Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 10

Down the Block There's a Riot

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on ABC

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  • The Housewives Unite To Stop Paul For Once And All From Opening The Halfway House. Bree Takes A Big Step In Her Romance And Juanita Discovers A Secret.

    Definitely this episode is the best episode of this season and the second best of the entire series. You will see both how good and how evil humanity can get in this great episode and that will make emotions run wild for the viewer. And by good humanity I mean the residents of Fairview and by evil the ex-cons. What makes this episode to be one of the best episodes of the entire series, is that there were drama, suspense, mystery and a few emotional moments in one episode. Like the title says, there will be a huge and disastrous riot in Wisteria Lane and I was intensly and emotionally hooked all the way from the beginning. The ending scene is another high point too. Flawless. 10/10.
  • tense

    this was a tense episode of desperate housewives with some really dramatic moments where i actually feared for the life of some of our characters, every years the writers of desperate housewives always do some big dramatic episode but the past couple of years havent been good with the fire and the plane crash but this one was actually intense and dramtic.
    The end of this episode was also epic i wonder who shot paul it could be anyone really everyone hates him.
    I dont think paul will be dead Overall a fantastic episode the best of this season so far
  • Things come to a truly riotious head for the mid-season break.

    You've got to hand it to Paul, he's one brilliant psychopath. The way he minipulated everyone into thinking he had the halfway house built was stunning and loved the scam with the last house. I saw it coming how he set up the entire protest, knowing how it would turn into a riot and his smug smile through it all reminds you how twisted he is. And that line to Lynette over how his cons were the only ones not acting violent was brilliant.

    That so many other plots came to a boiling point was great too. Having Juanita find out the truth was a powerful moment, stunning how she just shoved her mother down like that. But having Carlos and Gabby risk themselves to save her should remind her of how they truly feel. Glad to see the Bree plot coming to an end, was uncomfortable about her and Schnider hooking up but glad to see her strong enough to avoid that temptation. Poor Lee, put in such a horrible situation but glad Lynette was able to forgive him after it all went to hell and also enjoyed her reaction as she realized too late how she'd played right into Paul's hands. Susan being injured I didn't see coming and hopefully it can fix Renee's more selfish attitude.

    Of course, the big one is who shot Paul as no shortage of suspects. But that angle of him almost smiling makes me wonder if this isn't part of his plan to set the Lane against themselves more. Still a great ride for the season and can't wait to see what the new year will bring.
  • Down the Block There's a Riot

    Down the Block There's a Riot was a perfect episode of Desperate Housewives because it had every thing that makes the show great. There was mystery, suspense, drama, intrigue, and emotional moments. There was also an explosive riot that errupted on the street and it was just shocking to see what happened. I really enjoyed watching this episode and getting into all the little stories that tie in to the larger story. There was a lot going on in this episode and the ending leaves viewers wondering who did it, and what will happen next. I can't wait to find out more and watch the next episode!!!!!!!

    All this being said you should know I grade the show primarily against itself. Some of the scenarios are so ridiculous that it is funny, this is entertainment!!!!!
  • DH is finally back and it's greater than ever!

    This episode is stunning and perfect. I was so shocked about the whole riot thing, I still can't believe it!
    But yes, you have to admit it. Paul's plan was brilliant! I wasn't expecting that whole Mitzi-Lee-Bob thing, it was brilliant! But as all the things, it wasn't perfect. He didn't think of a classic revenge (kill the person with a gun) And I really hope he dies. I think DH is finally full of Paul's crap. I think if they don't kill him, DH is just going to keep sucking. This first part of season 7 was good and watchable, but kind of predictable, until this episode! This episode marks the beginning (or not) of an amazing second part. Will it happen? Yes, it must!
    All I can say is that I loved this episode, it was like watching an episode from earlier seasons. And I sure hope this continues. AND DON'T KILL SUSAN! I had to say it, despite knowing that it will never happen.

    Merry Christmas folks, see you in February ;)
  • OH MY GOD!

