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    I know this forum hasn't been looked at in two years but I'm just curious as to where this particular season would have continued on to.

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    I remember PMing the ending to the story I had planned to some people, but it appears to be out of my outbox. Maybe some folks still have it in their inbox?

    Anyway, I do seem to recall that what happened with the mystery was Betty and her twin sister had a fight, in which apparently Betty was murdered by her twin and took over her life. In the end her husband would be shot and killed by their little boy, I forgot why, and faux Betty would lose her mind and go coo coo crazy. At the hospital, it would be revealed that she had been Betty all along, instead of Betty's twin posing as Betty. The whole thing with the kid calling her 'different' would be that she had banged her head during her fight with the sis and losing her memory, and somehow being led to believe that she was her sister and not Betty herself. I realize it's maybe confusing. It would had made sense as the mystery went along. I forgot what was going on for everyone else. I think we hooked up Bree and Paul?... And Bree got prego and wanted an abortion. I seem to recall that.
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