Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 23

Everybody Says Don't (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2009 on ABC

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  • season 5 epsidoe 23

    this episode pretty much just sets the stage for the season finale next week Gaby had an ok storlyine im looking forward to next week when we meet this teenager that carlous and gaby are taking in i am looking forward to see how gaby reacts with a teenager
    katherine and mike plan to get married in vegas
    as susan maynard and dave go fishing with dave planning to kill maynard
    bree had a ok week as her divorce continues and her flirting with karl mayer go on
    overall a ok episode that dose a good job of setting up next weeks finale which i am looking forward to
  • A show about house wives and the dramatic changes they go through.

    I have got to say that this show is good for those with an appeal towards dramatic shows. It shows romance, betrayal,friendship,loyalty, and secrecy. I do watch this show on occasion but it is not my first choice of shows, I do have a liking to it but not as strong as other choices of mine. I foyu are one looking for things with comedy and not much sexual content don't turn to this show.... the opposite is looking in the right direction! I will say that a positve thing about this show is that you can learn some lessons from this that actually can happen in life(though you might not want to handle it the same way they do).
  • Average finale but better than the concluding part...

    Although of course being Desperate Housewives this was a funny episode even though the momentum was cut short by 'technical difficulties' on E4, this was a ery average first part of a season finale. I think what would ahve been a smart move was to make these episodes seperate, making this the penultimate episode. They already had the titles now just dont label it as a two hour finale. Anyway the best part to both parts is Bree's storyline. I mean it is so out of character for her to be even attracted to Karl. And the wondering about the secret mystery that is Ana is interesting but they could have found a more attractive actress if they are making her out to be a teen temptress. Lynette was really mean to Tom but only after hearing his reasoning behind wanting to learn Mandarin. But the clincher has to be Mike seeing Dave's villianous face as Susan accepts Dave's "friendly" gesture.
  • Bloody Hell! (part one)

    Wow! Another fine start to the end. Everything is falling into place and Dave is going mad (more on him and his psychopathic life later)
    Firstly, I dont understand why Lynette is standing in the way of Tom's dreams. She should be more supportive instead of thinking of herself!
    Love Gabrielle at her family reunion - she knew it was a trap before they arrived. This mysterious Anna that people are talking is interesting...
    Bree and Orson reach new levels of bitterness. Love how Orson wants to save the marriage and Bree doesn't. Her and Karl are becoming closer too.
    But its Susan who rules again. Her anger at Mike when she thought he was responsible is understandable since he still loves her. Katherine's upsetting pleas to let things be is well acted by the wonderful Dana Delany. But Psycho Dave is breaking down (love the Edie cameo) and now it appears little MJ and Susan are in danger....
  • The Reason Why Written by John Pardee And Joey Murphy Directed by Bethany Rooney

    Dave (to Dr Heller): "You don't know what you're talking about. I'm getting away with this."
    Lila: "Why would you want to? I don't mean to criticise but I thought you were doing this for us."

    It's become tradition with ABC that along with fellow big hitter, Lost that this show also bows out with a two part finale with both episodes airing on the same night. Thankfully with two individual titles, it also makes it easier to review individually rather than in just one big go.

    Dave's plans are finally in action and all he wants to do is kill a little boy to make the woman who destroyed his family suffer a thousand fold. Dave explains this on tape in a bizarre attempt to justify his actions but actually getting Susan to go away with him has been more difficult than he expected.

    In fact Susan seemed more suspicious of him wanting to take her and MJ away for the weekend that I had to admire her. She and Dave have barely had a friendship at all during the season, so she should be a little suspicious about his sudden interest in her but a lot of her rejecting his offer has more to do with Jackson.

    Susan moping over yet another relationship being flushed down the toilet is hardly something worth caring about. Her and Jackson's wedding would've been a sham and at the end of the day, Dave might have done her a favour in a completely unusual way. Not that Jackson would see things like that if he didn't think Dave was the nicest guy ever.