    Fantastic episode of season seven, with lots and lots of drama and disaster - but its a different kind of disaster than before (something manmade)
    Lynette: her angry actions were partly the cause of the incident. the way she singled out Lee and Bob was upsetting, but when she saved them at the end she managed to redeem herself slightly.
    Bree: she was the second cause of the incident. the use of guns on the show has varied and this time it doesn't work. Her relationship with Ketih is beginning to get complicated thanks to Keith's Dad.
    Renee: Nice to see her act heroic towards Susan at the end, but her relationship with Tom is growing
    Gabrielle: it was upsetting to see Junita find out the truth the way she did but at least Gabby saved her from the incident.
    Susan: upsetting to see her trampled on and badly injured. Hopefully she will recover soon........?
    Paul: the best person in the entire season. He is evil, cunnning and downright mean. However, the end left me asking "WHO SHOT PAUL YOUNG?"
  • Intense ending to the first half of the season!

    Wow, what a riot it was! The tension was built extremely well, the protest was crazy and you really felt scared for the neighbours. So storylines...

    I guess the main one to talk about would be Paul and his evil plot against the lane. He has been a good villain this year, and this was a satisfying end. He really did bring chaos to his old neighbours. The one thing I didn't like was how absent his wife was in this episode, she was suspicious of him for a long time and then didn't find these events strange? Odd. Who shot Paul? I'm not sure, but I doubt it will be a main character, I'm guessing Lee...or maybe his wife? Good ending though.

    The Tom/Renee/Susan storyline was interesting and I'm looking forward to see if Susan tells Lynette about their fling or not. Susan was badly injured in the riot, she'll obviously live...but at what cost? Lynette obviously feels partly responsible was the riot judging from her face at the end. I liked here in this episode though, she's a very strong character.

    I really do like Bree and Keith and I'm glad they stayed together despite the fathers meddling. I'm intrigued to see where the show takes these two. Juanita finding out about Grace was inevitable, and the scene where she pushes Gabby away was intense, as was when Gabby and Carlos searched for her. It seems this storyline has reached a conclusion, what will they do with the Solis' next? Great mid-season finale, can't wait for more!
  • 710

    Wow, a wild end to the 2010 year for Desperate Housewives. An absolutely out of control riot closed out the show and as is usually the case before the holiday hiatus, two characters' health status is in limbo; this time it is Susan and Paul. I am sure both will make it, but maybe we will get a surprise this time around.

    I often question how this show will resolve all the storylines they are building to, but time after time they never cease to amaze me with how they have everything come together in a shocking episode, and tonight was that episode. I am definitely excited for 2011 with the way that this ep ended.
  • This was such a powerful and intense episode of Desperate Housewives.

    From the very beginning of this episode the tension was building up. But I really didn't expect all of that happening.
    It was so shocking and amazing seeing reactions of people during this whole episode.
    Firstly, how Juanita reacted after finding out the truth about Grace. How she pushed her mother! And how she looked at her... Also, how Gaby was hurt in this entire episode. She really loves Grace, I didn't expect her to be so fragile and hurt after she left.
    Lee was so confused in this episode. Everyone was putting him under such a pressure. I liked how Lynette helped him in the end.
    Keith's relationship with Bree really is going somewhere. I though that wouldn't last so long and developed so much. It was good that his father finally realised that he was making a mistake thinking Bree liked him and going after her. That was awful.
    That conversation of Parker and Lynette was very good and important for this episode in my opinion. He was right. They all forget to look at the big picture here, they were just so mad at Paul and didn't think things through. But on the other hand I also can't believe how this Paul's plan worked... And how did things ended. Unbelievable!
    We should all think about what we saw in this episode. I was terrified watching these people acting so crazy, acting like animals, not caring about anything else than themselves. Everyone was just fighting and really acting like we weren't humans with brains. And I think most of us would actually act like that if we were in similiar situation. Nobody cared about children, about people getting hurt... People broke off only after the police came. Not really surprising.
    The end was also magnificent. It really seemed like Paul had everything planned out.
  • The PEFRECT episode!

    Desperate Housewives was exceptional today, in what was probably the best episode that I have ever seen (keep in minds, I started watching last season). The storyline was phenomenal, everything was stringed togethr perfectly, and things left off with a cliffhanger!

    I really enjoyed the Gabby part of the episode, as Juanita discovers her secret. It was certainly very emotional, and this story continues to be expectionaly strong.

    Bree's storyline was better this week, as her relationsihp took a turn for the wosre.

    Teh riot scenes were done perfectly! Theere was so much going on, but it was executed brilliantly. Unfortunately, a few people were injured.

    I thought the cliffhanger at the end was brilliant, although inevitable! I would LOVE to know who it was, but I'm sure they won't reveal it for a couple of weeks!

    I really can't wait now for the netx episode! Keep it up, guys, and I would recommend this episode exceptionally highly!