Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 23

Finishing the Hat

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2012 on ABC

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  • Finishing the Hat

    The show did not exactly go out on a high note, but for the most part it was a fine ending. I hated how the characters all went on to live super successful careers despite being ordinary housewives.

    There was a lack of drama too. They wrapped everything up in the previous episode so outside of the awkward Tom and Lynette reconciliation there wasn't much action.
  • bye..

    des housewives
  • One of the best TV series ever

    One of the best TV series ever.

    I'm certain millions of other fans of the show feel the way I do, that they too have lived on Wisteria Lane for eight wonderful years.

    Some TV series end unceremoniously. Desperate Housewives ended the way a well-written film or mini-series is supposed to end. It ended in a supremely satisfying way utterly consistent with the character of the show's protagonists.

    Marc Cherry and the series writers knew that in order to end the story properly, they had to go back to the very beginning. So they did. The first and last episodes of the show are like bookends, separated by eight years of our lives.

    Do not let the soap opera trappings of Desperate Housewives fool you. They were merely the blank canvas onto which the series writers could paint with amazing clarity and compassion the human condition.
  • Gone but not forgotten

    I couldent of ended it better my self this episode to me was absoulute perfection the humour the dialoge the chracter interaction the way that it echoed the pilot in so many different ways all gave this episode a great sense of nostalgia. I loved the wonder wonderful music montage and i loved the scene with the girls playing poker one last time. And of course the ghostly ending gave me chills. Overall this was a beatiful if quiet end to one of the most entertaining series that ever was. Housewives i will miss you! xx
  • Good bye, Desperate Housewives!

    So sad that this show is over! I can't believe it! It has been a great rollercoaster, even though I have only been watching for a shotr period of time.

    The storylines were phenomenal as usual, and the finale provided some really funny moments. I wasn't so sure about the ending though. It kind of depresses me that they all moved away from the lane, because it's sort of like extremely sad and it hits home that it is all over for good. The last scene was a little surprising too, with a new housewife appearing, although in hindsight I kinda like it, because it suggests that drama on the Lane will never be over! :p

    I definitely extremely want to watch the series from the start some day, and probably review it on here too. I only saw three (I think?) seasons of this, and I loved them, even though people seem to say that it used to be better! So I can't wait to see the show from the beginning someday, but I am really sad that it is over forever. Goodbye Desperate Housewives! :(
  • Confusion.

    I was a bit confused at the end. I do think it's a good storyline like this, but I think it looked a bit rushed. We found out about basically everything within a few minutes. I'm glad they don't all live in the same neighbourhood anymore though. That was a bit unrealistic.
  • The Series Ends With The Housewives Taking Care Of Karen McCluskey, As She Lies On Her Death Bed. There Will Be One Marriage And A Newborn Child.

    "Finishing The Hat" is a fine example how to do a series finale. It tied everything together and finished every storyline. The previous episode ended with Tom and Lynette getting back together. Now Katherine Mayfair returns to Wisteria Lane and she offers a big job to Lynette. Of course it was predictable that Lynette would say no (because of Tom) but it was nice to see Katherine. One thing I did not like about that storyline is the fact that it never had a clear ending. You'll understand when you watch this. Ben and Renee finally got married! They are a perfect couple. I laughed so hard in the scene where Renee, Susan, Gaby and Julie are going to the wedding. Go see it! Bree's storyline was good but it got even better when Trip arrived to the wedding. Susan's and Julie's storyline was entertaining. The best scene was when the baby was born, Karen died and Renee and Ben got married since the music was played and it was a great montage. Also my favorite part of this episode were scene where the fates Bree, Lynette, Gaby and Susan are revealed. Overall, a very good series finale. "Desperate Housewives" will be missed. I'm glad they ended the show on the right note. One thing I did not like about this episode was the ending. It was horrible and unnecessary. Goodbye Wisteria Lane. You will be missed! Thank you.
  • ''It was a sincere promise but it was not meant to be''