    With this finale finally here, it was about time that the cops would get a better clue about Dave being involved in Dr Heller's death. We finally got an ID on the body, his secretary told them about the texts she was receiving and Jackson even mentioned that he saw Dave coming out of the storage minutes before the nightclub went on fire. All we needed now was either Bob or Tom to let slip that Dave blatantly lied about seeing Porter when he didn't and we probably should've gotten them, given that Karen and Roberta got very much pulled back into the mystery. It might have been half a season but Roberta and Karen are still fun to watch again.

    Instead Dave had to stew with Susan telling him to get lost and also got taunted by a few familiar faces. Having Dr Heller, Lila and Edie all make their own opinions known about Dave's plans going arseways was a decent scene if not as spectacular as it could've been. I think out of the three of them, Lila might have had the most perceptive comments. Did Dave really want to get away with hurting Susan?

    If so, he might not have opted to attempt to shoot MJ in broad daylight. It was lucky that Susan actually told Dave that she wanted to get away for the weekend. However Dave giving Mike his little video message really made no sense. Why on Earth would he do that, if there was a possibility that Mike would be able to stop him?

    Speaking of Mike, really not nice to know that this show's least anticipated nuptials are still going ahead. Just about no-one (and this is something that both James Denton and Dana Delany have even admitted in recent reviews), cares about Mike and Katherine as a couple but having Jackson convinced that Mike was the one who called immigration.

    It does make more sense for Jackson to accuse Mike of doing this, due to the simple that he thought more highly of Dave and also because he was unaware that Dave knew about him being Canadian. I liked that Susan didn't go in there guns blazing and she was probably right not to tell Mike about Katherine pretending that he'd agree to keep paying alimony but still?

    There were some interesting moments with Mike and Susan that would heavily suggest a reunion between the two of them. Katherine even admitted herself that Mike still seemed hung up on Susan and that Susan didn't seem to love Jackson. Here's a thought Katherine, cut the apron strings and try to find someone who actually does love.

    I could apply the same advice to Orson. When your wife stages a burglary, is seen with a well know divorce lawyer, tells you that she wants out of the marriage and doesn't love you and seems unshakeable in changing her mind, it's a brilliant hint to just leave her.

    Orson however suffers from the same sickness that Katherine, Edie and various other characters have on this show. He decided to stay with Bree and even threatened to send her to jail if she pursued the divorce. Well she did force him to go to jail and there is an interesting little thing called karma. Knowing Bree, she'll find some way of wrangling out of their failing marriage but she might want to act quickly before Orson really does get on a roll. She and Karl certainly seem to have something going on between them, in spite of her insistence that he generally repulses her. You say that now, Bree but what about in the next hour? Will Karl still be as vile in your eyes?

    Elsewhere Lynette learned that sometimes sabotaging one of Tom's insane ideas isn't always the best thing to do. To be fair, when he said he wanted to go back to college to study Chinese, I didn't exactly jump for joy either but when he explained his business reasons for doing it, I actually felt a touch sorry for him. Why couldn't we have had those explanations earlier in the episode and have Lynette support him? It would've made a nice change.

    Speaking of change, we finally got to meet some of Carlos's other family and as a result, he got foistered into looking after his niece/cousin Ana, even though Gabby tried to wriggle out of it. The fact that we suddenly more family stuff with Solises is certainly a highlight in the episode but here's hoping the writers can do something original with Ana when she appears in the next episode.

    Also in "Everybody Says Don't"

    Is it me or did the writers go overkill in making MJ look a little too cutesy for this episode? We didn't need that to be any more disgusted with Dave's plan to kill him.

    Dave: "I didn't want to kill MJ Delfino, I had to. Susan Mayer killed my wife and daughter. Police called it an accident but I don't believe a person who takes two innocent lives should be allowed to walk away."

    There was already an episode in Season Two called, Everybody Says Don't" so it's bizarre that we've got another episode with the same title.

    Gabrielle (to Juanita): "Honey, you're six now so I think it's time we had a mother-daughter talk. Your father's side of the family are trash, any questions?"

