Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 17

Could I Leave You?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on ABC

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  • Severing Ties Written by Scott Sanford Tobis Directed by Pam Thomas

    Mary Alice: “The choice to separate from what we love is painful. The only thing worse is when someone we trust makes the choice for us”.

    As you can guess by the above quote, here is an episode that is all about severing ties and with 80% of the plots dealing with children and the remaining 20% on boyfriends you want to love but don’t, this is quite an intense episode.

    The more I watch this season, the more compelled I am with Bree’s misery and let’s be honest the poor woman has had quite a lot of it this last few weeks. Desperate to beat Andrew in his savage pursuit of legal emancipation and his trust fund, Bree’s attempts of integrating at AA are a hoot but quite sad.

    Predictably enough she doesn’t see herself as someone who behaves in a compulsive manner despite all evidence to the contrary and she even dismisses her new friend Peter’s attempts of reaching out to her until another and more public confrontation with Andrew at a mall has her calling Peter to get her out of a dire and pretty hilarious predicament.

    Although I shouldn’t advocate child abuse in any way, I wish to God that Bree would actually hit Andrew, even if it is what he wants. I’d also like to think that the writer for this episode read my review for last week and decided to up the ante when it came to Andrew’s abuse claim but even I can’t take credit for what the evil little jerk decides to do next when he threatens to tell the courts the Bree abused him sexually as a child. Now I really wished she had slapped him!

    Even Justin looked disgusted with Andrew and Bree responded to this latest defeat by getting so wasted she passed out in a cocktail in the mall and got locked in, only for her escape attempts getting her caught in between the security gates in a scene that had me laughing out loud and thinking “ouch” at the same time. The cop taking a picture of him and a humiliated Bree was a riot.

    Fortunately for Bree, at least she had someone to confide in with Peter (nicely played by ex-Oz actor Lee Teguson). I quite liked Peter and this episode made it hard not to. He listened to Bree as she, in a rather surprising turn of events opened up about all the pain she’s going through and he told her that she had a problem in a caring but matter of fact way. It also looked like Bree paid attention given that she herself emptied all her wine bottles out of the house. At least I hope she is.

    Advocating advice seems to be another common denominator in this episode as after a two week absence the Applewhites are back and the hostility between Matthew and Betty is cranking up. I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a point to this whole mystery at all because even with them back, very little actually happens with them.

    I’m also finding it easier to side with Matthew a little too much as well. He has a right to want to work and to be able to buy his girlfriend jewellery, even if she is a bumbling airhead like Danielle and he’s right about Caleb too.

    I like Caleb like most people but the guy needs professional help that either Betty or Matthew can offer and if Betty doesn’t get off her high horse and acknowledge that sooner than later then Caleb is likely to be a danger to someone again if his scenes with Danielle are anything to go by.

    He sneaks into her bedroom to offer her a gift which naturally freaks her out a bit. Caleb has a problem handling rejecting and Danielle has a problem with subtlety and when they both freak out, you’re unsure of the consequences. Danielle may have been safe now but what about if Caleb gets violent again. I’m still not even sure if she handled the situation with Caleb bravely or stupidly. Oh wait, I am – it was the latter. At least she wasn’t hurt – for now.

    Unlike Susan, who being the 20% boyfriend trouble ratio of this hour as her doomed relationship with Ron finally hits the skids and we can thanks both Karl and Mike for that when Susan’s meddling sham husband busts a pipe in Susan’s kitchen and conveniently makes sure that Mike and Ron up with one another.

    When Mike starts talking about himself, Ron figures that he’s the love of Susan’s life and then argues with a wheelchair bound Mayer before scrapping with Mike in the streets and then dumping Susan, who vents her anger at Mike. The attraction between Mike and Susan is greatly explored as while both of them are still in love with the other neither of them can get past their anger and fear to admit.

    Then again, there’s also Karl’s long standing attraction to Susan as well which even Gabrielle and Bree pick up on when he starts acting nice to his ex-wife. There are some things in this world that should not be spoke and I want Karl gagged when it comes to admitting he loves Susan. Seriously don’t do it pal, you two are a lot more fun as enemies than lovers. This week also saw Karl continue to act like a child while Susan was surprisingly adult about things.

