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Couple questions on 1/8 show

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    [1]Jan 8, 2012
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    1, Why don't these housewives or the other people who
    know about the murder just turn themselves in?
    If I was in there situation I would do that and face the music.
    They're just getting themselves in deeper and deeper especially
    because the police could find out Chuck was investigating the
    murder and they could get arrested for not one but two murders.

    2, Who killed Chuck the police officer?
    Think this as a result of the "You're welcome" note Bree got.

    My thought could be a character that left the show:
    1. Her Son Andrew - he hit the relative of Carlos in Season 1
    may know how to hit people in a way that
    kills them.

    2. Her ex husband Orson - Especially because he previously hit
    Mike in a previous season plus when
    he was handicapped Bree took him in
    and took care of him.
    3. Mrs Hoovers Sister /name I forget who went to jail
    Don't know what her motive for doing it would be.

    4. Paul / the husband of Mary Alice - to avoid having one of them
    especially Bree do the same thing his late wife did.

    5. Zach /Pauls son - especially because he's a little evil like his dad.

    6. Katherine / Dana Delany - other thought but didn't she and Bree
    hate each other?

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    These housewives and their relatives and friends do not turn themselves in because their lives would be ruined over the death of a horrible man. That doesn't seem fair.

    As for your suggestions: the second note indicates that the sender killed Chuck. It couldn't possibly be Andrew. Maybe in seasons 1-2 that'd make sense, but right now, he'd never blackmail and traumatize his mother. Orson is in a wheelchair, and it's been confirmed that he'll still be in it when he comes back in 8.13. Unless he's faking it now, like Spike did on season 2 of BtVS. Felicia Tilman allegedly died in that car accident. And even if she didn't, like you said, what's the motive? Paul Young is behind bars, so he couldn't have done it himself, he could only be guilty of it if he hired someone else to do the job. Zach... perhaps. Katherine and Bree were kind of like sisters, best of friends, so no, that would never in a million years happen. Katherine may have gone crazy for a while over losing Mike, but even back then I never assumed she strangled Julie, so right now it doesn't make sense that she'd run over Chuck and blackmail the ladies. Not to mention that her return is still up in the air.
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