Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 23

Finishing the Hat

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2012 on ABC

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  • ''It was a sincere promise but it was not meant to be''

    Not every moment of the 8-year roller coaster ride has been delightful but we should all agree that Desperate Housewives delivered one of the best series finale on TV. What makes the last episode of the housewives a top-notch one is the perfect blend of variegated emotions that the series became the epitome of. The first half of the last hour starts up as any other desperate housewives episode and this time the focus being more on Renee and Ben. There is not much there although Renee as an insane bridezilla is quite fun to watch. Once the episode spawns into the finale theme, there starts the great moments. The whole montage accompanying the song ''Wonderful Wonderful'' and Mrs. McCluskey's peaceful death is appreciation of life, death and anything in between and my words may not do any justice to describe its power. The lap in future part includes scenes to reveal what happens to Lynette, Gaby and Bree and fits rather perfectly with the montage scene. But the final scene with Susan taking the last spin around Wisteria Lane is the real treasure. Not only we are welcomed by the familiar ghosts of the lane but also Mary Alice delivers one of best voice-overs to date. Does the finale give equal screen time to every character? No. But does it do a fair job of focusing on the major characters and tying everything together to establish a nice farewell? Absolutely, yes. Therefore, ''Finishing the Hat'' is a well-deserved homage to a show that has been both affectionate and humorous for most of its 8-year run. The finale leaves no room for additional words and reminds us why Desperate Housewives will remain as a cult show of its time.