    Not every moment of the 8-year roller coaster ride has been delightful but we should all agree that Desperate Housewives delivered one of the best series finale on TV. What makes the last episode of the housewives a top-notch one is the perfect blend of variegated emotions that the series became the epitome of. The first half of the last hour starts up as any other desperate housewives episode and this time the focus being more on Renee and Ben. There is not much there although Renee as an insane bridezilla is quite fun to watch. Once the episode spawns into the finale theme, there starts the great moments. The whole montage accompanying the song ''Wonderful Wonderful'' and Mrs. McCluskey's peaceful death is appreciation of life, death and anything in between and my words may not do any justice to describe its power. The lap in future part includes scenes to reveal what happens to Lynette, Gaby and Bree and fits rather perfectly with the montage scene. But the final scene with Susan taking the last spin around Wisteria Lane is the real treasure. Not only we are welcomed by the familiar ghosts of the lane but also Mary Alice delivers one of best voice-overs to date. Does the finale give equal screen time to every character? No. But does it do a fair job of focusing on the major characters and tying everything together to establish a nice farewell? Absolutely, yes. Therefore, ''Finishing the Hat'' is a well-deserved homage to a show that has been both affectionate and humorous for most of its 8-year run. The finale leaves no room for additional words and reminds us why Desperate Housewives will remain as a cult show of its time.
  • Realistic Ending

    The ending to this series is pretty realistic. Not everyone stays in the neighborhood for long. I guess thats what the producer wanted. However, since the very beginning, the series was never realistic. Now they want a real ending. Kind of ***ed. Most of the seasons were great. But it gradually got worse. Season 8 was the worst. It's kind of sad. Usually i would watch them over and over. But with this kind of crappy ending, I can't even think about watching again. The most ***ed ending ever. You tried hard Marc Cherry, but if you wanted something real to begin with, don't start it off like a fairy tale, continue like a bigger fairy tale, and then trash us with a crappy tale.
  • 8.23 'Finishing the Hat'

    It's over people. It's finally over and I am crying right now, I look like a total crap, but it was totally worth it. Thank you for an amazing ride, the final montage got me on my knees.

    I will add something more to this review tomorrow when I pick up the pieces of my body from the floor, get myself together, finish my Margarita and get a good sleep. UPDATED on 5/14/2012: It's a whole new day for us DH fans - without an all new episode ever again. And you know what??? I'm totally ok with it ... I liked this episode even with the first 25 minutes feeling like a sitcom finale. There was too much Renee and very little of Katherine who finally returned from Paris for 3 short days with a business offer for Lynette. Well, at least we got to see how the 3 ladies ended up. We never saw Susan's and Renee's future. The ending was a nice tribute with a few of the dead characters although I always pictured Nicollette Sheridan's Edie being a part of that. But that was before the lawyers got involved. And I felt incredibly sorry to see Karen dying like that. Could've been better, maybe worse. I have no idea, it was amazing in it's own little way but I always pictured it in my head. I know I will grow fonder of this finale in a few years. 9,0/10
  • so sad its over :(

    oh my gosh!..... i cant believe it is finish. i literally love this program. i cried at the end. i found it upsetting that they all went separate way and never kept in touch they all been threw so much together and been really good friends for a long time.? and i found it really sad that mike die(R.I.P Mrs McClusky and Mike)i thought it was really sweet with all the other ghost watching over on the lane though...... where was Lynette and Tom youngest baby ? and what happen with bob and lee and ben and renee??
  • Solid final episode

    As far as final episodes go, this one was satisfying. Had to have a reconciliation with Tom and Lynette. Great segment that captured marriage, birth and death (RIP Mrs McClusky) Fast forward was great. Even though they went in different directions, we hope the 4 women keep in touch
  • Very good ending, but....

    I don't like the way the series ended for the men. Gaby and Lynette become very successful in the world of business and Bree likewise in politics. The husbands? Last we heard Tom was jobless and Carlos very underemployed and helping Gaby set up her business. In other words, the husbands became the dutiful wives and visa versa. I guess the feminists loved it.
  • Hurriedly done

    Being a fan of this show since the first season, I thought this finale was very disappointing. To me, it seemed like the actors were ready to move on and they basically came up with a quick series exit. It would have been so much better to see what happened to most of the long term characters and not just the main cast. This whole season really didn't seem to serve any purpose when you saw this finale. The part with the ghosts of Wisteria Lane was nice although I had to go on Wikipedia to remember who half of them there. In summary, this ending left me unsatisfied and craving more.
  • End of legend...

    What a wonderful world on Wisteria Lane....another amazing show is over and it is very sad for me...I remember when it all started and I never expect it will be one of my favourite show ever... Everytime when I need some relax, get some laugh or just watching something curious I look at "Desperate Housewives" that serial make me happy many times ( thanks all stars and producers! ) . Susan, Gaby, Lynette , Bree... I can`t choose, it`s like choosing ice cream with carmel or advocat, all taste great ;)

    few words about final... well everything will be good with our housewives and i think finish was just perfect- a lot of emotions ..huge huge final !