    Bree: "I'm so glad this divorce is almost over. An obnoxious, unpleasant man will be out of my life and so will Orson."
    Karl: "Hey, it's not over yet. We've still got a couple of hurdles."

    Karl talked about setting up with Bree with some potential suitors. Underneath the sleazy bravado, I get the impression that he does like her himself.

    Lynette (to Bree): "That's your advice? Hope an opportunity just drops in my lap? I might as well start shopping for beekeepers suits."

    Orson: "I don't want a divorce."
    Bree: "Well, that part's not negotiable."
    Orson: "Can we at least talk about this?"

    I loved that we got a reverse scene of "The Story Of Lucy And Jessie" with Orson telling Bree to sit down and explain her crimes.

    Juanita: "Aunt Connie seems nice. Maybe she's changed."
    Gabrielle: "Trash doesn't change, sweetheart. She's up to something. Now, come on, let's go get a lawn chair before we're stuck on the grass with fire ants."

    Bree: "You would actually send your wife to prison?"
    Orson: "My wife, no. My ex-wife, you bet. But it won't come to that, darling. I know we can get back to what we once both had."
    Bree: "That will never happen."

    So what exactly is up with Ana that Connie had to 'trick' Gabby and Carlos into taking her in? Is she next season's mystery?

    Edie: "Isn't it better that Susan knows why her son had to die. I mean, the whole point is to make her suffer, right?"
    Dave: "That's true."
    Edie: "And then the whole world will finally understand what you've been going through."

    Karen: "I'd feel better if we had proof."
    Roberta: "And I'd feel better if I had a functioning liver but sometimes you gotta play the hand you're dealt."

    Chronology: Still a few days since "Marry Me A Little".

    As a start episode for the finale, "Everybody Says Don't" is decent enough. There's enough going to keep things interesting but finally putting this Dave story to rest will the best thing all round.

    Rating: 8 out of 10.
  • The first half of the finale.

    This episode didn't make me feel like we were at the end of the season. It was quite boring actually. Most of the storylines this season aren't that great (especially the second half of the season) and it was now more like they were setting things up for the next season.

    The episode wasn't bad, there still were lots of funny moments and nice dialogues. A highlight is the Bree/Orson-storyline. Orson is becoming a maniac, but I still 'like' the character, he is very interesting (a bit crszy, but that only makes him more fun) and I hope to see him s lot next season.

    The second half of the finale was more interesting, I'll post a review later.
  • Does Dave's scheme Pay off, or piss off?

    Desperate Housewives actually managed to put together a decent finale. Not great, but there was enough I liked here to give it a passing grade.

    Starting with Bree, I think they did a good job with her and Orson in the ep. Orson, honestly has become such a bland character, nothing they were doing was very interesting. Well, he finds out about Bree's fake burglary, but filed an insurance claim (smart thinking). It was nice to see him proactive again, and he gets too great scenes- the first with the salad; "Not bland anymore..!" and the second after being physically threatened to "let go." I was ROFL at the reveal that he might have actually left if Bree had not shown concern.

    Bree and Karl have seemed to have started an affair. We all saw this coming, but that still doesn't mean it wasn't well done. They shared a great kiss, and I look forward to their 'Moonlighting', love/hate relationship. Gaby and Carlos are being set up for next season. Gaby was really on fire with some great one-liners; ''Honey, you're 6 now, so I think it's time we had a little mother-daughter talk. Your father's side of the family is trash. Any questions?'' After a mini-family reunion, Carlos felt compelled to take in a niece that no one else would look after; the smokin' hot Ana- DH's answer to Meagan Fox! Ana is already stirring up trouble, with a snippy attitude, and setting bad examples for the Solise kids. The writers should be able to get some real mileage out of this. Bree vs. Katherine, Lynette vs. Anabelle (S1), and of course, Susan vs. Edie. Finally Gaby has a nemesis, essentially her own clone!

