Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 18

Everybody Says Don't

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2006 on ABC
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Carlos and Gaby learn the truth about their baby. Libby gives birth to her child, and Gabrielle holds her for the first time. Also, Paul Young comes to face his demons head on with Wisteria Lane. Lastly, Lynette is forced to give a court deposition about Bree's drinking and alcoholism.moreless

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  • loved it

    loved this episode of housewives i thought the stuuf at edies engagment part was fun like karl flipping susan of the bed haha and all the stuff with felicia and paul i love felicia great charavter and the scene with martha hubers teeeth was laugh out loud the gaby storyline was ok it will be intresting to see hoew gaby will embrace mother hood if she can keep the baby that is overall a good episodemoreless
  • O just watch and decide

    LOTS OF GOOD: Lynette makes up with bree in a strong way. Edie has a great storyline. Anytime Edie gets a main plotline, it is a good day. Susan rocks.

    LOT OF BAD: Gabby and Carlos as parents = not cool/rediculous story Bree has some moments that really make you want season one bree back. The end montoge, really was wimpy compared to most others in season 2.


    All in all i was a good episode, and had nice light moments. Sadly, the carlos and gabby scenes hapenned and killed the show. Why the writers never gave the couple time to just be a couple, i will never know. it would be fun just to see them bee a couple, without random storylines in the way.moreless
  • El final de la emancipación de Andrew.

    Puede que Andrew tenga buenos motivos para querer emanciparse de Bree, pero llegar al perjurio con hechos tan graves no tiene ninguna clase de perdón, el testimonio de Lynette hace que el caso se de por terminado, pero lleva las expectativas de Andrew a un punto muy alto en el cual no tendrá forma de vengarse de su madre. Mientras tanto Lynette es casi obligada a poner su amistad con Bree sobre la mesa, y aunque deja un poco entrar la sospecha y desconfianza por su amiga, termina al lado de ella. mientras que Gabrielle y Carlos se dan cuenta que tener su hijo será un poquito más difícil de lo que esperaban.moreless
  • it was hilarious watching bree loose control and tear off a man's shirt; our very own bree!the doctor should get over the hurt already he looks pathetic. seriuosly i think i like karl and susan together they look so cute!moreless

    felicia should get over martha death, for crying out loud she didnt even like her when she was alive; whats with the whole crusade to immortalise her. she should kill paul young herself if it pains her so much. oh and andrew ahould be thrown into a juve detention and the key thrown away. i realy prefer bree uptight, this new drunk out of control bree may not be doing it for me.moreless
  • A good episode as usual, but far from the intrigue-filled show that it was! Bring back the mystery!

    What happened?! A good episode, but it's losing steam! We need some intrigue and *gasp* moments! Where are the Applewhites?! Where is the mystery?! Where is the Desperate Housewives I so loved?!

    This episode was a good episode as it stands, but this one (like so many before it) neglects to include any of the mystery which was the shows trademark. This episode did include many interesting storylines and furthered the characters somewhat, but we need more! The whole point in Desperate Housewives was not only the fantastic characters, but the mystery in which they find themselves, which now seems gone.

    And even these fantastic characters seem to have undergone an overhaul. They are still very amusing to watch and can tug at the heart-strings when they want to, but I want to see them doing what they do best, and that is working together. For the majority of this season so far, they have been very much on their own and after the moment mid-season when they all started to suspect Betty and become investigative again, it has simmered back down to nothingness again. After the excellent scene with Bree and Betty silently declaring war on each other, Bree seems to have forgotten about it all. Granted, she has a few other pressing issues on her mind at the moment, but I still feel it should be referenced at least.

    The character of Betty and her family as a whole, were the whole intrigue of this second season, and they seem to have been wasted. Not only has the mystery of Caleb been pretty much revealed, but they havent even been in the show for ages. Not properly anyway. Their storylines could be so interesting and there are hints in every scene they are in, of potential explosive developments, but they just dont seem to come. It may be that they will start to come to the fore in the next few episodes in the build up to the season finale, but I cant help feeling that even then it will be too late.