    Thanks for many great years with this show !!!

  • Even The Most Desperate Life Is Oh So Wonderful

    Well, it's over. The women who I've come to know and love, who have been a part of my, and many others' lives for the past 8 years have bid us farewell, and what a beautiful ending. Beautiful 2 parter, with storylines being wrapped up all round. Several tear-jerking moments all round here. Spoilers below.

    First of all, Mrs McCluskey is an absolute legend. Found it hilarious when she confessed to the murder of Alejandro, was surprised that the prosecution accepted it but it was a decent way to wrap it all up. Loved the scene where Tom and Lynette reunite in the middle of the lane, found it seriously thought provoking with the whole "You have to say these things while you still can". What a perfect couple, and what a perfect way to finish the Tom/Lynette story.

    Also, LOVED to see Katherine back. Nobody can look quite as fabulous in red as Dana Delany, also loved to see that in the disappointingly few scenes that she featured in that she'd adopted more of her Series 4 ego, far more bitchy and cut-throat. Would have been nice to see her at Renee's wedding but I suppose there was a lot to cram in to the episode.

    Really the most important point is, of course, the ending. The music, by Steve Jablonsky, was, as ever, commendable. (The Ending music was similar to the one used in "Bang", 3x07). What really tugged at me was the fan-service. So many old faces featuring in the last scene, with a seriously beautiful final narration from the most important woman of the series, Mary Alice. She reminds us, as Susan drives away from the lane, that "Even the Most Desperate Life is Oh So Wonderful" as the figures of Wisteria Lane's residents now departed look on and smile. Nice Fanservice here, Martha Huber, Rex, Karl, Nora, George Williams, Beth Young and even Alma Hodge feature here.. although who was the man standing to the right of Martha Huber? Of course it's a shame to not see Edie here but it's understandable why it wasn't so.

    I think the thing I liked most about the ending though, is the introduction of the New Neighbour. Moving into Susan's home, the woman locks away a box in a cupboard, as Mary Alice reminds us that no secret remains buried. I'd been hoping for this, as it's a perfect Book-end to the show. It's not as if I want this mystery to be solved, it's more that it's a fun way to show that the Wisteria Lane cycle will continue forever.

    Nobody on the Lane is truly unburdened! Minor flaws I'd say were the absence of Mark Moses as Paul Young. I've always had a soft spot for him since we saw the pain he went through in Season 7 after Beth's death. Additionally, I would have liked to have seen continuation of Orson's plans. Bringing him back for one final showdown with Bree could have given us more of an action packed finale, but It's understandable that Marc Cherry was going for something a bit more humbling.

    Here's to you ladies, it's been a wonderful 8 years.
  • Finishing the Hat was a spectacular series finale!

    Finishing the Hat was a perfect ending to this amazing series because it managed to tie every thing together, finish all of the story lines, and it's last two scenes were touching and extremely moving. The song Karen McKluskey wanted played was beautiful as were the scenes during the song. I love how the show managed to come full circle and incorporate almost every character from the past, present and future. The season may have been questionable to some viewers but this finale was so awesome and I realized I'll miss seeing more. It was perfect how the show both started and ended with Mary Alice Young Narrating. The show finished with grace, dignity, hope and of course a little mystery in the end. Every one involved should be proud and happy with the work they have produced!!!!!!!!!
  • The end to a terrific series

    I remember when it started, I always loved the show. So addictive and good yet it had great writing and acting. I also liked the mix between comedy and drama and the fact that every season had a different mystery that managed to make it interesting each season. Granted, some mysteries were better than others and while I do agree it certainly wasn't as a good as it used to be, I'll always remember the show and miss it. That being said, I really liked the finale it had so much going and it wrapped up every storyline and everyone had a happy endings.I thought it ended perfectly. All people move on and continue to live their lives, while new ones come in with secrets of their own. That last scene was great and the series managed to come back to the starting point of the series and it came full circle.
  • Comments on not seeing Edie ( you actually did see a double)

    Due to the lawsuit......... Her character wasn't able to appear...... but if you have a large enough tv from a distance a far distance you see a blonde woman with her hairstyle and body frame exactly like hers. I gasped when I saw Nora, Justine Bateman, Brad, and Alma Hodge. This was a perfect end. As far as Edie I could be wrong but I think the Blonde was intended. As the trial may be ugly. Marc Cherry is fond of his work. So by a stand away double I don't think he would forget her. Just over the timing of the end. I watched it five times to be sure of this comment. It was meant to be Edie. Desperate Housewives R.I.P 2004-2012
  • Goodbye Wisteria Lane.

