Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2010 on ABC

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  • Not too original but very powerful

    Yet another 'all about' episode. Good job I enjoy them!

    Eddie is a surprise charecter who sort of puts a spanner in the works of anyone theorising on what has been something of a dull and easy to miss mystery. But this does a decent job of pulling it all together.

    So like every year (or twice) we get an episode like this which explains to us the inner working of the latest nutter, and this one like normal tugs at the heart strings and asks are they really evil? And who let them down?

    So this is an exploration of Eddies life, a story of knock back after the other, one unlucky boy whos family let him down and society failed to understand.

    It's quite powerful really and makes you pause for thought. We all know someone a bit like Eddie. We've all. To a degree we've all treated another human being in one or some of the ways that Eddie was treated, and we all see those lonely people who we have no time for who if we were honest, really look like they need a friend. So it works, and it tugs at the heart stings.

    It's hardly original, but it's poignant and absolutely in the spirit of Desperate Housewives. It plays on that everlasting theme that was laid in episode one of not juding a book by it's cover.

    I also never complain when we get to see Mary Alice or get to have a trip through time these are the sorts of things Desperate HOusewives fans want and Marc Cherry gives us it.

    What makes me not go any higher than 8.5 is because this episode wasn't anything major and I;ve been waiting ages now for some Barrowman and when we finally get to see him, he goes on Hiatus after just one episode! Thats the fan boy in me talking! And while this unravelled mysery does make sense I can;t help it felt it didn't have enough to stand on, as if this episode was to say no it's not Danny who killing women and here's why. I like a good twist but, I don't think enough crumbs led to Eddie. Still at 8.5 I definatly enjoyed it.