    The thing I loved about last season was that you had the on-going mystery, but every now and again you would have an episode or two that didnt necessarily add much to the mystery, but added depth to the characters, and these were a welcome change as it really gave the show emotion and a relatability. Now however, the oppisite is true and these episodes are the main body of season two and seem over-used and hollow. Every now and again there will be one episode that will hit me and almost make up for the rest of the season\'s short-comings, but these are a rare occurrence.

    The characters also seem to be coming apart at the seems in addition to the story. For example, in this episode when Bree apologises to Lynette, Lynette is very off with her and it just didnt seem like her. Bree as a character has completely changed and not in the natural character development way. She has taken a complete 180 degree turn from likeable, anal-retentive housewife, to being a completely 2-dimensional character. She is still likeable, but it just seems sad that her character has taken this turn for the worst. It really is proof that the girls work so much better when together. It\'s almost as if they have drifted apart somewhat. This season has been very much about their individual lives, whereas season one had a happy balance of both their lives together and apart.

    It really does seem like a different show this year and is almost turning into a soap of sorts. I guess the state of the show as it is just now, isnt exactly bad, and it is still quality TV, it is just that in comparison to what it has been in the past, and what I know it still can be, it has really come down somewhat in my opinion and I truly hope that it can regain what it had and be the show that I loved.moreless
Eddie McClintock

Eddie McClintock

Frank Helm

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Nichole Hiltz

Nichole Hiltz

Libby Collins

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John Kapelos

John Kapelos

Eugene Beale

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Harriet Sansom Harris

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

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Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen

Peter McMillan

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Jay Harrington

Jay Harrington

Dr. Ron McCready

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Factual Error: Peter says that he is a member of SA, and expands it to "Sex Addicts Anonymous". However, SA is "Sexaholics Anonymous". Sex Addicts Anonymous is SAA.

    • When Andrew's lawyer gives Bree the list of witnesses the word "Deposition" is spelled "Depostition."

    • When Karl is dealing with the business of the photograph with Susan in Edie's bedroom, the photo is put into his shirt pocket. The photo has the white blank side facing to us, however a minute or so later in the scene when leaving with Edie the photo is now displaying the acutal picture (i.e the photo has been fliiped around) This is not possible as at no point in the scene do we see him adjust it nor would there be time when the camera isn't on him. Continuity error guys!

    • When Bree comes over to apologize to Lynette, the sound in the background is that of rain. Also, you can see that the pavement is wet in the background. How is it that Bree isn't wet, and her hair is as straight as always?

    • When Lynette calls Andrew over to talk to him, the car door behind her is fully open, however moments before when she got out of the vehicle she clearly closed the door behind her.

    • Why wasn't Danielle asked a single question regarding Bree abusing/ hitting Andrew? Neither in this, nor in previous eps.

    • When Lynette is getting out of her car and starts talking to Andrew the sun is shining right on to the car and her (she even has to hold her hand over her eyes, so she doesn't get blinded by yet). However, when Andrew takes a look at the car it is completely covered in shadow. The sun couldn't have possibly travelled so fast.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Karl: And of course, I'll have to tell her you're the one who ruined the surprise.
      Susan: You're gonna make me take the hit?
      Karl: Yeah...

    • Susan: (opens the door to Karl and Edie) Hi! What's going on?
      Edie walks in, past Susan, without saying a word
      Karl: Edie wants to discuss our little…deception.
      Susan: Exactly how ugly is this gonna get?
      Edie: (shouts from the other room) How long does it take to shut a door?!

