else. It just was.
    The problems of the Solice family are still interesting. Carlos gives always in, something I still wonder. OK he won with the kids, but still on everything else he’s giving in.
    Susan is having trouble with all her boyfriends and the past ones and the current ones. That was quite funny! But at least she faces some truth with Mike.
    I enjoyed this episode, but still it was only average.
  • I love this show!

    This has to be the best episode of season 2 so far in my book!

    We see a whole new side of Karl, Susan, Mike and Bree. We see how desperate Carlos is and how willing Gabi is to get a child, but not just any child. Gabi refers to the child she wants as "my girl" whilst she's talking to Bree and Susan which shows how much she wants to have a baby. Mike seems to be the one who is trying to create the lost friendship with Susan with a little help from Karl (Although my question remains is he doing it to help Mike and Susan or himself?) Susan seems to be reluctant. She now has a chance to talk to Mike, but she doesn't.
    Bree finally starts to see that she might have a problem after Andrew basically pushes her off the edge. That kid has serious issues, but Bree might have someone who is close to Andrew that still sympathizes with her... Danielle has an unwanted visitor in her bedroom!!! All in all GREAT EP!
  • Very interestin

    I found this episode very funny. Bre always wants to thin kof herself as being above others which leads her to not admit that she has a drinking problum. Her passing out in the strore was one of the most hilarious things in this episode. Andrew is always there at the right time to make her drink making it even funnyer. Then when the new enployey was Breast feeding her FIVE year old I just lost it. So many funny and unexspected things always happen to the charicters on this show. I can't belive how picky Gabriel can be, I mean come on she is buying a baby she can't really be that picky. Well she will get what she paid for. Mike so still loves Susin. I can't belive that Susin won't admit to herself that she wants to be with him. Mike fighting Dr. Ron was another funny event in this episode. I can't wait for next weeks episode.
  • Mostly humorous but with a couple of dramatic touches and a nice twist at the end.

    So we start off with the obvious as Gabrielle shoots down prospective surrogates thanks to their looks and lucks into a stripper. A nice hidden touch of Mary Alice saying how that ugly woman's child will grow up nice and good-looking. The scene at the club between Gabrielle and the woman was nice with Gabby realizing too late how the lady was playing for more cash.
    However, I honestly didn't see coming the twist at the end as the baby's father isn't out of the picture at all. I can't wait to see the looks on Carlos and Gabrielle when they realize they've been played.

    The Bree plotline was interesting as Andrew sinks further into darkness against his mother. Marcia Cross showed off some nice comedic skills with being stuck in the gates. Her relationship with this man promises some fun and it's good to see her finally admit she has a problem.

    I'm trying to figure out if Karl did what he did because he still wants Susan or just wanted to see the fireworks. Teri Hatcher was great as Susan, whimpering on the ground as Mike and Ron went at it and blasting Mike for starting the fight. I enjoyed the shot of Karl eating cake in the window watching it all as well.

    The Lynette plot was silly, even for her, but I did enjoy that last scene of the woman crying as it comes out she was doing it pretty much to lose weight and Lynette just gives her a great "are you kidding me?" look.

    It's nice to see the Applewhites finally back in the thick of things and the scene of Danielle and Caleb was truly scary. One only wonders how Bree will react when she finds this out. As much as she'd hate to admit what Andrew did, her love for her daughter could push her to face the truth.

    So some good developments in several circles with nice twists to come.
  • We're back on track!

    Ok - much better this week. The Susan/Mike/Dr. Ron storyline is a little predictable (and would someone please tell Teri Hatcher to eat something!), but the rest of the show was pretty good. Good to see the Applewhites again, and Gabrielle had some good zingers about the birth mothers. The highlight of the show, however, has to be Marcia Cross. This woman deserves an Emmy! One minute we're laughing at Bree's predicament, and then we're almost in tears as she admits how much she hates herself. The woman can act, no doubt about it! Question to the writers: Exactly when will we be seeing Edie again? Why have we now gone two full episodes with almost no mention of her name?
  • Very nice show, I can't beleive how similar it is to our lives...

    This show is absolutely awesome. I just can't get enough of it. I'm desperate for Desperate Housewives!

    This show is definitely a must see! I only watched it twice but it was really cool so I started watching!

    Don't miss Desperate Housewives Sundays at 9/8c on ABC! And I really like InJustice as well at 10/9c.
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