Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 19

Don't Look at Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The name of Parker's classmate, Cindy Lou Peeples, is the same one used by Dorothy Zbornak when the girls crash a high school reunion in The Golden Girls episode 'Home Again, Rose.'

    • Goof: After Karl and Susan sleep together, Edie calls to speak to Karl and Susan asks, "how does she know you're here". His car is parked right outside of her house and Edie only lives 3 houses away...

    • Even though baby Lily was just born last night (last episode), she seems to have aged three months by the size of the baby in the court room. It is noticable by the fact that not only was the baby much larger, but she also no longer had newborn qualities and was holding her head up very well.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: (to Felicia) We got plenty of burgers if you want to pop over! And bring your appetite!

    • Mrs. Pate: Yesterday afternoon, Parker offered a cookie to Cindy Lou Peeples if she would show him her vagina.
      Lynette: What kind of cookie?
      Mrs. Pate: What does that matter?
      Lynette: Oh, it doesn't. I'm just stalling because I am completely mortified.

    • Paul: You've taken it too far this time! These little mind games are going to stop, right now!
      Felicia: And if they don't, whatcha gonna do? Blow out your brains, like your wife did?

    • Felicia: Paul? I was making cookies and I heard the most sickening thud. Are you okay?
      Paul: There's shortening on my doorstep.
      Felicia: Shortening? That's the last thing you'd want on your front porch. It's meant for baking.

    • Eleanor: It took me a week to forgive Esperanza.
      Henry: Now she's like family again.
      Eleanor: Family who stole from us.

    • Mary Alice: Louisa Pate believed in the power of shame. As a teacher, she had found the best way to control unruly students was to instill a strong sense of shame in their parents. Of course, Mrs. Pate also knew that when it came to unruly children, some parents had more reason to be ashamed than others. Yes, Louisa Pate believed in the power of shame. She also believed when someone has that power, it's a shame not to use it.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) We've all done something in our lives we're ashamed of. Some of us have fallen for the wrong man. (Shot of Karl standing on Susan's porch in his boxers.) Some have let go of the right woman. (Shot of Mike and his date at the movie theatre) There are those who have humiliated their parents (Shot of Parker playing with a puppy) And those who have failed their children (Shot of Gabrielle watching Lily sleep) Yes, we've all made mistakes that diminish us and those we love. (Shot of Bree bringing out a pie to the table) But there is redemption if we try to learn from those mistakes and grow. (Bree cuts the pie while Andrew and Justin play cards)

    • Susan: Thank you so much for helping me out.
      Orson: Hey, I'm great in a crisis.
      Susan: Well, I definitely picked the right person to sit next to, actually, is this seat taken?
      Orson: No.
      Susan: Okay. You can share my popcorn.
      (A lady sits next to Orson)
      Orson: Um Susan, this is Becky, I'll probably be sharing her popcorn.
      Susan: I'll just wait till the lights go out, and then I'll go.

    • Eleanor: Hello, I'm Eleanor Mason, Bree's stepmother. You're the lawyer? We should talk
      Peter: Ah, no, I'm not her lawyer
      Eleanor: Good, the hair had me worried!

    • Andrew: Well, could you live with a woman who hits you?
      Eleanor: Bree!
      Bree: I slapped him once and he deserved it!
      Andrew: I just asked her to stop drinking.
      Henry: (to Bree) You were drinking?
      Eleanor: She's in AA. Her sponsor has long hair.
      Bree: Andrew, I find your concern ironic, giving how tanked you were when you ran over our neighbor's mother with your car.
      Eleanor: Is she OK?
      Bree: She's dead.
      Andrew: Well, mom watched as her boyfriend commited suicide. And he was the same guy who killed dad.
      Bree: Andrew falsely accused me of mollestation... in a mall!
      Henry: You know, the technique works better if you don't talk right away.

    • Bree: Those were some kick a** peanut butter cookies!

    • Mrs. McCluskey: (while eating a Fudgsicle) Parker offered me a Fudgsicle if I would show him my vagina.

    • Eleanor: Excuse me, he has a magazine titled 'Leather Daddies In Love', that does not sound like a phase to me!

    • Parker: I don't believe you.
      Lynette: Parker I'm your mother! Mothers don't lie to their sons! Now, go wash your hands or Santa's not going to bring you anything for Christmas.

    • Mike: So how did the two of you meet?
      Orson: Oh well I've been her dentist for years... last week i was looking in her mouth and decided to put my tongue in it.

    • Carlos: My mama worked her fingers to the bone for me!
      Gabrielle: That's what put her in an early grave! (long pause) Well that and the hit and run thing...

    • Eleanor: (stuttering) ...This is pornography for homosexuals!

    • Karl: Susie, Susie!
      Susan: Our marriage was garbage! Stupid, disgusting pile of garbage!
      Karl: No, no, don't say that.
      Susan: And I regret everything that came of it!
      Karl: Don't do this right now.
      Susan: Ugh! (to Julie) Except you, honey. You're my rock. (to Karl) Ooh, out! Get out!
      Karl: I promise you I'm gonna break up with Edie and make this right. I'll call you when it's done.
      Susan: Don't bother! I won't pick up.

    • Susan: Edie's not a slut. She's just popular with indiscriminate men.

  • Notes

    • Even though they are credited Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt), Alfre Woodward (Betty Applewhite), Mehcad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite), Doug Savant (Tom Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp) and NaShawn Kearse (Caleb Applewhite) do not appear in this episode. Additionally, only one of the twins, Brent and Shane Kinsman (Preston and Porter) appears, even though both are credited.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Don't Look at Me This is a song from Stephen Sondheim's 1971 musical "Follies". The title is also a line said by Frank Booth in "Blue Velvet", a film in which actor Kyle MacLachlan (making his debut in this episode) appears.

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