    Lynette's shocking moment was the one I really didn't like. There was nothing fresh or new here. It started out like Tom was up to another "crazy idea" that Lynn didn't approve of- this time going back to school- to learn Chinese (of all the random...) But it was a nice touch to reveal that it was part of a bigger plan for Tom to get into the Asian market. Then there was the tease of Lynette's cancer coming back (please, God no! Most depressing storyline ever!) But the flip was that she was pregnant, again! With twins! again!

    I dunno- We've seen the Scavo's struggle to take care of babies and children before so I don't really know what this is going to offer the show. Now they're old? Okay. It'll still be the same thing.

    As for Susan, her story includes Mike Katherine and of course, Dave. The finale provided us with a look back on that fateful night before Dave lost his family, and it's shown that Dave may blame himself more than anyone else. After some back-and-forth, he finally actually got Sue and MJ to come with for the fishing. (Finally) This was easily the most drawn out storyline I've ever seen, so leave it to DH's finale to draw it out even more. There's some new developments both from the detectives and from McClusky and her sister (great to see her again), but it didn't amount to anything because they had absolutely ZERO impact on how the climax played out. What was the point? They put all the clues together and then disappeared from the story? Good thing Dave ducked out in time! There was a decent amount of suspense involving everything from Mike finding Dave's confession tape (another cheap marketing trick from ABC), to the MJ chase in the woods, to even the finale back on the intersection where this all began. Dave decided he wasn't a monster, and maybe wanted to be punished for what happened- by letting Mike hit him with the car. An interesting choice to keep him alive in the nut house. He's already crazy, he already lives in guilt- what was the point to that? I would have preferred he just died. What a waste of a storyline.

    Mike and Susan get remarried, and it's clear this whole season was a weird arc to get them back together. Meh. I'm glad, I guess- I like them, but what was up with just leaving Katherine at the airport? No closure for her character?
  • Susan discovers Mike and Katherine's wedding plans, Gaby attends a family reunion, Lynette tries to avoid Tom going back to school, Orson confronts Bree with the truth and Dave is clearly out of pills...

    First of all, let me say that the cast did what they could with the material and that the storylines were good - in the whole. However, when you see the dialogues and camera work, I thought I was watching something like a cheap sitcom. That's right, downright amateuristic.

    The dialogues were especially horrible for her and Katherine. The part where she finds out that they're going to get married was bad. But I liked how Mike saw Dave's face in the car mirror. And I hated how he trew the tape aside. I was sure he was going to do that, but it's a typical way of stalling this show has done one time too many this season.

    Well, the same as Susan, plus: marrying in Vegas, seriously? Aren't they a little old and down to earth for that?

    Not much going to say about this. The acting wasn't great either, but if they can't get better material for Felicity Huffman... Please writers, upgrade your game. The scene where the ladies find out Tom's going to study again was some horrible writing too. And way too long.

    One of the 2 good storylines this episode, although she barely got screentime. The camera's were ridiculously put sometimes, but it was funny to see how the scene at the dinner table was so reminicent of Bree's confrontation with Orson's stealing in 5x17. The scene in the test kitchen was perfect.

    Fun storyline and I wonder what Ana's secret is. Hope it isn't just the reveal that she's like 17. Gaby was hilarious, as always.

    Development of the mystery that should have happened episodes ago. I do like how they cleared everything up in the opening narration and how Dave was interrupted. It was great to see all those hallucinations and loved to see Edie back, although it was clear Nicollette wasn't there for fun. And it wasn't flattering for the character to encourage Dave like that. I know it was a hallucination, but I would have liked to see Edie in a positive light for her last time. Or this could be a foreshadowing of her return in flashbacks next season, who knows. Nice to see Heller's secretary and Roberta back too. Always love to see old characters back. Except the detectives (stop the over-acting!!!!)

