Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2011 on ABC

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  • Paul Discovers The Identity Of The Man Who Shot Him. Susan Meets An Old Invidual From Her Past Who Offers His Kidney To Her. Bree Hides A Secret From Keith.

    This was another great installment of Desperate Housewives. There was plot and character development for each of the characters. Bree's and Keith's storyline has been great but not so good as Bree's and Orson's. The death of Frank was kinda hard to believe since he just died without even calling for help. He just died too fast for me to take it seriously. But it is a minor flaw since the storyline started t develop right away. I enjoyed that storyline. Susan's confrontation with her old classmate was hilarious! There were lots of comedy in those scenes! Paul's storyline was the highlight of this episode. An entertaining episode from the beginning until the end.
  • Flashback

    Flashback was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives. Lynette tries to stick to her values as her mother and Frank pressure her to do things Franks way. Bree continues to hide a secret from Keith though she changes her mind after seeing him with Charlie at the pizza place, which was very touching. Gabby goes to therapy and tricks Carlos into believing she kept her regular appointments. It was interesting to learn more about her horrible past, and nice to see Carlos supporting her. Susan runs into an old classmate who gives her something very vital, but at too high a price. This was an interesting story line for her. I thought revelations about Zach were disturbing, but it was nice to see his fathers come together in the end to help him. Lynette does something creepy to help her mother and her family, however her mother starts to turn into the type of person Frank was. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • flashback

    Lynette covering up a body for a few hours to let her mother get millions? Now I think that I have seen everything on this show. Fun little storyline here, and honestly glad that the fake marriage is over, although I'd be lying if I said that I did not laugh at some of Larry Hagman's lines.

    Speaking of guest stars, Dave Foley on this show is long overdue. Wish this kidney storyline would just end already though.

    While this was a pretty good episode of the long-running comedy-drama, nothing really stood out to me. I guess every episode doesn't have to be memorable to be good.
  • Even more Character Development and comedy

    There was indeed lots of comedy and character development in this episode:
    Susan and her Stalker - very funny ("this picture looks like it was taken through a fence") but it was rather sad Susan didn't get the kidney she desired.
    Lynette and her family continue the comedy antics too especially Larry Hagman as Frank. It is also nice to see Stella again and I hope she returns.
    Bree continues to meet with Keith's secret son and girlfriend. Brian Austin Green actually does well too especially the moment when he bonds with Charlie.
    But its Gabrielle who rules this episode again. Sheer emotion when she discusses her past but also comedy when she tries to evade her husband (to no avail). Eva Longoria has been doing well this series.
    And Zachs back, being different to when we last saw him. Looks like Paul Young might reunite with him?
  • weak.....

    Flashback was a pretty poor episode of Desperate Housewives and definitly one of the weakest this season so far..
    Pretty much all of the storylines this week were pretty poor. Bree,s storyline this week was pretty much just about her guilt over keeping keith's son a secret from him im glad she came clean in the end, im hoping this will end keith and Bree's relationship because i think that it is one of the worst things the show has ever done!!
    Susan's storyline wasnt much better this week either The high school friend who wants to give her a kidney was just daft the scrap book he kept with her brace and hair in was just ridiculous and really not funny!!
    Lynette's storyline was also very weak im glad the old guy died so hopefully that puts an end to this silly stupid story. Gaby's storyline was probably this best this week although it didnt have much competition, Gaby talking about her childhood was quite nice and gave the chracter abit more depth,
    Renee had virtually nothing to do this week just a small scene with Susan which wasnt funny or memorable.
    The mystery this week was also pretty weak, i cant beleive that the writers have revealed that it was Zach who shot paul, it was just so painfully obvious very lazy writing!!!
    However it was nice to see Mike share a few scenes with zach i sometimes forget that zach is his real son.
    Overall a lazy episode of Desperate Houswives which just remined me that this show is past it's peak
  • So many interesting things happen!

    This was a very good instalment of Desperate Housewives, and I really enjoyed it! Lots of stortylines developed nicely, which was great!

    Firstly, Gabby's past evolves today, as she looks to move forward and overcome her trauma. Her storyline this season has ben very touching and moving, and it is really greaet to watch this, week in week out!

    Bree's storyline is also heating up immesnely! I really edid not enjoy this earlier on in the season, but it has now developed int o a three-dimensional storyline, and it keeping u s on the edge of our seats, isn't it?!

    Susan's storyline was rather weird today, but still quite funny, which was the best part about it. Lynette's story was the funniest of the lot, and things are really hilarious at the Scavo household at the moment!

    The Paul Young shooting is also interesting, and all up, the various storylines are coming on nicely! Great twork to the writers, and I cannot wait for the next episode, as this is a show I am really enjoyuing! Great work!