    Like Lynette, who really is an example to us all in many a way. These mainly being the only person who actually seems to do any work in Parcher And Murphy and who is also forced into telling her new co-worker Veronica not to breast feed her five year old son because Ed and her other co-workers are a complete set of wimps.

    Now I have nothing against breastfeeding but when it’s a five year old child and the only other reason you’re doing it is to keep off the fat, then you’re being silly. Lynette did a reasonable thing by talking to Veronica and although offering Donovan chocolate milk as a way to stop him wanting to be fed by his mother was underhanded, I think I would’ve done something similar.

    I could make many a smutty joke about this and even throw in the obvious Little Britain comparison but I’ll contain myself. Needless to say this silly plot was heightened by the serious issue it raised.

    Last but by no means least, Gabrielle and Carlos’ quest to obtain their dream baby this week has them fighting off a lot of Plain Jane (and even a Scary Mary type) type of women before the superficial duo meet pole dancer Libby, who’s happy to give them her baby as long as they financially make it worth her while. Of course when the Solis’ are hesitant with this, Libby has no qualms with using racism to get what she wants.

    Not that Gaby would let a thing like that get in her way and let’s just say that Libby is easily bought. Just like Gabrielle, she’s a manipulative, compulsive liar as it transpires that she’s more than in contact with the father of her baby. I would like to feel bad for the Solis’ but given the attitude they have towards becoming parents, it’s kind of fair that they’re getting a bit screwed over.

    Also in “Could I Leave You”

    Housewife of the week: Gabrielle and her various shopping exploits such as perfume from Paris, a gown from Milan and designer shoes from Manhattan and well as getting rid of a particularly unattractive mother.

    Carlos: “For all you know her kid could end up winning beauty contests”
    Gabrielle: “With her DNA? The only thing that kid’s going to winning is best in show”.

    The ugly woman in question was Deanna and she gave birth to a boy. I also thought it was cool how Libby mispronounced the Solis’ as “soulless”. Well, it’s not entirely inaccurate when you think about it.

    Bree (to Peter): “I’m not like you people. I don’t have a compulsive personality”.

    Bree (re Susan/Karl): “Did he just call her baby?”
    Gabrielle: “Yeah. When did they stop hating each other?”

    Minor bits: Matthew’s 19 years old, Susan lied about who Mike was to Ron (I know at least seven or eight Mikes/Michaels), Libby wants to be a choreographer and invented a move called the serpent’s tongue.

    Lynette: “The team’s made up of wimps”
    Ed: “The team’s aware of that and accepts your loathing”.

    Mike (re Ron): “I thought he was hurting you”
    Susan: “Well you were wrong and now he’s gone”.

    The full opening credits are back. Is this going to permanent? Have ABC realised the error of his ways?

    Gabrielle: “You’re a lot smarter than I thought”
    Libby: “I’m a lot smarter than most people think”.

    No Paul, Zach, Tom, Edie or Penny this week.

    Bree: “You sound impressed”
    Peter: “I kinda am. It sounds like you’re raising an Alpha male”
    Bree: “I’m raising a monster. No wonder I drink”.

    The chronology is according to Mike, a year and a half since the “Pilot”, so that’s six months since “Next”?

    Veronica: “I’m gonna have to join a gym”
    Lynette: “That’s a bummer”.

    Standout music: “Don’t Cha” by **** Dolls. Seeing as Smallville used the same song this season during a strip club scene, couldn’t the producers have used something a little more original and sexier? Series like The L Word and The Sopranos would have no problem on this scope.

    Three episodes in a row with new staff writers and we’ve had some of the sharpest writing to date. “Could I Leave You” continues this trend wonderfully while introducing three potentially fascinating characters and getting rid of one who won’t be dramatically missed. However, I’m still thinking that the Applewhite plot is losing steam and the sooner it’s dealt with, the better for all our sakes. Still though, this was another goodie.