Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 23

Finishing the Hat

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2012 on ABC
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    Saying Goodbye to Desperate Housewives: What'd You Think of the Series Finale?

    Well, it's over. After eight seasons (and a shockingly high death rate considering the suburban setting), Desperate Housewives aired its series finale last night, wrapping things up fairy-tale-style with lots of heavily ever afters.

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    The lives of the Wisteria Lane residents are to be forever changed in the emotional series finale, as Renee's wedding approaches and Gabrielle receives a big promotion that prompts her to be more neglectful towards Carlos, thus mirroring the early years of their marriage - with reversed roles. Lynette is too offered a big job opportunity herself when old friend Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) returns from France - an opportunity that could end Lynette's chances of reconciling with Tom. Meanwhile, Julie goes into labor at the most inopportune time, Bree tries to distance herself from Trip Weston (guest star Scott Bakula), and Mrs. McCluskey prepares to move to a different neighborhood in the great beyond.


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    • bye..

      des housewives
    • One of the best TV series ever

      One of the best TV series ever.

      I'm certain millions of other fans of the show feel the way I do, that they too have lived on Wisteria Lane for eight wonderful years.

      Some TV series end unceremoniously. Desperate Housewives ended the way a well-written film or mini-series is supposed to end. It ended in a supremely satisfying way utterly consistent with the character of the show's protagonists.

      Marc Cherry and the series writers knew that in order to end the story properly, they had to go back to the very beginning. So they did. The first and last episodes of the show are like bookends, separated by eight years of our lives.

      Do not let the soap opera trappings of Desperate Housewives fool you. They were merely the blank canvas onto which the series writers could paint with amazing clarity and compassion the human condition.moreless
    • Gone but not forgotten

      I couldent of ended it better my self this episode to me was absoulute perfection the humour the dialoge the chracter interaction the way that it echoed the pilot in so many different ways all gave this episode a great sense of nostalgia. I loved the wonder wonderful music montage and i loved the scene with the girls playing poker one last time. And of course the ghostly ending gave me chills. Overall this was a beatiful if quiet end to one of the most entertaining series that ever was. Housewives i will miss you! xxmoreless
    • Good bye, Desperate Housewives!

      So sad that this show is over! I can't believe it! It has been a great rollercoaster, even though I have only been watching for a shotr period of time.

      The storylines were phenomenal as usual, and the finale provided some really funny moments. I wasn't so sure about the ending though. It kind of depresses me that they all moved away from the lane, because it's sort of like extremely sad and it hits home that it is all over for good. The last scene was a little surprising too, with a new housewife appearing, although in hindsight I kinda like it, because it suggests that drama on the Lane will never be over! :p

      I definitely extremely want to watch the series from the start some day, and probably review it on here too. I only saw three (I think?) seasons of this, and I loved them, even though people seem to say that it used to be better! So I can't wait to see the show from the beginning someday, but I am really sad that it is over forever. Goodbye Desperate Housewives! :(moreless
    • Confusion.

      I was a bit confused at the end. I do think it's a good storyline like this, but I think it looked a bit rushed. We found out about basically everything within a few minutes. I'm glad they don't all live in the same neighbourhood anymore though. That was a bit unrealistic.
    Nike Doukas

    Nike Doukas

    Natalie Klein

    Guest Star

    Dana Delany

    Dana Delany

    Katherine Mayfair

    Guest Star

    Patrika Darbo

    Patrika Darbo


    Guest Star

    Andrea Bowen

    Andrea Bowen

    Julie Mayer

    Recurring Role

    Christine Estabrook

    Christine Estabrook

    Martha Huber

    Recurring Role

    Scott Bakula

    Scott Bakula

    Trip Weston

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Goof: The flashback showing Mary Alice moving in contradicts a flashback from the season 1 finale also showing Mary Alice moving in with her husband and son, where her hair was much longer and her house was yellow as it was for the first four seasons of the show - not green as it remained during the filming of this episode.

      • Mary Alice Young committed suicide on a Thursday (the beginning of the series) and Susan moved also on a Thursday (to close the story).

      • References to the first season:

        Bree was introduced to the audience as a conservative woman and the audience said farewell to her as a conservative woman again. She is the only person not married to the same person at the end of the series. Bree started as being married to Rex Van de Kamp and then she ended married to Trip Weston.
        Gabrielle and Carlos were introduced amidst a quarrel and they are shown quarreling "happily ever after." She starts the series married to Carlos and ends the series married to Carlos.
        Susan is first introduced as a single woman with a daughter and leaves as a single woman with a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter. She starts out the series not married and ended the series not married.
        Lynette bumps into Natalie Klein in the grocery store, which prompts her to accept the job, and this mirrors the pilot, with the same characters and situation. She starts the series married to Tom and ends the series married to Tom; she is also first shown yelling at her children and is last seen yelling at her grandchildren.

      • The characters were bid farewell to in the same order as they were introduced in the pilot episode: Lynette, Gabrielle, Bree and then Susan.

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