    The storyline development was afwul in this episode, because there barely was any. Everything was all over the place. Where did they get these writers/director? Please fire them for good.
    I hope the second part is worth the while, because this episode is even worse than the standard of S5.
    The sad thing is that the comedy/drama balance wasn't there. Jokes were lame, most of the time, and the drama ended with light music and such...
  • Gabrielle and Carlos take in Carlos' niece.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the storylines were great, especially Bree's storyline which was my favorite storyline of the episode. I have to say that I have absolutely loved Bree and Karl's relationship, and I'm really, really, really excited about the prospect of them having an affair. I think that Marcia Cross and Richard Burgi have an amazing chemistry. I think that they're pretty funny together too. I have to say that I've always loved watching the evolution of Bree's character throughout the course of the series since she's always been my number one favorite character on the show, but I've especially loved watching the way Bree has evolved throughout the course of the storyline. Bree's storyline was definitely one of my most favorite storylines to follow this season. My second favorite storyline was definitely Gabrielle's. I thought that storyline was so funny! Also, I loved watching her interactions with Juanita. I also really anxious to see where the whole storyline with Ana goes next season. Based on the scene between Carlos' aunt and another one of his relatives seemed there's something mysterious going on about Ana. I wonder she's going to be the character that the mystery for next season will be centered around. I loved Lynette's and Susan's storylines too. I loved seeing Edie again. It was great seeing Robert and Karen together again too. I think that this episode had the perfect blend of drama and comedy. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Desperate Housewives from everyone involved, and I can't wait for season six of Desperate Housewives to start so I can find out what happens next.
  • the first hour of the hugely-anticipated season finale proves to be a great one!

    I thought it was a pretty good episode that built up tension for the second hour quite well, dave's storyline was the highlight for me. I felt a lot of chemistry for Susan & Mike in this episode especially when they hugged near the end, which makes me feel sad for Katherine because I know they will get back together eventually...

    Lynette's storyline was surprisingly good, it wasn't as boring as Tom's previous mid-life crisis crap and i am interested in seeing what happens with them next... Gabby was also fun and her interactions with Juanita were very fun, also i can't wait to see Anna and know the secret that's behind her!!

    Bree had the least interesting storyline, Orson basically confronted her about the fake robbery and told her that he will send her to jail if she proceeds with the divorce procedure, quite frankly i'm not looking forward to this storyline and i hope they kill off orson or something

    Dave was the star of the episode for me, his final plan is finally getting in motion as he tries to get Susan & MJ on the fishing trip, also the detectives are looking into Dr. Heller's murder which sends them to Jackson who tells them he saw Dave... I think the best scene of the episode was when Dave was having conversations with dead people, it was really nice to see Edie again and also Dr. Heller, Lila & Paige were very good

    Great episode overall, can't wait to see the second hour [in a bit actually]and i hope there are more scenes of the housewives together, cuz the one in this episode was very, very good! it actually gave me a Sex and the City vibe for some reason, and i mean that in the best way possible!
  • 'Everybody Says Don't' fixes some of the problems that have beset Desperate Housewives in the past few weeks, although a number of rather undesirable plot elements still manage to worm their way into the story.

    'Everybody Says Don't' fixes some of the problems that have beset Desperate Housewives in the past few weeks, although a number of rather undesirable plot elements still manage to worm their way into the story. The pace finally begins to ramp up as Dave's master plan takes centre stage, which is counter pointed rather nicely with the slowly increasing involvement of the authorities, as they begin to put the pieces together. While the excessively smug attitudes of the two policemen are somewhat lamentable, and their apparent lack of professionalism in the scene with Dr. Heller's secretary is a little baffling (surely they wouldn't discuss their plans for the case in front of a citizen? "Hmm, maybe we should send a text back!" Huh?), it is nevertheless pleasing to see somebody finally obtaining the knowledge that we, as an audience, have harboured for the last six months. The reintroduction of Karen and Roberta to the story is also very welcome, as the comic interplay between the two is always a delight to behold, although the forthcoming incorporation of yet another burglary into the show does seem to betray its struggle with the concept of originality. The trajectory of the plot is a little predictable too: it's practically a given that MJ won't snuff it, so something will have to interrupt Dave's plan. My money's on Mike either finding out that Williams is being pursued by the police for questioning, and therefore contributing to their finding him, or, as is more likely after the suspicious look he gives Dave at episode's end, on him deciding to watch the strictly verboten 'band' video tape before he goes on his honeymoon which, obviously, would reveal the entire plan to him and send him running right after the fishing trio with a shotgun in his hand.

