Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 12

Every Day a Little Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2005 on ABC
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The residents of Wisteria Lane finally learn Martha Huber's fate, and the truth has unexpected consequences for Susan. After learning that Mrs. Huber left behind a journal, Susan is forced to confess to Edie about her role in the fire that burned down Edie's house. Meanwhile Bree finds her new beau, George (guest star Roger Bart), getting a little too close for comfort. . The receptionist sees Parker's shaven head and believes that Parker has cancer, and allows Lynette's children in the day care, while Lynette does yoga. Lastly, Carlos returns, but his homecoming isn't quite what Gabrielle had in mind. He is under house arrest, making it difficult for either of them to make money.moreless

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  • Edie is officially my favorite character...

    Susan's ulterior motives take her to the lake with Edie to scatter the ashes of Martha Huber, who's body has been discovered. Lynette fakes her son's illness. Bree shoots George, not realizing that shooting him isn't the most painful thing she can do to him. Gabrielle isn't ecstatic about Carlos' return, and Mike loses everything.

    I appreciate that the house burning plot wasn't just left behind, and recycling the storyline as way to bring Edie and Susan closer together while giving Edie a warmer personality just seems fitting. Gabrielle, and Bree have interesting storylines aswell, but Lynette's swas just offensive. Using a disease, even in the way that she did, to create humor is just downright immoral, and it made lose some respect for the writers. Also I don't appreciate the constant abcense of Tom, Rex, Zack, and Paul. I understand that they are supporting characters, but the main characters have storylines depending on them making their precense necessary. One more thing that bothers me is how stiff Mike seems. His personality seems distant. I get that they can't give too much away or they'll reveal the mystery, but having a character who always seems high play such an important role is beyond me. Regardless of the inconsistencies, it was still a fun episode.moreless
  • loved it

    this was another brilliant episode of desperate housewives as the residents of wisteria lane discover that martha huber is indeed dead, there were good storlyines in this episode, i liked gabby eating the chicken scene, and bree shooting george in the foot but the best scene in this episode was edie shoving martha hubers ash's in susan face, ahah should a brilliant scene made me laugh out loud
  • Quite possibly the most amazing show of our time.

    Desperate Housewives is phenomenal; it's full of deceit, charm, scandal, heartache, affairs, love ... it's just an emotional roller coaster and every time without any question each episode, each season, just continues to get better and better. I have watched every single episode since the beginning in 2004, it is a ritual of mine. Haha. Every night when there is a new episode I crack open a bottle of Dom Pérignon and chocolate covered cherries and strawberries cuddle up on my couch and indulge. Everything about this show is just so perfect and so perfectly scripted. I've never been so hardcore dedicated to a T.V. show in my life. This show is definitely a must you've got to just sit down and watch it. The writers and directors are genius and the girls are just lovely. May 2011 with indefinitely be a tragic time when it all ends but there is always the DVDs.moreless
  • one of the best DHs this seasonn.

    i first saw this episode when it aired and iloved it

    now i own the 3 seasons, and me and a friend whatched this episode last night. i have to say that its soo great and i love it so much. susan and edie are the best couple in the show to me. they are hilarious and i love it!. george giving bree a gun as a present and the way she reacts its just perfection. im in love. lynettes storiline wasnt very important. it was funny but nothing great (as i expect from the amazing felicity), gabby and carlos are love. i like the whole 'we are poor now' storyline but i feel too bad for gabby :(.

    overall AMAZING episode that i cant stop watchingg.moreless
  • Un capitulo de revelaciones que cada persona asume en una manera muy particular.

    ¿Quién hubiera pensado que Susan terminaría siendo tan cercana a Martha huber?. Auunque la muerte de Martha conmociona a Wisteria Lane, no es precisamente por lo buena vecina que era, la conmoción es causada porque muchos se dan cuenta que su barrio es tán frágil como los demás. Edie y Susan comparten un largo camino para luego Susan decir la verdad y aceptar que quemó su casa, pero esto al parecer no parará aquí Edie buscará mucho más que una invitación a jugar poker los martes en la tarde. Cada día vemos como la vida de Lynette es mucho más estresante, más ahora con los continuos viajes de Tom, es casi obligatorio que ella salga en cualquier momento de la casa, cambiando papeles con Tom. Y nos damos cuenta que Bree puede ser una mujer muy vengativa, pero que sus sentimientos por Rex siguen ahí, heridos pero firmes. La escena del farmaceuta en su casa viendo videos de la farmacia se parece mucho a la pelicula de Robie Williams.moreless
Bari Hochwald

Bari Hochwald


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Erin Mathews


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Conor O'Farrell

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Roger Bart

Roger Bart

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Bob Gunton

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Brent Kinsman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Goof: When Carlos pulls Gabrielle down to the sofa for a neck massage, he places the fried chicken bucket by his side on the sofa. There is no movement to indicate he moves the bucket elsewhere, as he is giving a massage to Gabrielle. Yet, when Gabrielle stands up and refuses to have a baby, the bucket has disappeared. A few moments later, when Carlos is shown leaning back on the sofa, he has the bucket held in his arm.