    • Edie: When naughty children misbehave, they know that they're gonna get punished. Don't they?
      Karl: Punished?
      Susan: At this point, I'd like to point out that, uh, it was Karl...who proposed.
      Edie: Karl, you are gonna throw elaborate wedding.
      Karl: Yes, of course, anything baby... How elaborate?
      Edie: Well, figure out exactly what it is that you could afford, and triple it! (to Susan) As for you...
      Susan: Ok. Now remember, I'm broke.
      Edie: I'm well aware of your church mouse status. I don't intend to lift a finger during the planning and execution of this crushingly expensive wedding.
      Susan: No. No, of course not. And anything I can do to help, uh, you know, I would, I could help with the engagement party... How's that?
      Edie: Well, I wasn't planning on inviting you. But, I will need a
      bartender. Oh, oh, and, um, make sure you come in through the back door.

    • While Lynette is giving her deposition
      Mr. Bormanis: Do you consider Mrs. Van De Kamp to have a drinking problem?
      Lynette: No.
      Mr. Bormanis: Then why did you line empty wine bottles up on her front stoop?
      Lynette (chuckles): I was helping Bree with her recycling.
      Mr. Bormanis: Do I need to remind you of the potential consequences of perjury?
      Lynette: No, you don't. In fact, I hate liars (she looks straight at Andrew).

    • At a bar, Bree walks in and up to the bartender
      Bree: Hi. Um, I need some advice from a professional. I'd like to get stinking drunk. Do you have anything that can accomplish that in a hurry?

    • Peter: (to Bree) You know, I don't even like redheads.

    • Mr. Beale: You paid Libby?
      Gabrielle: You said we could give her gifts. Everybody loves getting cash.

    • Mary Alice: On her first day of sobriety, Bree Van de Kamp found an old cork, which reminded her just how much she craved Chablis. So she called her sponsor, who came over with a DVD which they watched till her craving had passed. Five days later after she developed a thirst for merlot, Peter arrived with a deck of cards. The next week, he brought over Chinese takeout because Bree had told him she was consumed by thoughts of vintage chardonnay. By her the day of sobriety, Bree had stopped thinking about alcohol altogether because her thoughts were now centered elsewhere. Though she didn't know it, Bree had answered her own question. The easiest way to overcome one addiction is to replace it with another.

    • Mary Alice: Temptation comes to all of us. Whether we succumb to it or not depends on our ability to recongnize it's disguise. Sometimes it comes in the form of an old flame, flickering back to life. (Shot of Susan sitting by her fireplace, touching her lips) Or a new friend, who can be so much more (Shot of Peter helping Bree sober up with coffee) Or a young child who awakens feelings we didn't know we had. And so we give in to temptation, all the while knowing come morning, we'll have to suffer the consequences. (Shot of Gabrielle and Carlos at their home. Gabby is holding the baby, while Carlos is looking out the window)

    • Bree: Peter. Hi, it's Bree.
      Peter: Hey, Bree. You know, um, if you feel like you're gonna need a drink, you should call Donna.
      Bree: No! No, I, I don't feel like I'm gonna drink. And if I did, I certainly would call Donna. I mean, she and I are just, we're just really clicking.
      Peter: Oh, that's good. So why are you calling?
      Bree: I know it's really late notice, but a friend of mine, uh, got engaged and she's throwing a party, and I thought, um, maybe you'd like to come.
      Peter: Bree...
      Bree: Well, you're not my sponsor anymore, so I assume this is allowable. I mean, it's just a casual get-together. And they're having sushi. You do like sushi, don't you?
      Peter: Bree...
      Bree: Okay, Peter, I just really need us to be friends. When I'm with you, I'm not myself, which is a good thing. I can, I can relax when I'm with you in a way that I can't when I'm with other people. With them, I have to pretend that I have it all together but, you know that I don't, so it's just so much easier. Come on, it's just a, it's just a dumb old party.
      Peter: Bree, do not call me again.

    • Gabrielle: He's going to light himself on fire with coffee liqueur?!
      Carlos: Would not have been my choice.