    Let's face it guys, this is utterly ridiculous. Sure, it makes a semblance of sense that Dave would try to explain his reasoning on tape, and it gives us a deliciously menacing opening scene (credit to Neal McDonough for some top notch acting), but really, what self-respecting revenge-driven psychopath hands the keys to his secret identity to his victims? Huh? He might as well blurt the entire plan out in Mike's face, while Susan and the little brat are watching, so ludicrously flawed are his actions. What guarantee does he have that Delfino will wait until after his honeymoon with Katherine to watch the tape? Um, precisely none. In fact, what guarantee does he have that the flipping wedding will even go ahead, given how emotionally stunted the whole thing is? A couple of hours or so after MJ, Susan and Dave leave, Mike has a change of heart and whoops! Wedding's off. Time to sit down with a nice cold one in front of the TV and reminisce about the band camaraderie of old. Except... not. Surely it would have made more sense for Dave to keep the tape in his own house so that it can be found when the police inevitably search it? Or, even better, to mail it with a required delivery date? But no, that would be too easy, too logical, too realistic; it couldn't be the crimp in his plan then, the device needed to spark the awareness that is needed to save MJ. Sigh. This is so transparent, it might as well be a deux et machina.

    Oh and while we're on the subject, I have such little faith in the Housewives writing staff that I am virtually convinced that this whole storyline is going to be the catalyst for the practically inevitable break-up of Mike and Katherine. Their relationship has been so denigrated in the past few weeks that it seems ludicrous to think they'll actually go through with the incredibly rushed wedding. We've been hit over the head, time and time again, with the notion that there are flaws in their coupling, from the fact that they 'want different things' to Mayfair's oft-irritating insecurity to Mike's apparently rekindled love for Susan bloody Myer. The next logical step seems to be the acknowledgement of these problems, and what's the betting that it will take Mike rushing to his son's aid, to the detriment of his impending marriage (you can bet your bottom dollar that all this will occur during the wedding itself; Housewives is in love with tired clichés, after all), to achieve this? He'll save the day, rescue his family and realise just how much he's missing. Or maybe worry that MJ has no big, strong, manly man around to save him from evil ogres like Dave Williams and therefore vow to 'try to work things out with Susan'. Sigh. I really, really don't want it to happen. I'd love for the show to take us in a completely unexpected direction, to actually have the courage of its convictions and put a permanent stop to the perpetual merry-go-round that is Delfino and Myer's useless waste of a relationship, but I just can't see it happening. Look at the scenes they all have together in this episode, for crying out loud: oh sure, Susan ultimately gives the lovers her 'blessing', demanding to know whether Mike is in love with Katherine before giving the supposed thumbs-up, but you just know it's completely forced. Her initial reaction is the most telling and the writers just couldn't resist loading it with evident disappointment. For God's sake, they can't even give her an attempt at a sincere line of dialogue! "Oh, do we have your blessing Susan?" "Yes, sure, why not?" That's it? Please! Susan Myer, you are hereby presented with the award for Most Insincere Congratulations EVER. And yeah, that's the point but why does it have to be this way? Why couldn't Myer just be over Mike, for crying out loud? Why do we need to walk down this battered and beaten path for the umpteenth time? And as if Susan's lovesick heart wasn't bad enough, Katherine's character is turned into a sorry, whimpering mess when she utters the line "I can make him happy Susan. He just needs to get over you." Please, how pathetic! And then Mike even apologises! To Susan! God!