    The first half flew by, very strong. I knew Bree would be innocent but personally I didn't know Mrs McCluskey would take the blame for it. The trial falling apart wasn't the most convincing thing in the world but still, I was glad Gabby/Carlos didn't go away for it, as Gabby was about to take the blame.

    Second half was, admittedly, a bit underwhelming as the first half was so strong. It did have a lot of cliche's, wedding, birth and death but I thought that was very fitting and I enjoyed going from the birth of Julie's Granddaughter to Karen's death (Very hard to watch considering she's been in it since day 1). I'm glad the ladies took care of her, and recognised her as a friend as well a neighbour.

    I thought it was underwhelming until Karen's death onwards, and I fell to pieces. The ghosts on the lane was amazing. Edie really should have been a part of that, obviously, it's a shame there's a whole legal battle going on now because she really should have been part of that.

    The thing I loved most about the second half was the continuity and links to the first episode. Gabby and Carlos reversing roles and referring to John Rowland, Susan and Julie talking about when she first met Mike and Lynette bumping into Natalie in the store.

    Perfect ending - but I didn't expect it. I expected the ladies' future narration to be the ending, but that last scene was brilliant. Another mystery. It will never be followed up, but it was the best way to finish off the story. It encapsulated the entire concept of the show - neighbours in the suburbs with a secret. It's happened every season on this show and Marc's message was that these four ladies' journey's is one of many. Love it.
  • serie finale :'(

    so this "two hour long" episode was really really great. Maybe a little bit classic because I was kind of expecting a huge ending like the lane is destroyed and everyone die but I think this ending was realistic. It showed that things doesn't last forever and everyone move in his own life which implied some changes.

    I really liked all the references to the previous seasons especially in the second part ven though I'm not sure I've got them all.

    The final scene is really representative of the show: everybody has secrets!

    This was a really nice way to end a show that have changed TV!
  • Renee was the star of last episode!!

    She was perfect. That funny, raging desperate housewife we all loved for this show was definitely Renee from this episode! Hope Vanessa Williams gets her own show I want to see her more!!
  • The end of an era

    Dammit, they got me. I could've done without the final 30 seconds of the new neighbor, but the rest of those final 10 minutes was one big sobfest.


    One problem with a lot of series finales is that there are several plots that come out of nowhere, just to give some sort of closure. Same with Katherine's job offer, which kind of made me hate Katherine this episode. She didn't get a real goodbye scene either, but I'm not that sad about it. I don't really know if I like Tom and Lynette moving to NY, but it is in character, so at least I can't complain about that. I did like that, while reuniting in 8.22, they still had their differences in the finale, which made it clear to me that they'll never be that perfect couple. They'll always have different opinions, they'll always have their fights, but that's them... damn, I'm actually crying while writing this. It maybe wasn't the end I wanted to see for them, but it was a perfect end for the story of this wonderful couple we've known over the past 8 years, so I can only be happy about that. Goodbye Lynette, I wish you well.


    I'm surprised she got this much of attention, but it didn't really bother me. Some storylines lacked some substance and perhaps they could've replaced some of Renee's scenes for that, but she kind of was the glue that kept the stories together, I liked that. We didn't get to see her future, but obviously she never became part of the gang, as everyone parted soon after the events of the finale. I like to think she's still on the Lane, butting heads with Jennifer and trying to find out what's in that box. Give 'em hell, Renee!


    She became a married woman after all. We can assume she finally found love with Trip, and a lawyer's never a bad pick (*ahum*), so I'm happy she got her happy ending. Again, perhaps not the ending I would've given her, but a perfect one nonetheless. Bree climbing up the social and political ladder was something she was already doing in the early season, before her stories became more isolated, so I'm glad to know she had a happy life. The one thing that hit me hard though, was watching that shot of her walking towards that group of women of some country club. Mary Alice already confirmed the ladies would never be that close again, but this shot really showed to me that all of them moved on. Good luck Bree, I'll vote for you next election, but only if I get some muffins!