    • (Susan and Karl walk in to find Edie standing beside Dr. Ron in the living room)
      Susan: Well, I should go...
      Edie: I'm not going to scream, or cry, or pound your faces in with a mallet, which, Lord knows, is my right. But what I will say is that you two are the most reprehensible excuses for human beings that I have ever met! (turns to Dr. Ron) Do you have anything to add?
      (Dr. Ron pauses, then removes the flowers from the vase on the table, and hands the vase to Edie)
      Edie: Right! What the hell... (throws the vase at Karl and Susan, who duck and run)

    • Edie: (to Susan) Whatever - I'm doing it, so keep your trap shut!

    • (stripper comes over to Carlos and Gabrielle's table)
      Stripper: (to Carlos) Hi... You want a lap dance?
      Carlos: Uh... (long pause, looks at Gabrielle, who is glaring at him) No... thanks...

    • Peter: I have this rule - plant, pet, person. If I can keep a plant alive, then I can move on to a pet, and if I can make that work, then I can start dating again.
      Bree: (laughs)So how are you doing?
      Peter: I'm on my fourth ficus.

    • Gabrielle: Oh! We missed it!
      Libby: The kid slipped right out...
      Nurse: Are you family?
      Libby: They're the parents.

    • Lynette: Bree Van De Kamp and I have known each other a long time. I trust her completely. She's a wonderful friend and a fantastic mother. She puts the rest of us to shame.
      Andrew: She's lying! Are you gonna let her get away with this crap?!

    • Donna: Now come on!
      Bree: Come on?! Where are we going?!
      Donna: Hiking! There is nothing like it to take your mind off booze!

    • Gabrielle: So you think Bree punched Andrew in the face 'cause I don't!
      Lynette: I don't either, but on the other hand, she spanked my kids, she lied about her drinking, and I once saw her bitchslap her mother-in-law. So I'm torn.
      Gabrielle: Well I'm siding with Bree.

    • Libby: Oh come on Frank, you know you'll be a lousy father!
      Frank: It's my kid! And I have the right to mess her up If I want to!

    • Carlos: He's not going to sell his baby for $8000!
      Gabrielle: Are we talking about the same idiot?! I think for $30,000 you throw in a kidney!

    • Edie: If you'll excuse me, I gotta go buy a wedding dress! Oh by the way, I'll be wearing white so that'll be a surprise for everybody!

    • Edie: Don't tell anyone but I'm planning a huge surprise for Karl!
      Susan: Surprise?!
      Edie: Yeah I put in together an engagement party tomorrow afternoon.
      Julie: Oh Cool!
      Edie: But that's not the surprise. Actually, it's gonna be a surprise wedding!

    • Mike: You're just gonna have to let this go.
      Felicia: Sounds to me that there's someone let go from his rage!
      Mike: Maybe I have.
      Felicia: But I haven't!

    • Lynette: That's not why you came to apologize is it?
      Bree: What do you mean?
      Lynette: To soften me up for the deposition...

    • Karl: Speaking of Edie... I have some big news... I finally did it... I popped the question!
      Julie: Congratulations dad!
      Susan: Yeah... Congratulations! What happened to "waiting 6 months?"
      Karl: Edie and I are not getting married tomorrow. It takes months to plan a classic wedding.

    • Frank: Hey... I'm Frank, Libby's boyfriend.
      Gabielle: Libby, you didn't tell us you had a boyfriend!
      Libby: Didn't I?! I thought I had...
      Frank: What's that? A present for our baby?
      Carlos: I'm sorry... Did you just say "our baby?"

    • Mary Alice: ...The easiest way to overcome one addiction is to replace it with another one.

    • Bree: Peter... But... You forgot your shirt!
      Peter: (in a rush) Keep it!

    • Peter: What are you doing?
      Bree: I'm just giving you a little kiss.
      Peter: Why?
      Bree: Well, it's just my way of saying "thank you" for everything you've done for me in the last few weeks.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music:
      "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes.

    • Due to time constraints, the opening credits were cut for time.

    • Even though they are credited Cody Kasch (Zach Young), Alfre Woodard (Betty Applewhite), Doug Savant (Tom Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Mehcad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo) and NaShawn Kearse (Caleb Applewhite) do not appear in this episode.