    Thankfully, there are shafts of light in the remaining storylines. While Bree's criminal activity still leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, her exchanges with Karl remain a definite comedy highlight as Richard Burgi proves to be the perfect adolescent foil for Marcia Cross's pristine, self-contained character. It's good to see the cogs turning on the story too as Orson finally obtains the upper hand; the two scenes in which the husband and wife are together are both excellently realised, with some fine, fine acting and sparkling dialogue. Orson's "oh sure we'll have our challenges - your penchant for emasulation, my kleptomania - but every marriage has
    its ebs and flows" is a strong candidate for best line of the year. Lynette and Tom's storyline actually manages to be somewhat interesting, as the repetitive nature of their 'problems' is finally offset by the inclusion of another character. Granted, Porter's actual involvement turns out to be fairly minimal, but at least it's refreshing to see him, and it leads to a fairly logical development for Tom's character. Pleasingly, the writers don't have him ace the test despite his inebriated state, or find some other way around the problem so that he is able to pursue his dream (or at least not in this episode anyway) but instead, they give Lynette a well-deserved proverbial kick to the stomach. Still, the notion that Tom was given the wrong date for the admissions test, and that it is, like, within a couple of days of his visit, is a bit of an eye-roller. And finally, there's Gaby's story which, once again, is bogged down in the character's irritating selfishness (she is actually teaching her daughter to be mean in her first scene!), but at least something interesting appears to have come from it, something that will actually have an impact on the ongoing narrative instead of simply reinforcing personality traits that we've all become far too accustomed to.

    This is something of a difficult episode to rate. While, on the one hand, there are a number of eminently enjoyable elements to the hour, largely centred on narrative developments that push the housewives' respective stories forward in interesting, and not always predictable ways, there are still a great number of frustratingly ill-conceived tropes that cause the eyes to roll. Sure, we've got some excellent individual scenes, providing the cast with an opportunity to demonstrate their considerable acting chops, but they don't always manage to offset the bitter taste provided by problematic elements such as 'the ballad of Mike and Susan' or Dave's ridiculous tape recording. Heading into the finale, there is much promise but sadly, there is much to dread too, as the narrative trajectory seems to be heading in some very, very lamentable directions. Still, the writing staff have another forty five minutes to pull their fingers out of their asses and surprise us all. Let's hope they rise to the challenge.
  • Dreadful Finale. I waited 5 years for this?

    I love this show! I loved the 5 year jump and there was so much potential. Last years finale was awesome. But we waited all year for Dave to do nothing in the end and end up in a straight jacket? The HUGE cliffhanger is who does Mike marry? Who cares? What's the big deal if it's one or the other? Lynette preggoes again. Oh that's new. Bree cheating. It's all so bland and typical soap opery stuff. Sooooo disappointed.

    Was there anything in this show that made you upset that you had to wait all summer for a resolution?

    They are not arresting a canadian illegal immigrant... and stick him in an orange jumpsuit and stick him in prison. That's so silly. And those detectives are the worst in tv... took them all this time to connect dave williams to dave dash? all someone has to do is fake change his last name and murder someone and no one will know? Lily Tomlin at least came back but man was she wasted all season.

    And why didn't they kill Edie at least in the finale or murder her to make a mystery for next season? Best part was Edie returning as a ghost... but it just reminded me how they wasted her death. The big drama with Lynette was hubby going to school? Why is it that big of a deal. So what? She has a good job. If it makes him happy why not? And then why does he have to go to school to learn Chinese. He can just take a language class or a special language school. He acted like he couldn't get into one school and his dream was over. Dumb!

    And a new young slut on the street... so what? How many stories are you gonna get out of that? Overall just an avg. episode and dreadful finale. Marc Cherry should be ashamed of himself.
  • Season 5, Episode 23.

    Orson gives Bree an ultimatum as Gabby and Carlos consider taking in Carlos' teenage niece Ana. Tom decides to go back to college, and Susan suspects that Mike reported Jackson to immigration. Katherine tells Susan about her engagement to Mike. Dave's revenge nears closer.

    OK, I didn't like that they reused an episode title from season two. That was just careless. The episode was good though. I love that Tom wanted to major in Chinese and there was some Chinese sound in the background. I loved Susan's comment about watching Bruce Lee movies without subtitles. I loved Gabby's reaction when Carlos' aunt asked if anyone can take Ana in. I was so surprised yet happy to see Edie in this episode. I loved this episode. Very enjoyable. :)