    While redemption was practically impossible after a year of butchering all humanity left in Gaby, they still got me to care. That promotion came out of nowhere though and I'm not sure what purpose it served in the episode, but I loved the final shots of the Solis family at Renee's wedding. They may not be the best people around, but they're still a nice little family that we've shared a lot with over the years. I also loved the throwbacks to the earlier seasons, from buying your spouse some blingbling just to keep them happy, to hiring a sexy gardener and mowing something other than just your lawn. While it was kind of a predictable future for Gaby, I never thought they would actually do it. However, I'm happy she finally got her breakthrough. Again, perfectly in character. These flashforwards were handled very carefully and gave us a peek at the future without ruining the moment. Loved them: it wasn't as definite as it could've been, but they gave enough closure to fulfill our expectations and give us time to say goodbye to these people. Adios Gaby!


    The kranky old lady didn't have a lot to do in the finale, but they did give her the spotlight in 8.22. The montage of her dying had me tearing up from start to finish and what makes it even more sad is that they probably didn't have a lot of work to make Kathryn Joosten look miserable. I'm sorry she didn't get a lot of time with Roy, but at least she had made her peace with it and we know she's happy now, with her son, watching over what happens on the Lane. She's still there, she just won't be able to mess with people's lives anymore. I may not have agreed with your statements these past few years, Kathryn, but thank you for giving us this wonderful character I'll love and remember until the end of my time.


    While the finale was pretty lighthearted overall (no explosions, murders or abductions by serial killers), it was nice to have some good old Susan moments. The scenes with the limo were hilarious and Teri got one final chance to shine in what she does best. I didn't really feel the whole doctor thingy, I think we can assume they at least dated or something, but in the end it doesn't really matter. Susan's with her family, taking care of them and always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

    --The End--

    The final scene was surreal, but it was great to see all these people again. I would've preferred if they'd sticked to the more important characters instead of just bringing back people who didn't really have an impact in these people's lives (Ellie, Bradley, George) because it also made it stand out when an important character wasn't there (Edie, Orson depends on if he's dead or not). The opening scene was an attempt to make it look like things were full circle, I guess, but those random flashbacks didn't really do anything for me. I did like Mary Alice and Martha's little chat though.

    Anyway, this is it, I guess, my final review for a new episode of Desperate Housewives ever. I can't believe it's over and I'm sure I'll be craving for more episodes very soon. However, I'm grateful we got this as a finale. Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gaby got to leave on their own terms and it was a beautiful bookend to a series we've watched and loved for a very long time.

    I know none of them will read this, but still: thank you to everyone involved in creating this series: from writers to directors, from editors to producers, from Marc Cherry to this fantastic group of actors, for giving us this series and keeping us entertained for 8 years. It was one hell of a ride, one I'll never forget.
  • So Cliche

    Ok.. we all knew how it was going to end. But seriously? No surprises at all? And every single cliche in the book! The trial and she's innocent. The reconciliation. The wedding. The baby. The dead. The moving. The recap at the end. Oh please!

    They could've done it more interesting. Just saying. And i'm a fan of this show. I've seen it since it started.
  • Beautiful finale to a groundbreaking and historic show (the most episodic show ever with female leads)

    The finale was beautiful. The cliffhanger with the new lady was not really for us, it was just to show that new people will move in to the lane, with secrets and that secrets can never be hidden. Basically lives go on and the same goes for wisteria lane. We got amazing closure for every lead character (apart from susan but I am glad they didn't with her) and I applaud Marc Cherry for it. I will miss those incredible women of Desperate Housewives. Good bye, it really was an end of an era!
  • Thank you for the memories, both my own, and on screen.

    As with many TV shows, another one of my favorites came to an end tonight. Something about the ending of a good story can really bring a lot of emotions streaming into play. Nostalgia of real-life occurrences of events from over the years while we watched characters on the screen live out their lives. Man kind has accomplished a lot over the course of its history, but the one thing that really is astounding is our ability to tell stories, and how these stories can become a part of our lives.

    Desperate Housewives has done this on a phenomenal level. So, truth be told, this episode was hardly my favorite, and there are many aspects of this show I could easily critique, but I would wrong if I said I am not happy to have been a part of seeing it all as it premiered.

    There wont be many shows like this, with such careful writing (even details like Bree having a glass of lemon water at the wedding instead of alcohol.) I'll miss my Housewives, but as the show so carefully reminded us in the final scene, the story is never truly finished, because our own continues on. I could really use a good cry about now, but somehow I'm too happy smiling.
  • Confused

    Who was the lady at the end ? And what is her secret ?