    • In the episode Lynette shaves Parker's head and he is bald, but at the end of the episode, Parker is seen running around the house with hair.

    • When signing her name on the clipboard at yoga, up close the shot is of Lynette's right hand, but in the next shot, she is holding seen holding Penny in her right hand and signing her name with her left.

    • The storyline where Parker gets bubblegum in his hair is based on one of Marc Cherry's experience's. His sister got bubblegum stuck in her hair and had to get an awful haircut to get it out.

    • Martha Huber's eyelid twitches when her dead body is shown in the teaser.

    • In the tenth episode, Carlos is told by Judge Sullivan that if he delivers his passport, he can go see his mother (in hospital), and yet now he's under house arrest. Why tell him that if they weren't going to let him go to the hospital?

    • When Bree gets the phone call about Martha's death, the large box she is holding mysteriously disappears, without any sign that she put it down.

    • Where Edie gets the phone call, saying Mrs. Huber was found, while she is at Mike's, you can see her cell phone on the table where she's sitting. As it rings, she reaches to nowhere with her right hand (you still can see the cell phone). Then the view changes and you see her getting the cell phone with her left hand.

    • Bree pronounced "Mrs. Huber" in the British way. Instead of sounding like the word "who", it is pronounced like the word "you", "H(you)ber" rather than "H(who)ber".

    • In the scene where Gabrielle toasts to her husband's return, the volume of champagne mysteriously changes between shots - bad mistake by the editing team.

    • In the scene where Gabrielle is eating fried chicken on the walkway, the bucket mysteriously turns between shots.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Bree: (after George gives her a gun) Oh George, this is so much better than an orchid.

    • Felicia: Hello. I want to thank you all for coming out here and expressing your genuine sorrow and disbelief. My sister, Martha, would have been so touched. I know that many of you have questions. I've just spoken with the police who are still putting together the details of what happened. What they do know is, Martha died a violent death. Yes, I know. It's hard to hear. Apparently, there was a struggle. They found scratching and bruising on her body, several broken bones, and traces of dirt in her lungs, which leads us to believe that she was still alive at the time of her burial, and probably in great pain. But the good news is, there are no signs that she had been molested. Now, I think it's time that you return to your homes, to your loved ones. Oh, in lieu of a memorial service, I'll be holding an estate sale the day after tomorrow. Please, no personal checks.

    • Mary Alice: Martha Huber waited her whole life for something to happen to her, something exciting. As a child, she hoped to be kidnapped by a band of pirates. As a teenager, she dreamt of being discovered by a Hollywood talent scout. As a young woman, she fantasized that a handsome millionaire would sweep her off her feet. But the years had flown by, and still, nothing exciting had ever happened to Martha Huber. Until the night she was murdered. In those last moments, it occurred to her, in addition to being boring, life could also be very cruel. Luckily for Mrs. Huber, death was far more merciful.

    • Mary Alice: Death is inevitable, it's a promise made to each of us at birth. But before that promise is kept, we all hope something to happen to us (shot of Felicia crumpling the flier of her missing sister in her hand.) Whether it is the thrill of romance (shot of Gabrielle and Carlos kissing.) The joy of raising a family (shot of Lynette's children crashing into her as she attempts yoga) Or the anguish of great loss (shot of Mike looking at a photograph.) We all hope to experience something to make our lives meaningful (shot of Mr. Shaw looking at a photograph.) But the sad fact is, not all lives have meaning (shot of George turning on his TV. It's a tape of Bree.) Some people spend their time on this planet just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for something to happen to them, before it's too late.

    • George: He cheated on you. You said you were going to hate him forever.
      Bree: You shouldn't listen to a woman who's just had her heart broken. We tend to lie.

    • Felicia: Look at them all. Vultures. Pretending to care when all they really want are the sordid details.
      Police Chief: I don't know, I think they just want to show their support.
      Felicia: Please. Human beings feed on misery.

    • Edie: I'm not talking about Martha. I'm grateful to you.
      Susan: Me?
      Edie: Yeah, I've been such a bitch to you over the years, and here you are, rowing me out to dump her ashes.
      Susan: Well, it's, it's really no, no big deal.
      Edie: Yes, it is. You stepped up when nobody else would. And here I am, thinking you have an ulterior motive. God, Susan, you're such a good person. And I'm such a bitch!
      Susan: Well, Edie, you're not that bad, and, and, and believe me, I'm, I'm not that good.
      Edie: Oh, yes you are.
      Susan: Oh, please don't do this.
      Edie: Martha may be gone, but the good Lord above has shown me that I'm not alone.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Both Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos Solis) and Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman) have appeared in the Six Feet Under episode "In Place Of Anger."

    • Although credited, Steven Culp (Rex Van De Kamp), Mark Moses (Paul Young), Jesse Metcalfe (John Rowland), Cody Kasch (Zach Young) and Doug Savant (Tom Scavo) are absent from this episode.


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from Stephen Sondheim's song "Every Day a Little Death" from A Little Night Music.